How did Tony Larson die? Tim Elliott’s father in law cause of death Explained

Tony Larson

Tim Elliott’s father-in-law, Tony Larson passed away at the age of 63. Let’s see more about how did Tony die and Tony Larson cause of death in detail. 

Tim Elliott mourns for his father-in-law:

Tim Elliott, an Anchor/reporter for NBC 15 News in Madison, WI shared the sad news on his Facebook page, that Tony Larson has passed away. His father-in-law Tony Larson has passed away. 

Tim shared a heartfelt condolence with the video clip with some memorable pictures and the message reads,

“My father-in-law Tony Larson passed away early Tuesday morning after a battle with kidney cancer. He was 63. Tony loved those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. He loved to golf. Tony also loved his wife Diane and his two daughters, Lindsey and Ryne.”

“He also loved being “Papa Tony” to Ty. I spent some time with him before he passed. We talked fantasy football. But the last time I saw him, just a few days before he passed, I told him I loved him and said goodbye. He said the same to me. Rest easy, Tony. I’ll miss you”

Tony Larson cause of death:

Tony Larson cause of death was kidney cancer. After a long battle with kidney cancer, he died at 63.

Tony Larson

Diana Larson, Tony’s wife shared a heartfelt condolence saying,

“Tony’s loss is felt by so many. My family, friends, co-workers, and likely people I haven’t ever met. All of us have ridden this rocky road with him until the very end when cancer took him from this earth. We all have stories, fond memories, and moments to help us through his loss. His zest for life and love of others was magical. He loved his work and felt fortunate to have such a great career.”

“He loved his philanthropy and felt blessed to give his time and talents to it. Tony loved to golf and the friends and camaraderie it provided. Tony loved his family fiercely. He was my best friend as well as my husband.”

“Tony had so many accomplishments, but none that he was prouder of than his daughters Lindsey (son Ty and husband Tim) and Ryne. He will also be missed by his Mother Laurel Larson as well as his sister Cindy (sons Daniel and Mark, husband Sean). He will be so, so missed by me (and my son Jack).”

Tributes to Tony Larson:

Dorla A Seeger commented,

So sorry for your family, especially your wife and son Ty. It seems hard to lose people we love, especially at holiday time. Be at rest knowing that God needed this fine man’s shining spirit to help light His altar this Christmas.

Mike Turner commented,

Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss, and my condolences to your family. I’m sending love and prayers.

Peggy L Barber commented,

So very sorry for your loss and your family!!! I don’t know if u remember me, but when u lived in Louisville u came and did a story on stink bugs!!! I will pray for u all.

Juli Sue commented,

Do sorry for your family’s loss. Thinking of you all and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. 

Jill Kutzke commented,

I am sorry for your family’s loss Tim. What a beautiful and heartfelt message in your video tribute.

Julie Ann Sexe commented,

I am so sorry for your loss, my deepest sympathies go out to you, and your family. Cherish all those beautiful memories and special moments.


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