How did Stacey Jones die? UAFS veteran cause of death Explained


UAFS veteran Died: The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith’s associate vice chancellor for campus and community activities, Stacey Jones, passed away at the age of 70. Let’s look at how he passed away and Stacey Jones cause of death.

How did Stacey Jones die? UAFS veteran cause of death Explained

How did Stacey Jones die?

Stacey Jones, who supervised the well-known Season of Entertainment for 39 years before her recent retirement as associate vice chancellor of campus and community activities at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, passed away on Saturday (Oct. 8). He was 70.

For almost 50 years, Jones was involved with the university and its forerunner institutions, spending the majority of that time assisting in establishing connections between the university and the local community through performances, plays, pageants, and other activities.

Numerous Broadway productions visited Fort Smith as part of the Season of Entertainment series.

Some of the celebrities who appeared in Fort Smith as part of the Series of Entertainment included Lucie Arnaz, Dizzy Gillespie, Patti LuPone, Steve Allen, Lawrence Welk, “Doc” Severinsen, and the Blue Man Group.

Stacey Jones cause of death

Stacey Jones cause of death has not been officially reported.  According to a few online reports, the UAFS veteran passed away naturally given his age. Still, information from reliable and trustworthy websites is needed to confirm his cause of death.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More details on Stacey Jones cause of death will be added soon.


In a Talk Business & Politics article from April 2021, Jones discussed the show.

According to Jones, who noted that there were occasionally more kids performing on stage than spectators, “the aim of that, quite honestly, always was to bring nationally touring performances to our community and at the same time, better chances to our children.”

I’ve seen audiences of 600 to 700 people or more at jazz concerts throughout the years with the Season of Entertainment.

That practically never happens for college programs. They received fantastic audiences, and those youngsters deserved it. That was my driving force.

Jones also mentioned the broad significance of the arts to local and regional health.” Live arts and performing arts are significant to a community. They are crucial to the community’s vitality. Cities around the nation without them are missing out on a piece of the pie, I can tell you that much right now, said Jones.

Additionally, he was well-liked and respected in the national and state pageant scenes. Jones sought to make the Miss Westark pageant a qualifier for the Miss Arkansas pageant in 1978.

Also, the change brought the pageant under the Miss American umbrella, where the winners received scholarships. Shawntell Smith, a Miss Westark contestant who won, became Miss America in 1996.

The following statement to faculty members and students on Saturday, October 8, by UAFS Chancellor Dr. Terisa Riley.

The really sad news that Stacey Jones passed away unexpectedly this morning is what I’m writing to you about today. He was in his house with Sheila, his cherished wife.

“As many of you know, Stacey retired from his role as the associate vice chancellor for university advancement on September 30, 2022.

Seeing him on September 28 during our staff meeting made me feel immensely fortunate. I made it known during that occasion how important his 47 years at UAFS were to the development of our institution.

You can read the private email I sent to him on September 20 after learning of his retirement in the section below.

The dedication, effort, and pride he demonstrated during the 50 years he was associated with Westark College and the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith seem insufficient to describe today.

No one has been more helpful in fostering the expansion and development of UAFS than Stacey.

Even though we were unable to hold the large retirement party we had hoped to, I hope that the good memories we have of this exceptional guy will help us all find peace during this trying time.

Tributes to Stacey Jones

Riley wrote Jones a note asking him to collaborate with him on a “huge retirement party.”

They all agree that Stacey Jones was a mentor and friend, regardless of whether they are company owners, previous Miss UAFS candidates, Season of Entertainment attendees, etc.

Riley wrote in her letter to Jones, “Your legacy is one to be imitated by the rest of us who will continue to work hard to make this the best university in our area.

Jones collaborated with Daren Bobb for a long time, and Bobb believed Jones’ efforts significantly contributed to the development of UAFS.

Stacey and I have been friends for about 38 years. I emceed or co-emceed the Miss UAFS contest for several years under Stacey’s direction along with other events on campus.

The number of lives he affected as a result of that incident is too great to count, Bobb said in a statement made available to Talk Business & Politics.

He was one of the first people I met after arriving in this area in 1984, and he has remained a close friend ever since.

Stacey and the effort he undertook to promote the college are largely responsible for it being such a success today. Every year, the Season of Entertainment was extraordinary. My friend, I will sincerely miss you.

Talk Business & Politics chief editor and co-owner Michael Tilley also lauded Jones’ dedication to the neighborhood and kids.

“Stacey Jones was genuine, sincere, and committed to expanding everyone’s access to the arts.

Although his passing is a loss for the university and the community as a whole, we should also consider the hundreds, if not thousands, of young lives he improved.

Let’s think about how we might carry on his giving spirit and efforts in light of that reflection.

As soon as the obituary is released, Medico Topics will update this article.




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