How did Neal Adams die? What Happened? Cause of Death Explained

How did Neal Adams die? What Happened? Cause of Death Explained

Neal Adams, the famed comic book artist who drew Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the X-Men, the Avengers, and numerous more superheroes, has died, according to his daughter. He was 80 years old. Let’s see what happened, how did Neal Adams die, and what was his cause of death.

In 1998, Adams was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame, one of the industry’s top accolades. A year later, he was inducted into the Harvey Awards’ Jack Kirby Hall of Fame, and in 2019, he was inducted into the Inkwell Awards’ Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame.


What happened to Neal Adams?

Neal Adams died Thursday in New York from sepsis complications, according to his wife, Marilyn Adams, who informed The Hollywood Reporter. This was also confirmed by his daughter via Variety.

Adams is survived by his wife Marilyn, his sons Josh, Jason, and Joel, his daughters Kris and Zeea, his grandkids Kelly, Kortney, Jade, Sebastian, Jane, and Jaelyn, and his great-grandson Maximus.


How did Neal Adams die?


Posted by Neal Adams on Sunday, 6 June 2021


Neal revealed in a June 6 video on his Facebook page, from which he had been oddly missing for weeks, that he had battled sepsis, a life-threatening blood illness that landed him in the NYU intensive-care unit for eleven days. “I’m quite sure I should be dead,” he said. The disease compelled him to undergo four days of dialysis, cost him 40 pounds and half his muscle tone, rendered him crazy (“I went to hell”), and momentarily limited him to a walker, which he has since abandoned.

The doctors informed Marilyn Adams, Neal’s wife and Continuity colleague of over 40 years, that they expected Neal to die since it is believed that 40 to 60 percent of sepsis victims do. Marilyn, dazed but unfazed, spent marathon hours by her husband’s bedside until he miraculously healed, just like in a comic book!

On June 12, a photo uploaded to Facebook showed Neal and Marilyn, surrounded by their family, smiling as they posed high above the Rockaways surf at Bar Marseille in Queens. The wheelchair is hardly visible, as it was in old images of FDR.


Neal Adams Cause of Death

According to Neal Adams’ Facebook announcements, he had been battling Sepsis for a long time and had little chance of survival.

On Thursday, according to his wife, Marilyn Adams, who informed The Hollywood Reporter, Neal Adams died in New York from sepsis complications.


What kind of Disease has Neal Adams been suffering from?


What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is the body’s overreaction to an infection. It’s a life-threatening medical situation. Sepsis occurs when an existing infection sets off a chain reaction throughout your body. Sepsis is most commonly caused by infections that begin in the lungs, urinary system, skin, or gastrointestinal tract.


Sepsis Symptoms

  • Fever,
  • difficulty breathing,
  • low blood pressure,
  • fast heart rate, and
  • mental confusion.


Fan’s reaction to Neal Adams death

Vivvav said,

In recent years Neal Adams became the crazy egocentric uncle of the comics industry, but it’s not like he didn’t earn it. The man was a creative and artistic tour de force, one of the real kings of the Silver Age, as well as one of the defining voices of the early Bronze Age. His work on Batman, Green Lantern, and of course Deadman are some of my favorite comics of all time. Rest in peace you fuc*ing legend.

RedOrionsLament said,

An incredible guy. His influence on Creator’s rights alone makes him an industry legend, and that’s not getting into the fact that as a creative he was a titan. Rest in peace.

IamMothManAMA said,

Sad. I met Neal in 2017. It was at Denver Comic Con- I’m a teacher and I was presenting that weekend on using comic books in the classroom along with another friend who I went to college with. We were both huge comic nerds that became teachers. We used our “Presenter” badges to sneak onto the show floor early and walked around. Neal was just sitting at his booth, chilling. He smiled at us and called us over to talk. He was a super sweet dude and talked to us about school, comics, and politics- he was really insistent that Trump listens to teachers because he couldn’t talk or write lol.

Temporex said,

One by one we are losing all the original, legendary, creators who laid the foundations of the current comic lore. Thank you and RIP.

Max Hyde said,

He and Denny O’Neal essentially created what we think of as modern Batman.


Neal Adams Early life as a comic artist

He was born on June 15, 1941, in New York City, and got his start in the comic book industry in 1959, after being rejected by DC Comics. Adams began freelancing at DC in 1967 on the series “Our Army at War” after working on many comic strips and horror magazines. His debut appearance as a superhero was on the covers of “Action Comics,” DC’s flagship Superman title, and “Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane.”

Adams’ career took off during the Silver Age of Comics when the medium was pushing aesthetic limits and achieving commercial success. In early 1968, he sketched Batman and the otherworldly figure the Spectre, two of the most recognizable characters in his entire career. He also took over sketching the hero Deadman, a ghostly character who could possess humans and became a fan favorite among readers.

In 1969, Adams began freelancing for both DC and Marvel, where he drew the X-Men and the Avengers’ renowned Kree-Skrull War storyline. After teaming with writer Dennis O’Neil on a “X-Men” run in which they resurrected Professor X, Adams and O’Neil most memorably worked together on the “Batman” series, where they rejuvenated the legendary character and returned the Caped Crusader to his darker, broodier beginnings.


Neal Adams achievements

Adams helped bring some of Batman’s most recognized villains, like the Joker and Two-Face, to life in new plots, and co-created Ra’s Al Ghul and Man-Bat. O’Neil and Adams also collaborated on the popular “Green Lantern/Green Arrow” series, where they addressed real-world topics like racism, drug addiction, pollution, and more. They developed Green Lantern’s John Stewart, one of the first main Black superheroes in comics; debuted the then-controversial plot that Green Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy, was addicted to heroin; and remodeled Green Arrow to give him an updated suit and his iconic goatee.

Aside from his talent as an artist, Adams was a strong supporter of comic creators’ rights and helped modernize the industry’s policies of returning original work to artists. He co-founded the Comic Creators Guild in 1978. He won a court fight with Marvel in 1987 that resulted in the restoration of artwork to him and famed artist Jack Kirby, and he lobbied for Superman founders Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel to obtain long-overdue recompense from DC.

Hope we explained what happened and what was Neal Adams Cause of death.


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