How did Eric Onguru aka Kunguru die? Veteran Kenyan Musician Cause of death Explained

How did Eric Onguru aka Kunguru die? Veteran Kenyan Musician Cause of death Explained

Veteran Kenyan Rapper Eric Onguru aka Kunguru passed away on Sunday. Let’s see more details about Eric Onguru and his cause of death in detail.

What happened to Eric Onguru?

Veteran Kenyan musician Eric Onguru, popularly by his stage name Kunguru is dead. Kunguru’s sudden demise was announced by his former manager.

The talented singer who came into the limelight in the early 2000s reportedly passed away on Sunday at 2:00 pm. Although details of his death are still scanty, his former manager revealed that he had been admitted to the hospital for the past weeks.

Radio Jambo presenter Gidi Ogidi is among the veteran artists who have taken to social media to mourn Kunguru. Gidi posted a photo of Kunguru on his Instagram account and wrote, ”RiP my friend Kungur,”.

May his soul rest in peace and his family finds comfort during this trying moment.

How did Eric Onguru aka Kunguru die? Veteran Kenyan Musician Cause of death Explained

Cause of death- Eric

Kunguru passed away on Sunday at 2:00 P.M in the Nairobi Hospital While Receiving Treatment . He had been admitted to a Nairobi Hospital for the past few weeks.

The former Manager explained that the star has been in and out of Hospital since 2017. The cause of the 44-year-old’s death has not been revealed. However He attributed his prolonged illness to an accident he suffered back in 2009/10 that affected his spinal cord. Media personality Gidi Gidi was among the first people to mourn Kunguru.

“RIP my friend KUNGURU 🙏🏿,” Gidi Gidi mourned Kunguru

“Eric Onguru AKA Kunguru who sang ‘Baby Don’t Go’ with Mr. Lenny has passed on. Rest in Peace, my friend

About Kunguru

This artiste is quite different from the carefree young man of days gone by, coming across instead as the business type. Indeed Kunguru before worked as a bank manager in one of the city’s banks and he attributes his silence to this.

“I have been out of the music scene for that long because I had been focusing on my professional growth,” he explains, adding that a solid professional background is key in meeting one’s personal expectations — a key reason he says made him ensure he went to and cleared his university studies despite the trappings that came with the fame of a then-fledgling music career.

Kunguru was once baptized as a “ladies’ man,” which was mostly due to his lyricism and musical taste. Although he began rapping at a young age, he didn’t make his popular showbiz debut until 2006, when he released the single African Woman with Mr. Lenny.

He was a married man and he also worked in the Banking industry apart from his musical career. He was among the few talents that were retained by Ogopa Deejays when they terminated the contracts of most of their signees back then.

Kunguru’s Music Style

His new style of music is more skewed towards entertaining a mature crowd, with a deliberate input of more conscious content and excellent quality, commensurate to this type of audience. On his new, more mature image, he has no apologies to make, attributing it to personal and social growth.

“I am not sure whether the type of people I associate with lately in both professional and social circles would be amused if I pursue the type of music most of the young artists do today,” Austine Okande says.

After more than five years of missing from the showbiz scene, the singer released his latest song titled Superstar, featuring songstress Christine Apondi, and he asserts it is just but a tip of the many works he has lined up.

He described his latest song as a feel-good song that will cut across both mature audiences and the masses. 

Collaboration and Talent

Kunguru, who worked with the Ogopa Deejays, also revealed that, in the pipeline, he has also worked with artistes such as songstress Iddi Achieng’ with whom they have recorded two songs, vocalist Christine Apondi and rapper Montana.

While expressing his perspective on the current showbiz scene, Kunguru said the latest showbiz scene is more vibrant and full of young talented, versatile artists as opposed to his time when there were only a few artists, and any song would easily pass as a hit.

He also posted that his collaboration with Mr. Lenny on the song Baby Don’t Go video, which was named the best video of the year Kisima Awards in 2003, marked the advent of quality video production in Kenya.

Social Media Condolence

Cde Nyakerario Mayaka Posted

Eric Onguru aka Kunguru, My friend and former Boss at SCB, sad to learn that you are no more. Go, well Brother, may Your Soul Rest In Peace.

JV Owiti Posted

Just learned of the passing on of Kenyan veteran musician Eric Onguru aka “Kunguru”. He blessed our youth with “Baby Don’t Go” alongside Mr. Lenny.

RIP son of the soil.

Micheal Mark Posted

I remember Maina Kageni playing his song “BABY DON’T GO” feat Lenny on King’ang’is anthem last month, and told Kunguru to look for him if he’s listening. We were all missing this legend. Rest well.

Babu Onserio Posted

My heartfelt condolences, I met him on a few occasions za Stanchar through you when the two of you used to work together.

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