Q Lazzarus died at 61:What happened? Cause of death Explained

Q Lazzarus cause of death

Q Lazzarus was a vocalist from the United States. He passed away at the age of 61. Let’s see how did she die, what happened, and what was Q Lazzarus Cause of Death.


How did Q Lazzarus die?

The enigmatic cult singer Q LAZZARUS, best known for her 1988 track “Goodbye Horses,” which was notably included in The Silence of the Lambs, passed away last month. She was 61.

Luckey’s close friend Eva Aridjis, who was filming a documentary about the reclusive musician, confirmed his passing to Rolling Stone.


Q Lazzarus Cause of Death

A close friend of Q Lazzarus, Eva Aridjis, confirmed the musician’s passing to The Rolling Stone in an article. After a brief illness, the 61-year-old singer-songwriter passed away, although the reason of death was not disclosed.

Aridjis discussed Lazzarus’ vivid and vivacious spirit in a conversation with The Rolling Stone: “Q has a life force that was so lively, dazzling, and vivacious that it was impossible to fathom it being extinguished or ceasing to exist. She had a very difficult existence, yet she was in no way cynical.”

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Q Lazzarus cause of death will be added soon.


Q Lazzarus Obituary

According to reports, Q Lazzarus, a musician well known for her 1988 hit single “Goodbye Horses,” has passed away.

An obituary for Lazzarus, whose true name was Diane Luckey, has been published on the website of the Jackson Funeral Home in New Jersey. She died last month at the age of 59. It has not been disclosed what caused the death.

Lazzarus was “ending work on a feature documentary on her life and music with director and friend, Eva Aridjis,” according to the obituary published by the Jackson Funeral Home, at the time of her passing.


Who is  Q Lazzarus?

Q Lazzarus, also known as Diane Luckey, was an American vocalist. Her most famous song, “Goodbye Horses,” from 1988, which was heavily included in a sequence from Jonathan Demme’s 1991 movie The Silence of the Lambs, became a cult classic. Before she vanished from the public eye in the mid-1990s, a number of her songs appeared in subsequent movies helmed by Demme.


Q Lazzarus Early Life

The year Diane Luckey was born was 1960 in the New Jersey town of Neptune. Q made a job as a cab driver in New York City in the 1980s while also performing music with her band Q Lazzarus and the Resurrection. The members of Q Lazzarus and the Resurrection were Q, William Garvey, Gloriana Galicia, Janice Bernstein, and Mark Barrett.


Q Lazzarus Career

Record labels frequently refused to work with Lazzarus, claiming that her dreadlocks precluded them from marketing her. Q gave the director Jonathan Demme her demo CD after asking him if he was in the music industry and picked him up in her cab during a snowstorm.

He responded, “Oh my God, what is this and who are you?” The 1986 movie Something Wild directed by Demme used the song “Candle Goes Away” by Q. According to Galicia, Lazzarus relocated to the UK in the late 1980s to start a rock band in the vein of Aerosmith.

“Goodbye Horses,” written and composed by Garvey, became Lazzarus’s anthem in 1988.

Then, Q had an appearance in Demme’s subsequent movie, Philadelphia from 1993, in which she sang a rendition of the Talking Heads song “Heaven.” A fan claimed to have spoken with Luckey in 2018 and learned that she was employed as a bus driver in Staten Island. On August 17, 2022, Luckey passed away.

Lucky was almost finished filming a documentary called Goodbye Horses: The Many Lives of Q Lazzarus, which features Eva Aridjis, a close friend of Luckey, talking about her life and music. In 2023, the movie is anticipated to be released posthumously.


Tribute to Q Lazzarus

Jenesaispop said,

Prior to his death, Q Lazzarus was working on a documentary about his life and career, as well as an album that “will span his entire musical career.”

Bully Wilder said,

RIP Q. Lazzarus. Always amazed when I remember that she only broke into the music industry because she happened to randomly pick up Jonathan Demme in her taxi

Hayley Honey said,

So shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of Q Lazzarus. Someone who truly captured magic. I always thought they would come back & surprise us with new music one day. Truly a loss.
Diet Coke Tutorial said,
The way Goodbye Horses LITERALLY invented Blood Orange. The tote bag girls need to run Q Lazzarus up the charts posthumously based on that alone like… umm the entire modern indie synth pop universe should be be bowing their their collective heads in TRIBUTE
Gina Segoviano said,
“The story about Q driving buses seemed to check out. According to the NY Post, in 2015, a Hasidic-owned bus company called Monsey Trails was sued by a Staten Island bus driver named Diane Luckey, who claimed that they refused to hire female drivers.”
Hayley Honey said,
Felt so connected to goodbye horses & when beach house played this song right before their concert in montreal I felt like it was such a good omen. This was July 16 and Q Lazzarus passed on the 19th
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