Woman killed by dog Rotherham: How did the American Bully XL dog kill? Covered

Woman killed by dog Rotherham: How did the American Bully XL dog kill Joanne Robinson? Explained

Woman killed by dog Rotherham: Joanne Robinson, Mum-of-two was mauled to death by her pet dog American Bully XL dog in an attack at her home which almost killed her partner too. Let’s see How did the American Bully XL dog kill Joanne Robinson.


Who is Joanne Robinson?

Joanne Robinson – Woman killed by dog Rotherham

The 43-year-old woman, known as Joanne Robinson, was brutally attacked last night at a house in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Her husband tried to save her, but she passed away on Friday night in West Melton after being bitten by dogs.

Pictures of a woman who was brutally attacked and nearly murdered by her dog have been made public.

One of the family’s two American Bully XL dogs attacked the victim, 43-year-old single mother of two Joanne Robinson, inside her home.

She is said to have been pinned down by the pet’s jaws after returning home from a night out. His name is Rocco.

As he attempted to get the animal away from her.  Her 42-year-old partner, Jamie Stead, bravely attempted to defend her but he got terrible injuries to his face, hands, and chest. He is currently in the hospital recovering. He reportedly underwent skin grafting to treat the possibly fatal wounds.

The couple owned two “Bully XL” dogs, despite the breed being implicated in several lethal attacks recently, it is not illegal in the UK. One of the dogs was described by Ms. Robinson’s mother, Dotty Robinson, as a strong animal: “Rocco’s a large dog, he’s bigger than a lion,” she claimed.

She claimed that Rocco, who was almost two years old, and the couple’s other Bully XL, two-year-old Lola, were mercifully exterminated this morning.

“I am shocked and in astonishment,” Dotty told The Sun. I only hope she didn’t endure too much pain and that it was short.

“I want everyone to know how much she was adored,” she continued. She has been raised in this village her entire life.
Everyone who knows her adores her. Two dogs were discovered at the home, and South Yorkshire Police’s specialized officers took them away. Neither were of a banned breed, the force said.

'Rocco’s a big dog - Woman killed by dog Rotherham

Rocco’s a big dog, he’s bigger than a lion’ the victim’s mother said


Woman killed by dog Rotherham, How did this happen?

 Joanne Robinson - Woman killed by dog Rotherham

Above is Joanne Robinson the Woman who killed by dog at Rotherham.

According to South Yorkshire Police, at around 10:15 p.m. on Sunday, a man and a woman were attacked by a dog at a residence on West Melton’s Masefield Road.

Officers discovered a 42-year-old guy with injuries to his other arm, face, abdomen, and potentially life-threatening injuries when they arrived with the Yorkshire Ambulance Brigade. Despite the rescuers’ best efforts, a 43-year-old woman was fatally bit and was tragically declared dead on the spot.

Following an assault in March by an American Bully XL that left 17-month-old Bella-Rae Birch dead in her St Helens, Merseyside, home, Joanne passed away. According to the police, the toddler was attacked one week after the family purchased the dog.

Treysharn, the mother of the daughter, said: “On March 21, we tragically lost our beautiful blue-eyed baby girl, who was just one year of age, in an unexpected and unfortunate accident.” It was reported last month that a Bully XL named Beast killed 10-year-old Jack Lis in Wales last year.

In the days before the incident, Beast was seen on surveillance footage jumping up and attempting to bite people in the street, a crown court later heard.

The UK does not have a breed ban for American Bully XLs. She told The Sun that Rocco – who was almost two years old – and another dog were destroyed by Joanne and her partner, a Bully XL named Lola.

There have been numerous incidents involving Bully XL dogs and police confirmed in March that Bella-Rae Birch, a 17-month-old girl, was killed by one in her own home.

Police said the toddler was attacked at her family’s home in St Helens, Merseyside, a week after buying the dog.
It was also reported that a Bully XL beat Welsh schoolboy Jack Lis to death in a brutal attack last year.

Tributes to ribonson

At the location of the assault where woman tragically died, dozens of flowers have already been placed.


Floral tributes to Joanne

Floral tributes were left to the mother, and neighbors described her as a “lovely lady”.

Cards and flowers have gathered outside the home where the couple lived, including a note from their children Elle, 24, and Dillon, 19, which read: “Mom I love and miss you.”

South Yorkshire Police say two dogs have been confiscated and removed from the property and neither of them is on the banned breed list.

Jamie Stead, also known as “Steady,” her panicked boyfriend, made valiant attempts to fend off the monster.

He bravely attempted to save his companion when he was mauled, and as result, he underwent skin grafting to treat possibly fatal wounds.

Dotty Robinson, Joanne’s distraught mother, told The Sun, “I am completely shocked and in disbelief. only hope she didn’t endure too much pain and that it was short. “I want everyone to know how much she was adored,” she continued. 

She was raised in this village her entire life.  Everyone who knows her adores her. The force said both are not considered “prohibited breeds” under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

A statement from the force said: “We were called to a property on Masefield Road in West Melton by a member of the public at around 10.15 pm last night who said a dog had attacked itself and a woman.

Forensic officers investigation.

“Officials and a Yorkshire ambulance [Service] crew arrived and discovered a 42-year-old guy with injuries to his other hand, face, abdomen, and maybe his life. He was brought to the hospital for more care.

Despite the best efforts of the rescue personnel on the site, the 43-year-old woman was fatally bit and later declared dead.

“Specially trained officers took the dog and another dog on the property into custody. None of the dogs belonged to an illegal breed. The American Bully XL is a huge breed with male canines measuring 51 cm and beyond, per the website of the UK Bully Kennel Club.

The club claims that despite its size, the XL is well regarded for its loving nature and gentle demeanor in addition to its magnificent stature. It is a young species that dates to the 1980s, and it is thought that its popularity is continuing to rise due to its unusual build and size as well as a sympathetic attitude.



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