How did Richard Engel’s son die? Henry Cause of death Revealed


How did Richard Engel's son die? Henry Cause of death Revealed

Henry, a 6-year-old boy, died, and NBC News Correspondent Richard Engel is in mourning. Let’s look into How did Richard Engel’s son die? Henry Cause of death Revealed

How did Richard Engel’s son die?

On August 18, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel revealed the passing of his 6-year-old son Henry.

He had previously been given a Rett syndrome diagnosis.

Richard Engel is inconsolable over the passing of a cherished family member.

The passing of his 6-year-old son Henry was reported on by the chief foreign correspondent for NBC News on August 18.

A Rett syndrome was Henry Cause of death.


Henry Cause of death

The Mayo Clinic describes Rett syndrome as a rare hereditary condition that impairs communication and motor abilities but has no cure or treatment.

A prolonged battle with Rett syndrome was Henry Cause of death.

Who is Henry?

Henry, who was born on September 29, 2015, had a while to meet some developmental milestones as a baby.

His MECP2 gene had a mutation, as determined by a genetic test and a set of physical examinations.

Rett syndrome, which primarily affects girls after their first birthday and causes cognitive deficiencies, speech loss, and a variety of movement issues, is brought on by MECP2 mutations, according to the Texas Children’s Hospital page.

Henry cause of death was a protracted fight with Rett syndrome.

Henry’s Treatment

In 2018, Henry was brought by the Engel family to the hospital’s Duncan Neurological Research Institute (Duncan NRI) to get more information.

Dr. Huda Zoghbi, the founder of the Duncan NRI, thoroughly investigated Henry’s mutation.

Henry was exceptional in a lot of ways. He immediately won my heart with his kind and adorable grin and the way he looked at me. His peaceful battle against this horrible illness was amazing “In honor of her young patient, the doctor penned a letter.

Zoghbi claims that Henry had a profound impact on the entire Duncan NRI team and their ongoing Rett study.

“To create therapies, we’ll keep working as hard as we can. The doctor added, “This is how we will celebrate his life.


What did Texas children’s hospital confess about Henry’s struggling & painful days?

The reporter provided a link to a Texas Children’s Hospital memorial page, which provided more information on Henry’s life and his struggle with Rett syndrome, a genetic brain illness for which there is neither a treatment nor a cure.

According to the hospital, Henry first sought treatment at the Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2018. On August 9, he ultimately passed away.

Dr. Huda expresses his feelings

Henry was unique in many respects, according to Dr. Huda Zoghbi, who looked into Henry’s situation.

“I fell in love with him the moment I first met him because of his adoring grin and the way he looked into my eyes.

It was amazing to see him fight this dreadful cancer in silence.”

Dr. Huda continued, “The impact Henry had on so many of us at the Duncan NRI and on our Rett research is, however, what is most astounding.

We’ll keep working as hard as we can to develop cures. We shall remember his life in this manner.”

Richard Engel has conveyed a disheartening update on his 6-year-old son on social media

Engel updated his social media followers on his son’s condition back in May, saying that “he’s taken a turn for the worse.”

Richard, however, stressed the value of focusing on the good things in life, such as the first time Henry called him “Dada,” in an essay he wrote for Today in 2019.

“A little Dada may not seem like a significant concern to parents with usually developed children,” he noted.

But it was a confirmation for me that he was there, that he was aware of me.

That his mother and I were positive influences in his life, and most importantly, that he loved us.

Richard Statement

In a tweet sent out on May 31, Richard stated, “For everyone following Henry’s tale, regrettably he’s taken a turn for the worse.”
“As his health worsened, he got dystonia, which is uncontrollable stiffness and shaking.”

Henry spent six weeks in the hospital, Richard continued, but he is now “home and enjoying affection from brother Theo.”

A video of Henry and his younger sibling in bed accompanied Richard’s message. Theo, 2, is seen giving Henry a head kiss in the heartwarming video.

After Richard made his declaration, Today posted an Instagram about the situation. In Henry’s honor, users posted their comments on the website.

Rett Syndrome an overview:

The development of the brain is impacted by the rare inherited neurological and developmental condition known as Rett syndrome.

Language and motor skills gradually deteriorate as a result of this condition.

Most victims of Rett syndrome are female.

The majority of infants with Rett syndrome appear to develop normally for the first six months of life.
As a result, many infants lose abilities they once possessed, such as the capacity to walk, communicate, or use their hands.

The use of the muscles that control movement, coordination, and communication gets progressively worse for kids with Rett syndrome over time.

Seizures and intellectual problems can also result from Rett syndrome.

Purposeful hand use is replaced by strange hand motions, including rubbing the hands together repeatedly or clapping.

Although there is no known treatment for Rett syndrome, there are some that are being researched.

For children and people with Rett syndrome and their families, current care focuses on enhancing movement and communication, managing seizures, and providing care and support.

Who is at risk for Rett syndrome?

Women are nearly completely impacted by Rett syndrome.

Also, Rett syndrome affects about one in every 10,000 to 15,000 newborn girls. 

Babies from all racial and ethnic backgrounds are affected.

Causes of Rett syndrome?

A genetic syndrome is a Rett syndrome.  It happens as a result of a MECP2 gene mutation (change).

This mutation happens on its own (randomly). Usually, it is not inherited. Less than 1% of healthy parents can pass on Rett syndrome to their offspring.

Symptoms of Rett Syndrome

Babies may not show any signs of Rett syndrome in the first few months or years of life. As they get older, signs of developmental delays or other symptoms become more apparent. Rett syndrome symptoms mainly affect children:

  • Behavioral development.
  • Language skills.
  • Motor skills and especially hand use.

About 85% to 90% of people who have Rett syndrome have muscle weakness and delayed growth. These symptoms often occur because children have difficulty swallowing or chewing. Swallowing problems can lead to not eating enough.

Other symptoms of Rett syndrome include:

  • Hand-wringing, squeezing, or hand-to-mouth movements.
  • Apraxia is a lack of capability to say the correct words or performs familiar movements on command.
  • Respiring issues.
  • Autism-like behaviors, such as lack of eye contact, disinterest in socializing, or panic attacks.
  • Balance and coordination challenges.
  • Epilepsy or seizures.
  • Muscle feebleness or spasticity.


Diagnosis of Rett Syndrome

Rett syndrome symptoms are typically initially noticed by parents in a child’s early years.

Medical professionals utilize a genetic test to screen for the MECP2 gene mutation when they have a suspicion that a kid may have Rett syndrome.

This genetic test is administered by blood.

There is no need for specialized training or a hospital stay.

Therapies for Rett syndrome?

Treatment for Rett syndrome varies depending on the symptoms.

Children who experience seizures, for instance, may take anti-epileptic drugs.

Children who struggle with language and motor abilities may benefit from:

Occupational therapy. Physical therapy. Speech therapy.

Your child may need care from other specialists, such as Neurologists. Nutritionists. Psychiatrists. Gastroenterologists.

Rett syndrome Complications

A child’s chance of developing health issues can rise as a result of several Rett syndrome symptoms.

For instance, difficulties eating or breathing can increase the risk of aspiration pneumonia.

When food, saliva, or other liquids enter the lungs rather than the stomach, pneumonia of this type develops.

Scoliosis in children increases the risk of pulmonary issues.

The risk of health problems can also rise as a result of uncontrolled seizures.

Is the Rett syndrome curable?

Rett syndrome has no known treatment.

When kids receive the right care, they frequently manage their symptoms well into adulthood.


Rett syndrome is brought on by a chance gene mutation, thus there is nothing a parent can do to stop it.

However, if you have a relative who has Rett syndrome, you could inquire with your doctor about genetic testing.

Prospective parents might get advice from genetic counselors regarding health concerns and possible treatments.

Who is Richard Engel?

American journalist and novelist Richard Engel serves as the head international correspondent for NBC News.

After working as the network’s Middle East correspondent and Beirut bureau head, he was appointed to that position on April 18, 2008.

Engel was married to a Stanford classmate; they separated in 2005.

Engel wed producer Mary Forrest in May 2015.

Henry was born in September 2015, and Theodore was born in August 2019. They have two sons.

Henry Engel, who had Rett syndrome and died at the age of six in August 2022, was born with the hereditary condition.

Tributes to Richard Engel’s son 

Tributes and Condolence messages poured on Twitter for Richard Engel’s son’s death

L. B-Smith tweeted,

May this little Angel find peace in Heaven. And may you see him whenever you look up at the stars. So sad to hear this news.

BoristheBerner tweeted,

So very sorry for your loss  can feel your pain …our son passed away at the age of 5 yr8mo at the Medical City Dallas Hospital in May 2001 due to malignant hyperthermia as a result of general anesthesia .. praying for you and your wife 🙏

Hoda Kotb tweeted,

“Oh Richard…I am so so so sorry,” Today‘s Hoda Kotb wrote on Twitter. “My heart aches for you and your family. We love you.”

Lester Holt added,

“I am crushed by the news Richard. Thanks to you and Mary for sharing Henry’s story and the joy and richness he brought into your lives. Your colleagues mourn with you.”

rosanna arquette tweeted,

I’m so sorry for your painful loss and he was blessed to have you as parents.

Matthew Dowd tweeted,

Much love to you all. Having lost a young daughter i can only imagine your pain. Reach out if you need support.

Amy H. tweeted,

My heart breaks for you and your wife. My husband and I lost our son Martin Henry in Sept. He also had the softest blue eyes, easy smile and contagious giggle. I miss him every day. The ache never goes away but at least the pain is easing. Surrounding you with love and comfort.
Lana M Wiggins tweeted,

I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a child seems so unnatural. My baby niece Luna Claire, 8 months old, passed away this year from a rare form of cancer that wouldn’t respond to treatment. My heart breaks for you. Deepest condolences to your family.

Rick Petree tweeted,

Ah, Richard. I know the pain of losing a child. I’m so sorry. Peace to you and all who loved him.

Michael Steele tweeted,

Mary & Richard, know you are in our prayers. Find strength in each other, your family and friends. Henry is always with you in the love you have for him.

Jim Sciutto tweeted,

Lord, I’m so heartbroken to hear, my friend. Thinking of you and Mary and you entire family. Please take care.

James White tweeted

Losing a child is the most hardest thing to experience in life.. honestly we never heal or get through it… Just remember to continue to reach out to your friend, days, weeks months and even years… people move on..but that emptyness and pain they have doesn’t!

Rhonda Jordan tweeted,

I am beyond saddened for your loss. I don’t know how anyone gets over the loss of a child and I wish you and your family strength and peace.

Katie Webb tweeted,

Reading this news was a gut punch. My sweet niece has Rett. She is truly a gift to us all. This is the nightmare my sister has every night. I am SO so sorry for your loss. It’s not fair.


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