How did Mark Sagert die? Lawn Tractor Roll over Accident Explained




How did Mark Sagert die? Lawn Tractor Roll over Accident Explained

A man from North Dakota is died when a lawn tractor rolls over. Let’s see what happened to him and his cause of death.

How did Mark Sagert die?

A northeastern North Dakota man has passed from injuries sustained when a lawn tractor rolled over on him, authorities said Saturday.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol states the crash occurred Tuesday about five miles west of Crystal, in Pembina County.

Mark Sagert, 62, of Cavalier, passed Friday at a Grand Forks hospital. Authorities say Sagert was operating the lawnmower over the top of a culvert opening and began to slide, which caused the rollover.

Several citizens were able to move the lawnmower off Sagert and he was taken to a Park River hospital.

How the Accident happened? Explained

Tuesday morning while mowing a ditch close to Crystal, North Dakota, a man was hurt after becoming pinned beneath a lawnmower.

Around 11:44 a.m., Mark Sagert, 62, was mowing the east ditch near 134th Ave NE and State Highway 66, 5 miles west of Crystal.

Tuesday, according to a press statement from the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

The lawnmower toppled over while Sagert was maneuvering it over the top of a culvert entrance, according to the press release.

A coworker and a few Good Samaritans were able to help remove the lawnmower from Sagert after he became pinned underneath it.

Sagert was transported by ambulance to First Care Hospital in Park River, where he underwent treatment for his wounds before being transferred to Altru Hospital.

NDHP stated: This incident is still under investigation. Once the investigation gets over we will update the further details on our website.

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