How did Jidenna Dike die? Osinachi Dike’s son cause of death Explained


How did Jidenna Dike die? Osinachi Dike's son cause of death Explained


After Davido’s Ifeanyi’s passing, many are still attempting to move on, and another star recently lost his adored son. A popular Nollywood star Osinachi Dike’s son Jidenna Dike passed away. Let’s find out what happened to the kid and Jidenna Dike cause of death in detail

What happened to Jidenna Dike?

The loss of Apamanolly’s toddler, who died after a battle with illness, has plunged his family into grief. One of the many condolence notes said: “You should grieve for this child in the same manner as you did for the other. They were each human. Poor kid.”

Jidenna Dike, the well-known Egbeigwe Apama and son of actor and comedian Osinachi Dike, has passed away.

This was confirmed by a family source to Qed. ng on Tuesday. The source claims that the two-year-old who had been suffering from illness passed away on Tuesday night.

The source stated, “He passed away on Tuesday; he had been unwell.” In a Tuesday phone conversation with a Qed reporter, Egbeigwe Apama also verified the passing of his son.

Jidenna Dike cause of death

The child, who had been battling an undisclosed disease, sadly passed away on Tuesday night, according to the source. The child’s cause of death has not yet been made public.


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Medico Topics have made an effort to get in touch with their family and close friends to ask them about the incident. There have been no answers as of yet. Once we get enough data, we’ll update this page. Soon, further details regarding Jidenna Dike cause of death will be added.

Dike Osinachi: Who was he?

Dike Osinachi, also referred to as Apama, is a comedian, actor, and master of ceremonies (MC). The actor, who was born in Imo State, has starred in a number of Nigerian films alongside other well-known Nollywood actors. 

His fans have always preferred his humorous characters in movies. Every time Dike takes the stage to entertain the audience, he displays creativity and skill. 

He is married to Ogechi, and the two of them have two kids. Dike Osinachi was born in Imo State, Nigeria, in the year 1980 during July. Dike Osinachi is a talented MC and shows host in addition to appearing in and producing Nollywood films.

When he hosts shows and events like weddings, funerals, and birthday parties, most of the videos he hosts become popular on social media.

Early life

In the 1980s, Dike Osinachi was born into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Osinachi. He is from a tiny village in Nigeria’s Imo State in the region of Nigeria in the southeast.

For the family of the Nollywood actor Dike Osinachi, growing up wasn’t always pleasant. They were a less-than-average Nigerian family, and the nation’s poor economy was another factor. Things were challenging, and Dike Osinachi’s parents had a hard time giving their son the necessities of life.

Dike Osinachi had the innate talent for making people laugh with his quips. He had many friends growing up since there was never a dull time around them. Additionally, he makes a living off of his talent, which he also exploited to improve his family’s financial situation.


Additionally, he makes a living off of his talent, which he also exploited to improve his family’s financial situation. He received his primary and secondary schooling there as well. where he also received his WEAC score and First School Leaving Certificate.

He attended Imo State University (IMSU) for his undergraduate studies, where he earned a BSC in Chemistry Education. It is also where his stand-up comedy career began.

Acting Career

Former stand-up comedian Dike Osinachi is now a well-known Nollywood actor and film producer. This occurred at Imo State University in Nigeria’s University Days.

He served as an event announcer and broadcaster for activities held on school grounds. He was one of the most well-liked comedians at his school; many students gathered there every Wednesday to laugh while seeing Crack jokes.

Dike Osinachi decided to enter Nollywood and become an actor in the year 2008. He has so far established himself as a household name in the industry and typically performs comedic roles.

Additionally, he participates actively in the Actors Over the years in the Nollywood industry, he has worked with top-notch Nollywood Actors and actresses which include; Mr. Ibu Nkem Owo Chiwetalu Agu Chacha Eke Mercy Johnson Jerry Williams Augustine Iloh & a host of other

Movies Acted

The Nollywood Actor Dike Osinachi has featured in numerous amount of Nollywood movies which include;

  • Love Over
  • Who Is Your Father
  • Doctors On Strike
  • Wicked Uncle
  • King Of Kings
  • Royal Fathers
  • Ihite Kingdom


Condolence messages to little one Jidenna Dike

Vivian Raymond,

Be consoled and you’re a good man may God strengthen you more and give you children that will stay long and bury you in your old age

Gift Osuji,

Lord Jesus have mercy on us and protect our children from the evil eyes in Jesus’ mighty name ameeeeen


Emmanuela Emmanuel,

Father, pls no matter the level of my sin pls let the child’s death won’t be the punishment I plead in Jesus’ name Amen. May his gentle soul and the soul of Ifeanyi Adeleke continue to rest in peace Amen

Cheche Laz page, ·

My sincere condolences, to the little man that you were telling that you will share your property between him and his sister, that no one is superior to the other, and he walked away, causing people to react that he is not ready for such discussion yet. not knowing that death will not allow him to live and enjoy the easy life you are gathering for them.
Rest on little man, take heart Apama.

Sisi Dagara,

My condolences, Please take heart and be strong. May God comfort you

Christabel Nky,

O Lord have mercy on this beautiful family. Please be consoled, I pray you never experience pain again… Rip little money God strengthen Apama and his family in these trying times

Titi Enitan,

Be consoled, mum and dad. May the Lord wipe away your tears, and may the little boy’s innocent soul rest in peace. Amen.

Gloria KingsleyBeke,

Chai! Apama may the Lord give you and your family the heart to bear this irreparable loss. Rest in peace little one.

Funke Lewis Jacob,

No one deserves this, God please console this family and everyone suffering the loss of a loved one during this period. The season is challenging, God help us



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