How did Diego Bertie die? Cause of death Explained


How did Diego Bertie die? Cause of death Explained

Diego Bertie, a well-known Peruvian actor, died at the age of 54. Mario Casaretto confirmed the information. Let’s see how he died and Diego Bertie cause of death in detail.


What happened to Diego Bertie?

He is a well-known singer and actor. He passed away this morning after falling from his Miraflores apartment’s 14th level.

The artist arrived at a nearby clinic critically hurt, but he passed away shortly thereafter.

His representative and family, who are shocked by what occurred to the actor after he recently disclosed his sexual orientation and shared some details of his romance with broadcaster Jaime Bayley, verified the news.

Earlier, Mario Casaretto, the General Commander of the Firefighters, revealed that they had received an emergency call regarding a person who had fallen and had suffered critical injuries, including several fractures and head wounds.

He was soon taken to the Casimiro Ulloa hospital, but he did not object, and the medical staff only declared him dead, surprising the actor’s partner and some visiting relatives who had arrived to inquire about his condition.

Carlos Sanchez, Bertie’s manager, contacted ATV and said he was shocked by the news. “I’m astonished; I learned about it right away. I’ve just arrived at the hospital.

He continued, saying that up until this point, he had trouble believing what had transpired and thought Diego Bertie was “a super noble guy, cute, A1 artist. He had to share with him a wonderful professional occasion like his return to music.

“I would be at a loss for words. I want to visit the hospital to speak with his partner and family, but nobody returns my calls.

He was anxious for his album to be released, and now it will be my responsibility to do so in his honor.

Sánchez responded to questions regarding the decision to end his life by saying, “I have spent many times with him.
It was completely light when I met this amazing individual. “Diego is a hard worker and a thorough and studious actor.

He was very invested in the play, and all the prospects we’ve discussed have been wonderful. I told him to take a break in July.

He took a trip to Ica before returning to his job, “he emphasized. Continue for Diego Bertie cause of death.


Diego Bertie cause of death

According to the information given by the authorities, it would have been an accident. Diego Bertie, an actor, would have lost his balance and plummeted from the top of his Miraflores building.

The individual was discovered in his garage and had many fractures in his back and leg. The Casimiro Ulloa hospital is where he has been sent after previously receiving him as a body, according to the Fire Chief.

His death has not yet been given any additional information because the investigative procedure must be completed before a cause of death can be determined.

In 2022, the Peruvian actor resumed his musical endeavours, performing in front of his adoring audience. It was also made known that he was developing a new musical production to bring back this aspect of his life that gave him such joy.

More info on Diego Bertie cause of death is being added.


Diego Bertie’s manager spoke after the news

Following the news, Diego Bertie’s manager contacted América Televisión and reported that the artist had COVID-19 symptoms and was staying home alone. As a result, Bertie canceled all of his performances.

“I am currently relocating to the hospital; I got the news early, and I’m attempting to get in touch with his girlfriend, but I don’t have any further information. My team is en route, but we’re all in disbelief.

Diego is an angel among us, and I say that because he is the most moral person I have the pleasure of working with.


Erika Villalobos reveals the support that Diego Bertie gave her

The actress of “Locos de amor” moved her followers on social networks after she publicly shared a screenshot of the message that Diego sent her at a difficult time for her.

“I admire you a lot, I admire your bravery. This is not a safe place for anyone and we are all vulnerable. But I believe in that deep love that you have and transmit, my Dulcinea,” Diego Bertie wrote to Érika Villalobos.

Villalobos shared the image along with a message in which he emphasized that he will miss his colleague and friend. 

“My Quixote… you left us… I keep this that you wrote to me in one of my most difficult moments. We are going to miss you a lot my gallant, the real good times are coming, ” wrote the still wife of Aldo Miyashiro.

In communication with ATV, the renowned national actress could not help but break when she revealed the last thing she spoke with Diego Bertie.

“I just found out, I can’t believe it, lately I had talked a lot with him, we had had a lot of communication, he had invited me to sing at one of his concerts,” he told ATV Noticias. “I can’t really believe it, ” she added.


Who is Diego Bertie?

Diego Felipe Bertie Brignardello, also known as Diego Bertie, is a well-known actor. He was born in Lima, Peru, on November 2, 1967.

Lima is a charming and populated city that may be found in Lima, Peru. When Diego Felipe Bertie Brignardello was just 20 years old, he began his career as an actor in 1987.

Within a short amount of time, he quickly advanced in his field, influencing people via his work and gaining widespread notoriety.
His career eventually came full circle as he rose in prominence.

Diego Felipe Bertie Brignardello gained not just international fame but also fame in his native Peru. Contemporary Peruvian actor Diego Bertie is of British and Italian ancestry.

His roles have been seen in theatre, film, and television. He recently finished the 2018 release of the movie Qué difcil es Amar (How tough is it to love). In the middle of the 1980s, he was a vocalist and had a musical group named Imágenes while attending Markham College in Lima, Peru.


5 films in which the actor starred

The renowned and beloved actor of the Peruvian film scene, Diego Bertie, will always be remembered for his captivating presence and eloquence on stage. As a multifaceted artist, Diego managed to forge a luxurious artistic career by performing in television, film, theater, and even music during his youth. For this reason, in memory of one of the best leading men who stole our hearts for so long, we bring you 5 films in which he was the protagonist.

How difficult it is to love!

“How difficult it is to love!” (2018) is a romantic comedy that narrates the adventures in the love field of three friends of different ages: a man in his twenties, a man in his thirties, and a man in his forties played by Diego Bertie, Oscar Lopez Arias, and Valentín Prado.

This smells bad

“This smells bad” (2007) is a Colombian comedy that focuses on the life of Ricardo Caicedo (Diego Bertie), a prominent businessman who will be involved in a web of lies after the tragic explosion of a bomb in an attack on a club in Bogota. To prove to his wife that he was present in that place, Ricardo will invent endless lies that will grow out of control to hide the truth of his infidelity. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

A shadow ahead

“A shadow in front” (2005) narrates a crucial stage in the life of the civil engineer Enrique Aet (Diego Bertie), who will have the arduous task of building a road in the wild jungle of the early twentieth century for the first system of telecommunications of Peru. You can see it on Movistar TV.

“The elusive good”

“The elusive good” (2001) focuses on the life of Jerónimo de Ávila (Diego Bertie), a mestizo son of a Spanish conqueror and an Indian curaca. After fighting for many years in European wars, he discovers that he was disinherited, so he returns to Peru to recover everything that proves his legitimacy, lineage, and name. However, he will be involved in conspiracies and quarrels that will make him a fugitive in search of a new opportunity to survive. You can see it on the Retina Latina website or you can see it on Movistar TV.

Report to death

Inspired by the El Sexto prison riot, “Reportaje a la Muerte” (1993) tells the story of Anel and Alfredo (Diego Bertie), a Venezuelan journalist and a cameraman who must cover a riot of common prisoners in a Lima prison. As the hours go by, both will discover that the live broadcast becomes dangerous, since the prisoners have acquired too much prominence and are willing to go to the last consequences. You can see it on Movistar TV.


Diego Bertie’s successful artistic career

In his adolescence, he pursued studies in psychology and management at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Per.  But when he made his stage debut in the play “Annie” with Osvaldo Cattone, he instantly realized his talent.

She appeared in several plays, but it was the telenovela “Natacha” that would transform his life and make him a “telenovela heartthrob” who became so well-known in the 1990s.

In the television series “return to the neighborhood,” which introduced “Luis Felipe Sandoval,” he made his final appearance.  Bertie also appeared in “There is room in the background,” and he was rumored to be returning for the upcoming season of the TV show. 

Despite this, the actor admitted to La Repblica that he was still unsure of whether he would join the cast once more. “I’m not sure yet.  I haven’t heard anything from them.  A figure who was present (in “Al fondo hay lugar”) is “Sergio Estrada.” 

The interpreter remarked in December 2021, “I honestly don’t know if they want to take it back or not. Diego recently announced that he would perform at the Barranco Station once more with the original members of “Imágenes.” 

With his band, he promoted numerous television programs while performing his well-known theme, “how difficult it is to love.”

“I have accomplished everything, yet I still have many dreams to fulfill.  I’m very delighted to be getting back into music. 

 “I’m working on certain projects with Erick Elera,” the 54-year-old interpreter revealed.

He was recognized as the year’s best actor by the show “On everyone’s lips” in 2021.  Diego couldn’t help but get upset and cry because the situation was so intense.  Wow, they gave me a good slot on the show; I’m grateful.  I’m grateful,” he responded, sounding deeply moved.


Tributes to Diego Bertie’s death

sunhanlight_ tweeted,

Great actor and singer one of my favorites, fly high and be one more star in the sky  rest in peace Diego Bertie

Hurgar en la Memoria tweeted,

RIP Diego Bertie, great actor, and much loved Peruvian artist. But above all, a great person.

Gran Teatro Nacional in Peru posted a tweet,

“We profoundly regret the renowned musician and theater, film, and television actor, Diego Bertie Brignardello. From the Grand National Theatre, we express our condolences to your loved ones.”


Updates on Diego Bertie cause of death go here.

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