How did Mamilyn Agustin Caramat die? Mayor of Calasiao cause of death revealed

How did Mamilyn Agustin Caramat die? Mayor of Calasiao cause of death revealed

Mayor Mamilyn “Maya” Agustin Caramat who knows for her service, dedication, and leadership has passed away. Let’s see what happened to her and Mamilyn Agustin Caramat cause of death in detail.

What happened to Mayor Mamilyn?

Mayor Mamilyn death has been announced on her official FB page the statement reads,

With great sadness and a heavy heart, we announce that our beloved mayor, Mayor Mamilyn “Maya” B. Agustin-Caramat, has joined our Creator today January 8, 2023. According to the report, the Mayor was rushed to a hospital in Dagupan City early in the morning due to hypertension. But unfortunately, the Mayor also died. Our sympathies and condolences to the family and people of Calasiao whom she truly loved and cared for.

We ask for your prayers for our beloved MOTHER of the people of Calasiao.

Please wait for further announcements regarding her memorial.

Mamilyn Agustin Caramat cause of death

The flag of Calasiao Municipality is now at half-mast as a show of respect and mourning for the passing of the Mayor. (FB Calasiao)

Calasiao mayor, Mamilyn “Maya” Caramat, passed away in the early morning hours of Sunday (Jan. 😎 due to a stroke at the age of 53. (via Yolanda Sotelo, Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Who was Mamilyn Agustin Caramat?

The town of Calasiao elected its first female mayor in the person of Mamilyn Caramat, president of the Liga ng mga Barangay. She is the wife of a police director Brig. Gen. Romeo Caramat.

She worked in the Regional Trial Court for 23 years in the Judiciary. Since 2018, she has served as the Barangay Chairman of Nalsian Calasiao. She is also the Liga President of the Municipality of Calasiao in Pangasinan, which she has held since 2018. Also, she was a former Adviser of the PRO13 Officers’ Ladies Club.

Mamilyn Caramat is a candidate in the 2022 Philippine elections. She is currently a member of the Nacionalista Party (NP) and is campaigning in Calasiao, Pangasinan. She is targeting the post of Municipal Mayor. Her campaign name is “CARAMAT, MAMILYN (NP)”.

This candidate is running for the position of Municipal Mayor. The mayor is responsible for supervising all programs, projects, services, and activities of the municipal government enforcing all laws and ordinances related to the governance of the municipality and the exercise of its corporate powers maximizing resource and revenue generation, and ensuring the delivery of basic services and the provision of adequate facilities.

Tributes to Mayor Mamilyn Agustin Caramat

Heartfelt tributes and condolences for Mamilyn Agustin Caramat by the community people

The Province of Pangasinan wrote,

The Provincial Government of Pangasinan, headed by Governor Ramon Mon-Mon Guico III, is extending its deepest condolences to the bereaved family of Calasiao Mayor Mamilyn Agustin-Caramat.

May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Dagupan City Information Office posted,

We mourn the passing of Mayor Mamilyn “Maya” Agustin Caramat of Calasiao, Pangasinan. She would be remembered for being a passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and loving public servant. May her soul rest in peace. From Mayor Belen Fernandez and the people of Dagupan

The Pangasinan Nomad

IT’S A SAD DAY FOR US CALASIAOÑOS.  Thank you, Mayor Mamilyn “Maya” Agustin Caramat for your passion for service, dedication, and leadership. May your beautiful soul rest in peace. My prayers and deepest condolences go out to Mayor Mamilyn’s family and friends.  CARAMAT (SALAMAT) SA’YO! 

Mayor Florence Pagaduan-Tiu

On behalf of the townspeople of San Quintin, I’d like to extend my deepest condolences to the bereaved family of a dear friend, HON. MAYOR MAMILYN “MAYA” AGUSTIN-CARAMAT, passed away today. It is with great sadness and grief to know that you are gone, but remember that your memories will always live in our hearts and the whole town of Calasiao. May your soul rest in peace

Rachel said,

I am devastated to hear that you’re no longer with us. It’s not hidden from you how close Mayor Mailyn ‘Maya’ Caramat is to me. Through his wholehearted service, we found a partner in change. I consider him a sibling and a partner in the uprising and development of the Municipality of Calasiao. Let’s include his whole family and the whole town of Calasiao in our prayers. The world is made a little less bright and our municipality has lost its mother, a hero, and its shining light. Paalam, mahal kong kaibigan. Hindi ka namin malilimutan.

Emie Marcos

Condolences, RIP Mam mayora Caramat,, we will never forget you in our hearts, you have helped the people of Calasiao a lot,, hope the next one to the throne will be as helpful, kind, and not spiteful as you,, giving help especially to poor people like nmin,, we love you mayora

Ma-ann Tamayo

Our deepest Condolences and Sympathy to the bereaved family…may u Rest In Peace MayoraWe will never forget the beautiful things you did in the town of CALASIAO.. thank you very much

Marlene Arbaja Priolo

Condolences to the Caramat family,, thank you mayor mamilyn,, it’s just sad to think that Calasiao was once good because of you and suddenly it’s bad news,, thank you for the moment of service but will not forget mayora,.. Sincere condolences to the entire caramat family

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