Wildcat Cedric Jenkins: Former Basketball player passed away at 57


 How did Wildcat Cedric Jenkins die? Basketball Player's cause of death Explained

The sports world grieves the loss of a strong player and a good soul Cedric Jenkins. Wildcat Cedric Jenkins former basketball player and a Successful Businessman Passed away.  Let’s see what happened to him and Cedric Jenkins cause of death in detail.

Wildcat Cedric Jenkins: Former Basketball player passed away

Wildcat Basketball Team was devastated to announce the passing news of the former Wildcat basketball player on their official Facebook Page today. He is probably best remembered for his last-second tip-in leading to a 76-75 UK victory over Louisville on Dec. 12, 1987.

At this point, it is unknown precisely what led to his death apart from the confirmation of his death and the exact cause of the death of Cedric Jenkins was not released as well.

To learn more about Cedric Jenkins’s death, we are attempting to get in touch with his friends and family. This section will be updated as soon as we learn any new information regarding the tragic event that brought many people to tears. ‘Our deepest condolences go out to Cedric Jenkins’s family and friends

Who was Cedric Jenkins?

(March  2, 2012): Cedric Jenkins, a former basketball player, and banker is currently a franchise owner. On Christmas Eve of last year, he acquired the Hamburg General Nutrition Center. He is thrilled to combine his enthusiasm for sports and fitness with his business savvy. He and his wife were already avid GNC clients.

The former Wildcat played basketball for Eddie Sutton for the following three years after his rookie season under Joe B. Hall. He is arguably best known for his last-second tip-in that helped the UK defeat Louisville on December 12, 1987, 76-75.

After completing a 3.5-year marketing degree, Jenkins played professionally for the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) and abroad in Japan, Italy, France, and Belgium for the following five years. He remarked, “It was a wonderful opportunity, a chance to travel the world.

After working in advertising sales for a year and earning a respectable income, he took the decision to enter the real job market in late 1993. During this time, he discovered how much he valued independence.

Give me objectives, and I’ll go after them, he demanded. After that, he accepted a job offer from a CBA team to play baseball and work in their marketing division. As it turned out, playing predominated over marketing.

Financial Career

“That looked awful. Old was me. I ought to have remained retired.” Jenkins worked as an insurance salesperson for around six months before working in the banking, mortgage, and finance industries from 1996 to 2008, including a few independent periods as a mortgage and commercial loan broker.  He packaged agreements with banks and for banks over the years, working on both sides of the loan process.

He declared, “I’ve always wanted to own my own company. “I have sat with entrepreneurs. I observed both their faults and their strengths.” He was browsing online for a company to acquire because he had been trained in the financial industry to understand what banks are looking for in substantial business risk.

The former Player turned into an entrepreneur

He completed his research on the 70-year-old firm when the chance to become a GNC franchisee presented itself, and since he was already a customer, it seemed like a logical fit.

He stated, “I wanted a clear business model. “I didn’t want to create something new. I’m not the guy if you want anything from scratch.”

The franchise already has tried-and-true procedures in place for ordering goods and keeping an eye out for theft. Payroll is the one thing I have any control over, Jenkins remarked. “Make some inventory. What is rent is rent.

A few part-time workers were “inherited” by him. They remained throughout the transaction, which is why the changeover was so simple, he claimed. The only one conducting training was me.

He describes himself as the store’s lone full-time volunteer. He stated, “I can establish my own unrealistic goals rather than having someone else set the unrealistic ones. His part-time workers can put in more hours at the store throughout the summer, giving him greater flexibility during the week. I’m on lockdown when kids go back to school, he declared.

Jenkins has always had a respectable grasp of finances. “My parents weren’t terrific with money when I was growing up, but they had good fundamental values. Don’t buy something if you can’t afford it.” His transition into the working world was facilitated by this.

He observed how easily people could fall victim to credit cards and conflate wants with needs. His life’s events taught him the importance of money and credit maintenance. “For a very long time, my very strong credit score was my biggest asset.”

He understood that for those with the means to do so, late 2008 was a fantastic opportunity to purchase a firm. That is, based on the industry. “GNC and the [nutrition] industry are still heading higher, even in this economy,” he remarked.

Individuals are aware of their health issues and take charge of them. The future seems promising, and his particular store’s revenues are rising. After gaining experience at this site for at least a year and learning all the ins and outs, Jenkins intends to open multiple GNC stores.

He added that if you’re not passionate, you won’t last in the long run. “You may pretend to care or put up with it for a time, but the only thing that will keep you going is passion.” Kathie Stamps is the co-founder of www.ISBO.biz, an online directory of independent/small business owners.


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