How did Travis Just die? Bodybuilder Snowmobile accident in Wyoming Explained

How did Travis Just die? Bodybuilder Snowmobile accident in Wyoming Explained

Entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and fitness enthusiast Travis Just died in what his family has called a snowmobile accident, in Wyoming. Let’s see more details about enthusiast Travis Just in the following paragraphs.

How did Travis Just die?

Entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and fitness enthusiast Travis Just died in what his family calls a snowmobile accident in Wyoming. He was there on his birthday.

His wife’s sister, Blayne Ashleigh Brandt, announced the news on Facebook. In the post, she pays tribute to Travis, adding that her sister Brittany “wants to thank everyone for the support” she has received.

Brandt and a friend, Sarah Walker, have set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for Brittany, and her and Travis Just’s children, for the “road ahead.” He was the primary earner for the family.


According to the Facebook post-Blayne Ashleigh Brandt, the sister-in-law of Travis Just, made it the next day, he passed away on Saturday, February 4, 2023.

He was on a birthday trip in Wyoming when a snowmobile tragedy happened, according to the GoFundMe campaign she and Sarah Walker have created to help the family. 

As a “loving husband, father, son, brother, and friend,” Just is referred to in the article. Notably, he spells his name with just one T elsewhere, including on the GoFundMe page, compared to two Ts on Facebook.

Travis’ personality, she writes, was “larger than life”; his “influence and generosity,” she adds, “impacted so, so many lives.”
“Please continue to pray for strength and guidance for the entire Just family and my sister and the twins.”

How did Travis Just die? Bodybuilder Snowmobile accident in Wyoming Explained

About Travis Just

The late Travis Just and his wife Brittany have two children, Arisa and Renn. They are twins, age 11. According to the description of the GoFundMe her sister Blayne co-organized after hearing of the loss in the Just family, Brittany, and Travis had recently been “focused intensely on their faith.”

Although it is challenging, it states, “she and the kids are finding comfort in their faith” in addition to the encouragement of their supporters and friends.

They’ve been putting a lot of effort into their RockBody Movement brand lately, it goes on. Travis urged his followers to “embrace and trust the process” in his most recent Instagram post, which was posted from Tampa, Florida.

Other recent uploads advertise the RockBody events calendar.

Travis Impacted so many Lives

 Travis’ friend had written a beautiful message for him; He stated that,

If you had the opportunity to meet Travis you know how much energy he pours into everyone he came by. Some people call him a real-life Super Hero. I had the opportunity to meet Travis 5+ years ago while we were in the same Network Marketing company and I know this loss is going to hurt a lot of people.

There aren’t many videos of Travis on YouTube but here is a video when his wife Brittany and himself were recognized for hitting a high level in a network marketing company:

“I lost my mom going into my senior year, but it made me realize life is short and death is certain.” – Travis Justt. “We got one life to live, life isn’t always fair, it’s not supposed to be.”


In its first two hours live and online, the GoFundMe mentioned above has raised $8,870. 

Its stated goal is $100,000, meaning it’s just under 10% of the way there. 40 people have donated so far, the largest single donation being $1,000. Brittany Just is the beneficiary of the funds it raises.

The family will share information relating to memorial services for Travis Just via the GoFundMe page in due course. 

Condolence Posted on social Media

Trula Pissas Posted

My heart is broken for Travis, his energy and positive attitude in everything he did will always be remembered. I had the pleasure of knowing Travis for a few years now and his impact on mine and so many hundreds of lives will be forever remembered. My heart is broken for his beautiful wife Brittany and his sweet children.. God Speed Travis xoxo.

Chelsea Lee Posted

I am at an utter loss for words. You said it best, Travis was larger than life. My heart hurts for Brittany and her family, but for you and your family as well. I know this sounds like empty words, but I am sincere in saying if you need anything, please let me know. I know we haven’t talked in a long time but when I think back to my elementary years, your family was a big part of that. If I can be there for you or help in any way, all you have to do is ask.

Heather Breaker Posted

Unbelievable and heartbreaking. My condolences to all who knew and loved him, most especially Brittany Just and their children. They have many wonderful memories which I’m sure they cherish. Xoxo

Dustin Mcflarne Posted

My heart, condolences, and prayers go out to the whole family and everyone else in this world who has had the privilege of knowing this wonderful person

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