How did Drew Ceppetelli die? Salve Regina University softball player cause of death explained

Drew Cappetelli

Drew Ceppetelli, a 21-year-old college student-athlete from Rhode Island died in a single-vehicle collision on Thanksgiving morning. Let’s see how did Salve Regina University softball player die and Drew Ceppetelli cause of death in detail.

How did Drew Ceppetelli die?

According to New Hampshire State Police, Ceppetelli, a Coe-Brown Northwood Academy graduate, was one of six occupants in a 2018 Porsche Macan. That rolled over multiple times at the Route 1 Bypass South and the city traffic circle at 1:17 a.m. Thursday.

A 22-year-old Northwood man was driving the car, according to state police, and several passengers were ejected from the vehicle. Drew Ceppetelli from Barrington, New Hampshire, played softball for the Salve Regina University squad passed away in the collision.

Drew Ceppetelli cause of death:

Ceppetelli dies after fatal automobile crash near Portsmouth traffic circle crash early Thanksgiving morning. Drew and three others were taken to Portsmouth Regional Hospital, where she died five hours later as a result of her injuries, according to authorities. 

The driver, Tyler Troy and another occupant were sent to Dover’s Wentworth-Douglass Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Drew Ceppetelli cause of death was accident.

What happened? accident explained

Porsche Macan, driven by Tyler Troy, was on the Route 1 Bypass South approaching the Portsmouth Traffic Circle when it left the road onto a curbed divider, entered the traffic circle. Then into the grass median, causing the Porsche to overturn several times.

As soon as the collision occurred, Portsmouth police officers were close by, and several oncoming cars stopped to help the occupants until emergency medical services arrived, according to state police.

Dayna DiCola, who witnessed the collision and will begin her nursing studies at UNH in January, said there was “like no doubt in my mind when I saw the car in there” that she wouldn’t jump out and assist. She hurried to administer CPR to the victims.

According to state police, the cause of accident is due to the Impairment and excessive speed. However, all contributing aspects are still being investigated by state police. The police closed the Portsmouth Traffic Circle for few hours. As officers investigated the scene and emergency workers sought to clear the Porsche and debris. The police diverted the route for about five hours but reopened around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Anyone with information can contact Trooper First Class Goodwin at [email protected] or contact state police headquarters at 603-223-4381, police said.

Who was Drew Ceppetelli?

Drew Ceppetelli was a 21-year-old college student-athlete from Rhode Island. According to the university’s athletics department, Ceppetelli attended Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, where he majored in health care administration and participated as an outfielder for the college’s softball team.

Ceppetelli was referred to as “lucky number seven” by numerous teammates from her time playing youth softball to her time roving the outfield for Salve Regina University’s softball team, according to a coach.

The mother of a friend and fellow young softball teammate, Dee Brown, described Ceppetelli as “a rare beacon of light to many.”

“She had a large family in the area and was someone who never left anyone out. 

She was a friend to everyone,” Brown said Friday. “[It] sounds clichéd but this kid was special. She had a smile on her face always.”

Tributes to Drew Ceppetelli:

Coach Christi tweeted,

Father, we know that our sister Drew Ceppetelli is with you now, her body, mind and soul glorified anew. We humbly ask that you comfort all those who loved her until that grand reunification is fulfilled one fine, beautiful day. Thy kingdom come. Amen.

Deborah Berry Bostrom posted,

We just can’t process this news. Drew Ceppetelli was an extended member of our family, as one of Alex’s very best friends. She was such a vibrant member of their “crew”and we loved her so much and will miss her terribly. We spent Thanksgiving day trying to process this most devastating news with.

Dee Brown posted,

There are no words I can say that would make this tragedy go away. Drew Ceppetelli you will always be part of the family and we mourn the senseless loss of your happy, laughing and kind soul! you made this world better and no one deserved to lose your shining light.

The love you shared with Madi and so many others is never ending! We miss you.

Melissa Derek and Dante you are in my every thought !

Megan Hodgdon posted,

My whole life I wanted to coach, I wanted to be someone’s role model the way my coaches and mentors were to me. Through college I found all the best ways I could be a quality coach. But no one, no one, no one ever prepared me to lose a player, especially one of the best humans I had the privilege to know.

Drew Ceppetelli was the backbone in all areas of life, she lit up every room, every person she touched became a better person for knowing her. I still see her looking at me and saying “coach meg I’m just happy to be here and this is awesome” with one of the best smiles… don’t ever take someone’s “see you later” for granted..  Always love you and grateful I got to know you.

Daniel Sperl tweeted,

Saddened by the passing of Drew Ceppetelli; From my part of New Hampshire and a graduate of my high school alma mater. My thoughts, and those @CSUB_Softball w/ the Ceppetelli family, the Coe-Brown community and @salve_softball #LuckySeven


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