Greenwood mall shooting today: what happened? Explained [video]

Greenwood mall shooting today: what happened? Explained <p data-wpview-marker=

Greenwood mall shooting today: Police said that a guy with a long gun entered a mall south of Indianapolis, Indiana, and started shooting after killing four people, including the accused gunman. Let’s see what happened, who is the suspect, and the motive behind the shooting.


What happened in Greenwood Park Mall?

At a news conference on Sunday night, Jim Ison, the police chief of Greenwood, Indiana, said that two other people were hurt in the early-evening incident at Greenwood Park Mall and were taken to the hospital. Their health status was unknown.

Ison said that the shooter appears to have been killed by a “good Samaritan” who saw the attack and fired a revolver in an attempt to put a stop to it.

The shooter is down. IMPD says multiple casualties. GPD says 4 dead and 2 wounded. First reports and eyewitness statements to 911 and news crews stated a man walked in and started shooting. GPD says it was an altercation between teenagers.

The chief described the alleged shooter as having a rifle and numerous magazines of ammunition when he entered the food court and started shooting.

An unattended backpack was discovered in a restroom next to the food court, prompting the call for a bomb squad. The inquiry is being supported by the FBI, ATF, Department of Homeland Security, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

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A witness from Greenwood Mall

Chris Roy, the assistant manager of the mall’s Van’s shoe store, was at work when he noticed people hurrying by the food court as it was about to close.

Roy, 30, stated, “So I jumped over the counter, shut the door, and collected my colleagues and other managers at the rear entrance.

Roy said they had not heard gunshots but had seen enough individuals running to avoid further inquiry. They entered through the back entrance and crowded in an inside corridor with 40 to 50 other individuals, most of whom, according to Roy, were shoppers from other businesses. They waited for police to arrive and evacuate them because the passageway lacked an outdoor escape, according to him. Roy and another man made an effort to keep everyone calm, but the group became anxious when they heard intermittent footsteps coming from the other side of one of the connecting doors.

We just told everyone to maintain silence, he said.

Police led them out of the mall after removing them from the hallway for 10 or 15 minutes.

Roy said that while he was waiting in the hallway, he didn’t phone anybody, but as soon as he was out front and secure, he did.

“I called my mom,”


Suspect and Motive

Ison added that the gunshots were first seen just after 6 o’clock. The police chief made no mention of the shooter’s connection with any of the victims or the attack’s personal nature.

This kind of situation is awful, he declared. It has shaken us to the core.

He said that an investigation was still ongoing into the motive and circumstances.

An officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department stated that officers, including members of the SWAT team, were searching the mall on Sunday evening to make sure no one was hurt and needed assistance.

According to him, a backpack that police suspect the shooter left in a restroom was not dangerous.

A request for comment was not immediately answered by a mall spokeswoman.

Republican senator from Indiana Todd Young tweeted the following in response to the shooting: “In my hometown tonight, there was terrible news. sending prayers for those who were shot at the Greenwood Park Mall.”

One of the nine malls owned by Simon Property Group in Indiana is the Greenwood Park Mall, which is situated south of Indianapolis. Medico topics have called the business for a response.

There are more than 130 indoor and outdoor restaurants and stores there, which are situated near the junction of County Line Road and U.S. 31 North. Old Navy is next to the food court.

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From Public about the Shooting

My kid works there. I spent a very frantic hour trying to get ahold of him. He’s fine, thankfully,

Another one said I live across the street from this mall. this feels so fucking surreal. so thankful it doesn’t seem to be as worse as it could’ve been. I can’t believe I could know someone involved.

One said “Another day, another active shooter situation in the US. What a normal and healthy country we have here, folks.”



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