How did Santo Bellina die? Italian actor cause of death explained

Santo Bellina cause of death
Santo Bellina, an Italian actor


Another Palermo actor died just two days after Mario Pupella. Santo Bellina, an actor, known for his role in La scorta passed away. Let’s see, how did the Palermo actor die and Santo Bellina cause of death in detail.

How did Santo Bellina die?

Santo Bellina passed away at the age of 58 from an illness. 

He has worked in film and television, appearing in Ris and Police District as well as shows like Nassiryia-Per not to forget, Paolo Borsellino in 2004, and Don Milani-Il priore di Barbiana in 1997.

Antonio Di Martino expressed his condolences, saying,

“I learned this very sad news, for those who had the honor of knowing and frequenting him, they knew well what a person and good actor you were, unfortunately, the sorrows and the timely depression took you away” wrote, Antonio Di Martino.

“Very good actor. You worked harder than anyone but they never appreciated you!”.

Who was Santo Bellina?

Santo Bellina was an Italian actor who was born on 22 September 1964 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

He was known for his renowned films like  La piovra (1984) and Il cacciatore (2018). He had his acting debut in the 1985 movie “Il pentito” from his young age itself.

Since then, he has acted in dozens of movies and fiction that depicted the mafia and the struggle against the Cosa Nostra.

He acted in “The Octopus”. His most recent production was named, “The Hunter”.  

He played Beppe Montana in the TV miniseries “Paolo Borsellino” in 2004. He played a minor role in “Ragazzi fuori,” the follow-up to “Mery per semper” which details the trials and tribulations of the young Palermitans held in the Rosaspina juvenile prison.

Santo Bellina cause of death:

A Palermitan actor, Santo Bellina passed away at the age of 58. Santo Bellina cause of death was an illness. However, the type of illness he suffered is not known yet.

Some unconfirmed sources say that he died of depression. Although, the exact cause of death was not still known yet.

Tributes flooded social media after the demise news broke out. Numerous posts recall his talents.

“We will miss your sense of humor, your professionalism, but above all the enthusiasm with which you faced every single moment of our event”, wrote, Gabriele Perrini, artistic director of the Grand Gala of the dialect theater “Regional Award of the City of Castelbuono”. 

Condolences to Santo Bellina:

Carabinieri Sempre Onore A Voi posted,

A great actor has passed away, Santo Bellina died this morning in his city Palermo a slow and agonizing death due to a cinema, television, press and regional institutions that abandon and mistreat good and talented actors like him. Forgotten and led to depression.

R.I.P dear friend and good actor have a good trip he was 58 years old.

Antonio Di Martino posted,

I learned this very sad news, for those who had the honor of knowing and attending him knew well what a person and good actor, he was, unfortunately sorrows and temporary depression took you away. R.I.P. Santo Bellina

TELE ONE posted,

Santo Bellina, actor in dozens of movies, died: from “Ragazzi pori” to “Paolo Borsellino”
Palermo, 58 years old, had acted in numerous films and fiction that told the mafia and the fight against Cosa Nostra as “La Piovra” and “Il Cacciatore”

Felice Corticchia posted,

Another dear friend has flown to heaven.
Santo Bellina, talented actor, affectionate friend.
I will remember the beautiful evenings spent in Mondello square
Just two days after the disappearance of Maestro Mario Pupella

Partanna Mondello posted,

Our friend Santo Bellina is leaving us today. Condolences from all of us in the Partanna Mondello group
we will update when the funeral will take place


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