How did Charles Ohlenberg die? Fairfield Holocaust Survivor cause of death Explained




How did Charles Ohlenberg die? Fairfield Holocaust Survivor cause of death Explained

Holocaust survivor and father from Fairfield passes away at age 100. View what transpired to him and Charles Ohlenberg Demise’s cause in detail.

Fairfield Holocaust Survivor Charles Ohlenberg died:

FAIRFIELD- Those who knew Charles Ohlenberg well say it would be a great understatement to label him a family man. His world revolved around his family.

Ohlenberg, a Fairfield resident of Austrian descent who survived the Holocaust, passed away on Sunday at the age of 100.

Hearst Connecticut Media interviewed him for his 100th birthday in February, and he was quite pleased with the family he had created after the majority of his kin perished in the Holocaust. His family described him as a fighter with a contagious enthusiasm for life. Whatever happens, never give up, he advised in February.

Charles Ohlenberg Cause of death

Following online reports, it was also verified that he passed away naturally given his age. His 66-year-old wife Elisabeth Ohlenberg described Charles as a person who genuinely enjoyed being among other people. He said, “He came to life when family and friends were nearby. “For him, those were incredibly joyful days. He placed a tremendous amount of value on his family and his home.

One of his three children, Annette Baker, stated that since he lost his family, including his parents and brother, reconstructing it was extremely important to him. She claimed that he would go to great efforts to spend time with his family.

When she was younger, “he would take two buses and a train to meet me and have a cup of coffee” if she was going to be in New York for 30 minutes. He gave a lot of encouragement to anything we tried.

Ohlenberg will always remember Kristallnacht, also known as the Night of Broken Glass, and how he and other Jewish youngsters fled continental Europe for Great Britain on the Kindertransport to escape the Holocaust. During the Battle of Britain, when Germany’s air force repeatedly and heavily pounded England, he worked on a rescue squad.

Annette described her father as “a tiny Viennese gentleman,” pointing out that he was consistently well-groomed and polite. She praised his sense of humor and referred to him as a master of one-liners.

Recollections of Ohlenberg from family members

Ohlenberg’s second daughter, Claire Nicklas, noted that some of the first things she recalls about Charles are his humor, his kindness, and his openness. She also noted that he was everyone’s opa, or grandfather.

She noted that he loved the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling and that the phrase that always brings her to mind about him is, “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same.” She also mentioned thinking of strength.

She remarked, “There was something about that with my dad.” “Just a fighter, that’s all. He had no intention of moping. He was never grumpy.”

Charles’ granddaughter Courtney French said he was everyone’s pleasure to be around. She claimed that the loss of her pals was equivalent to losing a member of their family. His grandson Michael Nicklas reported that a friend of his recently claimed that Charles would make him grin just by being in the same room as him.

That says a lot, Nicklas remarked. “Everyone seemed to feel that way about him consistently. He was the epitome of devotion. Even in a quiet, subdued manner, he made sure everyone he cared about was aware. I find that to be lovely.”

One experience, according to Claire Nicklas, that she and her family will never forget is when they got to meet some of his friends who were fellow Jewish refugees who had been dispersed during World War II. One of them allegedly told her that Charles was the only one who had no surviving family after the war.

She said, “This man, Leon, stood around me, my kids, my mom, and my dad, and he said, ‘From one man who lost everything came all this.'” “(He) lost it all, rebuilt it, and realized that was what mattered most.” Charles Ohlenberg’s life will be commemorated by the family, according to Annette Baker, in the spring.



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