How did Janez Matičič die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Janez Matičič die

Composer and pianist Janez Matičič, one of Slovenia’s most notable contemporary composers, died at the age of 95. Let’s see how did Janez Matičič die.

His oeuvre was centered around piano music, which he performed as well. He received numerous awards for his work, including the Prešeren Prize for lifetime achievement.


Who was Janez Matičič?

Janez Matičič was born on June 3, 1926, in Ljubljana, where he completed his studies of composition with Lucijan Marija Škerjanc and conducting with Danilo Švara at the Academy of Music. He also studied piano, which he replaced with a violin after his beginnings, which accompanied him not only on the creative but also on the performing path.

He spent most of his creative life in Paris, and cosmopolitan influences also marked his music. In addition to modern techniques and media and traditional genres, he also incorporated electronics into it. He dedicated most of his oeuvre to piano works, which he also interpreted.

He was a professor at the Secondary School of Music, the Academy of Music, and the Department of Musicology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana.

He received numerous awards for his work, including the highest state award in 2007, the Prešeren Lifetime Achievement Award.


World-famous music collaborators

In Paris, where he went in 1959, he was directed to more modern compositional trends by the famous Nadja Boulanger. He has also worked with the Concrete Music Research Group led by Pierre Schaeffer. According to the website of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, he has also created some electroacoustic works in other studios. This is how works such as Three VisionsOscillationsFusions, and Cosmophony for piano and tape were created.

However, the most important is his opus of piano works, which is at the same time one of the most extensive in all Slovenian musical creativity. Some have also been released on CD. Among his instrumental works are two symphonies and several concertante works, and he has also created many chamber and solo compositions. 

His oeuvre includes Preludes, Twelve Etudes, Resonances, Palpitations, two concertos for piano and orchestra, Concerto for violin and orchestra, Suite for string orchestra, Intermittences, Beats, and Gemini for two pianos.

As the musicologist Gregor Pompe judged, Matičič’s music is strongly fueled by Ravel’s unbridled lush sonority, Bach‘s counterpoint straightforwardness, or Brahms ‘ romantic classicism.


An official death announcement

The news of the artist’s death was announced on Facebook by his music colleagues.

“One has to be curious about life and look around – not just delve into oneself and observe only one’s navel,” composer and academician Janez Matičič said in an interview with MMC years ago.

Before the round, 90th anniversary, the composer said that beauty is the goal he is looking for. His soul “drove him to search for beauty, that beauty which we have always admired in beautifully written compositions and which I try to continue on my way and continue to express in my sense”.


Janez Matičič Cause of death

How did Janez Matičič die: Academician and composer Janez Matičič died at the age of 96, his music colleagues announced on Facebook. But the cause of death is not revealed.

He was among the most prominent contemporary composers. Piano music has an important place in his oeuvre, which he also interpreted. He has received several awards for his work, including the 2007 Prešeren Lifetime Achievement Award.


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