Who is Kenneth Hearne? Scottsdale police sergeant shooting suspect wanted

Kenenth Hearne

A Scottsdale police officer was injured by a gunshot Friday night in Phoenix, Arizona. Kenenth Hearne is the suspect wanted by the police. Let’s see more about the Phoenix, Arizona shooting and Kenneth Hearne in detail.

Who is Kenneth Hearne?

An officer from the Scottsdale Police Department was hurt in a shooting in downtown Phoenix and was brought to the hospital, the Scottsdale Police Department reported on Twitter on Friday.

Phoenix police have identified Kenneth Hearne, a 37-year-old, as the suspect they claim shot a Scottsdale police sergeant.

The police are still searching for Kenneth Hearne. Police say Hearne was still at large, armed, and dangerous.

According to Scottsdale Police Chief Jeff Walther, detectives were executing a warrant inside Union at Roosevelt around 7 o’clock, close to 1st Avenue and Roosevelt Street.

What happened to Scottsdale police Sergeant?

According to Scottsdale police chief Jeff Walther, a shooting broke out as officers were executing a search warrant inside Union at Roosevelt at around 7 p.m. MST.

A mother and child were discovered inside the flat by detectives on Friday night, according to the police. When officers noticed a man standing in the corridor, according to Walther, the two were hauled out of the residence.

The suspect, Kenneth Hearne, according to police, instantly ducked inside a room and started firing at the policemen. The cops promptly exited the residence after one of the officers, a sergeant, was hit by gunfire. Unknown if he was hit, another police started firing at the Hearne.

Then, according to investigators, he leaped over a balcony on the second floor and fled. Kenneth Hearne is still missing. Right now, the sergeant is in the hospital and is in stable condition.

Hearne is said to be sought after for various crimes. “We have to ask ourselves a question of when did this become OK? Other police departments in the Valley and the state have seen this, an increased number of aggravated assaults on police officers, and shootings of police officers. I think we have to start asking ourselves tough questions of when this became OK,”

Walther told the press. “We ask that you ask yourself the question of when did it become OK and recognize that it’s never going to be OK.”

Anyone with info call 911 or @SilentwitnessAZ at 480-Witness / 480-TESTIGO.


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