How did David Spatz die? Local radio broadcaster cause of death explained

David Spatz
David Spatz, local radio broadcaster


David Spatz, a longtime contributor to the local media in Atlantic City, NJ, including on television, passed away. Let’s see, how David Spatz died and his cause of death in detail.

How did David Spatz die?

David Spatz, a former writer/editor of the Press of Atlantic City, died at the age of 71. His demise was announced by Wond’s AC Mike Lopez, and the statement reads,

“David was a great professional in whatever he laid his pen or voice to,” AC MIKE LOPEZ of WOND wrote on Facebook.

“I had the pleasure of talking with David on several occasions, either in the studio or in the high rise where we both lived.

He was always gracious and willing to spend time with me and others, he was always great for some advice or just a casual chat.”, he added.

“I told him on several occasions that I was & being a true fan as well as a viewer of his many award-winning TV shows through the years, as well as print and, of course, radio. DAVID you will certainly be missed by your viewer’s listeners and personally by me. Thank you for all your years of sharing your wonderful work with us. May the good Lord bless your entire family and friends. May he post a hedge of protection around each of them and post his angles as angels as well.”

Who was David Spatz?

David Spatz was a news director for Longport Media and News Talk 1400 WOND. He was an Emmy Award-winning host and co-producer of the local TV entertainment series, “Curtain Call”.

Spatz had been involved in local media since the 1970s and is a former entertainment writer for the Press of Atlantic City.

He was as a former writer and editor of the PRESS of ATLANTIC CITY, and as the noon presenter of LONGPORT MEDIA News/Talk WOND/PLEASANTVILLE, NJ.

Spatz, was most recently the news-talk station’s mid-day host. He also did a lot of reporting for The Press on the casino entertainment sector.

He covered many of the big stories about the arrival of casino gaming in Atlantic City in the late 1970s. 
Spatz initially gravitated to following the top performers who were drawn to Atlantic City when casino gambling came, establishing a beat that he would cover for decades.
Spatz, who was reared in lower Cape May County after being born in Atlantic City and covered the resort’s entertainment beat, conducted celebrity interviews, and wrote columns that earned him numerous national and local media prizes for print and broadcast.
The first programme created in southern New Jersey to ever win an Emmy Award for television excellence was his well-liked series “Curtain Call.”

David Spatz cause of death:

David Spatz’s friends and family members were heartbroken of Spartz’s demise. The station posted a tribute to David on its Facebook page, saying,

From TV to Radio to Print, David’s gift of storytelling and Atlantic City knowledge was a joy to listen, watch or read for over four decades,”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with David’s family at this difficult time.”

Spatz “always understood the possibilities that the casino sector brought to Atlantic City and South Jersey,” according to John Froonjian, a former investigative reporter for the Press of Atlantic City and the executive director of the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University.

However, David Spatz cause of death has not been yet disclosed by the family members. We are attempting to get in touch with his friends and family. This section will be updated as soon as we learn any new information regarding the tragic event that brought many people to tears.


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