How did Shankarrao Genuji Kolhe die? Cause of Death

How did Shankarrao Genuji Kolhe die

How did Shankarrao Genuji Kolhe die: Former Minister, Senior Co-operative Leader Shankarrao Kolhe dies of old age

Kopargaon Correspondent: Founder of Sanjeevani Udyog Group, Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Kolhe, Managing Director of Sahakari Sugar Factory, former Co-operation Minister Shankarrao Genuji Kolhe passed away at the age of 93 at Sushruta Hospital in Nashik. The demise of senior leader Shankarrao Kolhe has caused immense damage to the taluka and the void created is irreparable. Mourning has spread as the senior personality of the senior co-operative leader has passed away. His last rites will be performed on Wednesday, March 16 at 4.30 pm on the grounds of Sanjeevani Engineering College, Sahajanandnagar (Taluka Kopargaon). His body will be laid to rest at his residence in Yesgaon and later in the afternoon at the Sanjeevani factory site.

The setting sun of cooperation

The shining sun of cooperation set this morning. A wealthy co-operation expert, fighting to the last on the water issue and having a thorough study of all subjects has lost its leadership. Former Minister Shankararao Kolhe set up Sanjeevani Sahakari Sugar Factory in 1960 through co-operatives and from there he took the fat to enrich these farmers in a real sense. Through co-operation, he successfully carried out chemical projects and gave many pilot projects to the state. In 1972, he ran for the Vidhan Sabha as an independent and the representation of Kopargaon taluka started from here. He was an MLA for six decades, except from 1985 to 1990. From 1999 to 2004, he presented 729 starred questions, 21 eye-catching suggestions, and 40 resolutions on the development of Kopargaon.

The children of rural farmers should be seen working at a high level in the country and abroad; For this, he set up Sanjeevani Engineering, Tantraniketan College, and changed it according to the times. Brought various courses and taught the children of farmers. Showed him the way to progress. Dr. Milinddada, Nitindada, Bipindada, Amitdada, Vivek, Sumitdada, and others succeeded in taking Shankarrao Kolhe’s ideas far and wide.

Former Minister Shankarrao Kolhe had a passion for the development of the people. They include Vasantdada Patil, Sudhakarrao Naik, Sharad Pawar, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sushilkumar Shinde, A. And. Antule, Dada Patil Shelke, Shivajirao Nagwade, Marutrao Ghule, Bhausaheb Thorat, Yashwantrao Gadakh, Balasaheb Vikhe, Shankarrao Kale, Balasaheb Bharade, Swami Sahajanand Bharti and others. The lion was the symbol of his first independent election, and in the beginning, he remained the lion till today. He ruled in six five-year legislatures.

Today the sanctity of the legislature is being challenged by some, But Shankarrao Kolhe considered the step of the legislature as a step of development and solved the problem of development of Kopargaon. During these six decades, he had the opportunity to serve as Minister of Revenue, Agriculture, Transport, and Excise.

Established co-operative societies

Shetkari Sahakari Sangh Limited, Kopargaon (1953), formerly Kopargaon Taluka Vikas Mandal (TDB), Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Kolhe Sahakari Sugar Factory Ltd., Sahajanandnagar (1960) Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune (1975) National Heavy Engineering Ltd., Pune (19) English Medium School, Khirdiganesh (1978), Maharashtra Cooperative Printing Press, Pune (1989), Amrit Sanjeevani Sugarcane Transport Ltd., Shinganapur (1975), Suvarna Sanjeevani Sugarcane Transport Ltd., Shinganapur (1976), Godavari Khore Sahakari Milk Producers Association ), Sanjeevani Educational Agriculture and Rural Development Trust, Sahajanandnagar (1976) Kopergaon Industrial Co-operative Colony, Kopergaon (1975), Sanjeevani Education Society, Sahajanandnagar (1982). Yashwant Poultry Co-operative Breeding Professional Society Ltd. Yesgaon (1986), Sanjeevani Pre Cadet Training Center and Sanjeevani Motor Driving School, Sahajanandnagar (1992), Sanjeevani Sahakari Patsanstha Limited, Kopergaon (1984), Sai Sanjeevani Sahakari Bank Ltd., Kopergaon (1996) Sanjeevani Matsya Vikas Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. Shinganapur (1996) He established Eklavya Adivasi Ashram School, Takli (2000), etc.

Establishment of International Forum for Indian Agriculture at Kopargaon

Dated 29.07.2000 – International Forum for Indian Agriculture was set up at Kopargaon to protect Indian farmers and sustain their agribusiness under the auspices of the World Trade Organization. He sent representatives of the International Forum for Indian Agriculture to the WTO Council meeting and worked on the world stage to protect the farmers of India and their crops.

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