How did Ronnie Turner die? Tina Turner’s son cause of death explained

Ronnie Turner

Tina Turner and her family have just suffered another devastating loss, her son Ronnie has passed away. Let’s see, how Tina Turner’s son died and Ronnie Turner cause of death in detail.

How did Ronnie Turner die?

Tina has suffered several heartbreaks in recent years. Craig, the singer’s oldest son, committed suicide back in 2018. Now, it’s her second son, Ronnie passed away.

According to law enforcement officials, Ronnie was outside their home on Thursday morning when someone called 911 to report that he was having trouble breathing.

A little while afterward, he had completely stopped breathing. Paramedics were sent to the San Fernando Valley address, where bystanders were performing CPR, but the efforts were unsuccessful, and he was pronounced dead at the site.

Ronnie Turner cause of death:

Ronnie was declared dead at the scene when emergency personnel arrived at his San Fernando Valley, California home on Thursday.

Although the cause of Ronnie’s medical emergency is now unknown. Ronnie Turner cause of death has not been disclosed, and it is unclear whether his death was related to his earlier cancer diagnosis.

His well-known mother hasn’t responded to his passing yet. Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Ronnie Turner cause of death will be added soon.

Ronnie, for his part, gained a name for himself in Hollywood as an actor in “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” in the ’90s.

Tina’s first son’s death:

Craig, who was her eldest child, passed away at the age of 59 on July 2018 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Craig committed suicide on July 3, 2018, at his Studio City, California, home, while Tina was overseas attending Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.

As she scattered his ashes off the coast of California she wrote: “My saddest moment as a mother. On Thursday, July 19, 2018, I said my final goodbye to my son, Craig Raymond Turner, when I gathered with family and friends to scatter his ashes off the coast of California,” she tweeted.

“He was fifty-nine when he died so tragically, but he will always be my baby.” Craig was born to Tina before she met Ike, but after their marriage, he was adopted by Ike.

Who was Ronnie Turner?

Tina Turner had four children from her first marriage to the late Ike Turner and Ronnie Turner was one among them. Ronnie was born in 1960 to Tina and her husband Ike. After Tina accused Ike hitting her, the pair broke up in 1976. Ike later passed away from a heroin overdose in 2007.

Her late son, Ronnie appeared in Angela Basset’s 1993 biography. He starred alongside his mom in the 1993 biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It, which told the story of her life.

He had a history of drug-related arrests, and in August 1999, he was found in possession of cocaine; at the time, the police claimed he was selling the narcotic.

Tributes to Rony Turner:

Christmastime Goof™ (Mostly Parody) tweeted,

RIP Tina Turner has now lost both of her biological children uggh

Twanna Turner posted,

It’s with great sadness and heartbreak I am announcing the passing of one of the most gentle souls in the world, my brother, Ronnie Turner.

I will miss hearing your voice and our long chats filled with laughter and at times nonsense. You made it a point to share “you” with everyone who you came in contact with. That infectious smile and quick wit leaves a great void in the lives of those who know and love you.

Love you my brother and your imprint will forever be in my heart. Craig was born to Tina before she met Ike, but after their marriage, he was adopted by Ike.

Tina Turner Blog posted,

It is with great sadness that we heard this morning of the passing of Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner’s son at the age of 62. I’d like to send my most sincere condolences to Tina and her husband, her niece Jackie and the rest of the Turner/Bullock family. May Ronnie rest in peace  #tinaturner #son #rip #ronnie

Thorsten Lampe posted,

Today I got the sad news that Tina’s second son, Ronnie Turner unfortunately passed away today, we are all thinking of Tina and Erwin and the whole Family  #tinaturner #trauer

Frank Schmidt posted,

Just heard of the passing of Tina’s son, Ronnie Turner! Tina also lost her other son Craig four years ago. My thoughts are with Tina, Erwin and family.


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