How did Donald Anthony St Claire die? The amazing race contestant cause of death explained


How did Donald Anthony St Claire die? The amazing race contestant cause of death explained

Donald Anthony St. Claire, one of the oldest contestants to ever appear on “The Amazing Race,” died at 87 on November 26, 2022. Let us see more about Donald Anthony and his cause of death in detail.

Donald Anthony St. Claire Cause of Death

Donald passed away after collapsing in his house in Angels Camp. According to his family, he had a heart condition. Don, who competed in “The Amazing Race” season 6 in 2004, reportedly felt under the weather recently. The results of the doctors’ examinations of him were excellent. His passing shocked the family as a result.

Donald Anthony

Don was a well-known physician in Northern California before his reality TV stardom. He spent 40 years practicing internal medicine in Palo Alto and was a member of the clinical staff at Stanford University.

Don teamed up with his wife, Mary Jean.. they were eliminated in Germany, finishing in 8th place. Don and Mary Jean traveled the world together with their family, far from the lenses of CBS cameras. He once won an International Winemaker of the Year award.

Amazing Race 6

The Amazing Race 6 traveled across eleven nations and four continents for a total distance of 40,000 miles (64,000 km). August 13, 2004, marked the start of the 30-day shoot, which ended on September 12. Seven new nations were visited for the first time by The Amazing Race: Senegal, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The Amazing Race 5 has not yet been broadcast when CBS ordered the sixth season of the show in May 2004. Early renewal was probably a result of the improvements made in season 5. CBS also delayed the airing of season 6 until late in the fall and moved it out of its proposed Saturday timeslot to create a “cool down” period between races, in the hopes that this would help continue the newfound rating success.

Development and filming

For the first time, each team member had to finish an equal number of Roadblock tasks throughout this season. Over the course of the race, no team member was allowed to finish more than six Roadblocks. This rule was vocally mentioned by host Phil Keoghan at the beginning of each leg’s Roadblock throughout the whole season. The Yield only showed up three times this season compared to the previous season, when it was virtually always included in the legs. Later seasons would see a continuation of this pattern.

The first time teams had to cooperate with one another was during a task in the second leg. The ten teams had to split themselves into two groups of five, each of which had to row a Viking boat across a fjord.


TMZ Posted a tribute to one of the contestants in the Amazing Race on Social Media.


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