How did Qawiesha Tolliver aka Kiwi Toliver die? Tiktok star cause of death Explained

How did Qawiesha Tolliver aka Kiwi Toliver die? Tiktok star cause of death Explained

Tiktok star Qawiesha Toliver aka Kiwi Toliver died On February 22nd, 2023. Let’s see more details about Qawiesha Toliver and her cause of death.

How did Qawiesha Toliver die? What happened to her?

According to a Facebook post made by Robin Jvet Mobley on February 22, 2023, Qawiesha Tolliver has passed away. On February 22nd, 2023, Qawiesha Tolliver died tragically after battling stage 4 cancer. Qawiesha, who was also known by her fans and friends as Kiwii Tolliver, was described as a ‘very strong and very funny’ person. Peace be with you. Q @osheeredd Kiwii Tolliver Lil Sis I enjoyed our talks and appreciated your love and support.

Qawiesha tolliver, you will be perpetually missed, yet always remembered,” the sheriff’s specialization said in a proclamation. “All we expand our affection, petitions, considerations, and sympathies to Qawiesha Tolliver, companions, and associates.”

How did Qawiesha Tolliver aka Kiwi Toliver die? Tiktok star cause of death Explained

Cause of death

Qawiesha Tolliver has passed away. On February 22nd, 2023, Qawiesha Tolliver died tragically after battling stage 4 cancer. Reports state that Qawiesha had a beautiful sense of humor and a smile that could make even the person who was feeling the worst about themselves feel a little bit better about themselves.

The sound of her chuckle was contagious. Everyone in Qawiesha’s immediate family, together with members of her extended family and acquaintances, held her with the utmost esteem that was humanly possible. This was the case for not only her close friends and acquaintances but also for everyone else she knew.


O Divine force of the Living and the Dead, approve of Qawiesha tolliver whom we trust has entered this day into your realm. Award harmony and light and everlasting youth to her who has been taken from us while still a kid. May he know the dash of your affection and the gleam of your light perpetually in your grand realm? Look delicately upon her family whose hearts are overburdened with distress. Stroll with them; console them; encompass them with heavenly messengers to lift them from the profundity of their grievous misfortune. At long last. We stand as a family in our snapshots of triumph and bliss; give us the mental fortitude to remain as a family now even with our deficiency of Qawiesha Tolliver May we console each other with expressions of confidence and trust and love. Persuade our hearts that everything works for good for the people who trust in God. So be it.

Who is Qawiesha Tolliver?

Qawiesha Tolliver (Kiwi Tolliver) was a resident of Statesville, North Carolina. She was born in Bluefield, West Virginia. Qawiesha was a content creator on TikTok. TikTok is a short-form video hosting service that is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. In China, the site is known by its Chinese name, Douyin. It provides hosting for videos that have been uploaded by users, and the length of these videos can range anywhere from three seconds to ten minutes. TikTok exceeded 2 billion smartphone downloads all over the world in October of the year 2020.

Is Qawiesha Tolliver charged with Murder?

During the seventh day of testimony in Jhammar Bowen’s murder trial, Qawiesha Toliver told an Iredell County Superior Court jury that she had lied to Statesville police during the investigation.

While being questioned in her apartment after Shana Nichole Harmon’s death, Toliver told officers that she had broken up with Bowen at the time of the interview, which she admitted Monday was not true. She also admitted to providing a bogus name when the officers asked her to write down her boyfriend’s name during that interview.

Toliver also admitted under oath that she had lied to the SPD officer when she said her aunt had stolen $9,000 from Bowen and he had not harmed her. She fabricated that story, Toliver said.

“I was taking up for him,” Toliver told the jury. Toliver’s testimony and her credibility are critical to the prosecution’s case against Bowen. She testified last week that Bowen shot Harmon three times on January 16, 2020, after Bowen drove Toliver and Harmon to an abandoned house on 8th Street in Statesville. Toliver claims she did not know Bowen was going to kill Harmon. She told the jury they were going to the “Honeycomb Hideout” so Bowen and Harmon could have sex.

Assistant District Attorney Mikko Red Arrow has spent nearly two weeks building a case to convince the jury that Bowen killed Harmon because he believed she stole drugs from Toliver’s apartment the day before the shooting.

Social Media Response

Gary Posted

She has stage 4 cancer but is also out on bond for charges in NC she helped her bf set someone up and he shot and killed her. Qawiesha Toliver is her name, you can google her. People are upset she’s getting all this money while In the hospital after what she did to the young lady who was killed.

No cycle Posted

She’s at home today, so excited to see her daughter, that’s coming to visit. I bet the young lady you killed mother wishes her daughter could come for a visit. When does this chick go to trial or did she get a plea deal?

This is Crazy Posted

I don’t follow her but have seen her on my FYP. She’s always in a hospital bed while living. She seems to be on live daily. All I hear her say is she has stage 4 cancer that’s it. I’d like a little back story so I’ll go Google her name.

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  1. She got her Karma. It was jail or death and she got one. It would have been correct for her to serve her penance but in my eyes having stage 4 cancer and being in and out of the hospital as well as getting chemotherapy is Karma enough for her participation in Shana’s death. Karma Bitch


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