How did Natalia Steshenko die? Russian actress cause of death explained

Natalia Steshenko

Natalia Steshenko, who played Semago in theatre and movies, was found dead in Moscow. Let’s see how did Russian actress die and Natalia Steshenko cause of death in detail.

How did Natalia Steshenko die?

A 37-year-old woman’s body was discovered at her residence on Rostovskaya Embankment. The death of Natalia Steshenko is under investigation. Her nine-year-old son found his mom unconscious the previous evening in her apartment on Rostovskaya Embankment.

Preliminary information indicates that the terrified child asked the neighbours to call an ambulance, but the responding medical professionals could only confirm the patient’s demise- All that is known is that she became ill and that an ambulance was dispatched.

Natalia, though, had already passed away unexpectedly. We were stunned by this incident, the neighbours said.

Grigory Zaslavsky, the rector of the Russian Institute of Theatrical Arts (GITIS), sent his condolences in relation to her passing on his Telegram channel. Zaslavsky claimed that the businessman and producer Vladimir Semago, the actress’s spouse, had informed him of her passing.

The rector of GITIS described Steshenko as a young, lovely, and talented girl who recently began creating plays that he found interesting. “In another theater, the acting fate could have been different, more interesting … When we talked more often, I was always surprised by her lightness, cheerfulness, and ability to wait for her role,” said Zaslavsky.

Natalia Steshenko cause of death:

Natalia Steshenko cause of death was not known yet. She passed away unexpectedly on November 29 after losing consciousness in her apartment. Heartbreakingly, it was Natalia Steshenko’s 10-year-old son, who called for help after discovering his mother slumped in her armchair on Monday, November 28.

Later, it was confirmed that the Russian actress passed away suddenly at her apartment at Rostovskaya Embankment. Her son was a prominent star of the Luna Theatre in Russia’s capital Moscow.

Some russian media confirms that Natalia experienced a stroke and passed away. It was reported that Natalia had suffered a burst blood clot which led to her death.

Who was Natalia Steshenko?

Natalia Steshenko was a 37 year old Russian actress who married Vladimir Semago. Steshenko acted in the series “League of Deceived Wives” and “Inspector Cooper”. In addition to working at the Luna Theater, Steshenko had a significant part in the comedy film, The League of Deceived Women.

She took part in the productions of “Poppies”, “Matri-Arhat” and “Thais Shining” in the Theater of the Moon. In 2000, Steschenko participated in Miss Kazakhstan. Her younger brother died in 2017 before reaching the age of 30.

The theatre actress Irina Golubnichenko, who had previously vanished, was reported missing in October.


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