How did David Andersson die? Soilwork guitarist Cause of death Revealed


How did David Andersson die? Soilwork guitarist Cause of death Revealed

We regret to inform you of the death of the Soilwork guitarist at the age of 47. Swedish metal band SOILWORK has announced his passing. Let’s see what happened to him and David Andersson cause of death in detail

How did David Andersson die?

Tragically, Soilwork’s guitarist of the previous ten years, David Andersson, passed away at the age of 47 on Wednesday (Sept. 14).

The Swedish metal band attributed his passing to “alcohol and mental disease” in a statement.

With Andersson joining the group in 2012, Soilwork has been around for 25 years.

He contributed to each of their last four albums, including the most recent, vergivenheten, which was released only last month.

What happened to David Andersson?

In a statement published on their Facebook page, Soilwork wrote the following:

“We are deeply saddened today, as we bring the terrible news of David Andersson’s passing. He was one of a kind and a brilliant man in so many ways. He was our guitarist for more than 10 years and had a big impact on Soilwork’s musical journey forward. 

We will miss him dearly and will continue to carry the musical legacy that he was a part of. 

Our deepest condolences go out to his family. Forever grateful for the time we spent with you and all the good laughs. Thank you, Dr. Dave. See you on the other side. We encourage everyone to respect the privacy of David’s family and friends in these tragic times.”

Our condolences go out to David Andersson’s family, friends, and bandmates during this difficult time. The band’s full Instagram post can be seen below, as well as a behind-the-scenes video of Andersson and singer Björn Strid discussing the making of Soilwork’s recently released Övergivenheten album.

What was David Andersson cause of death?

The statement from Soilwork that was circulated on Twitter, said that alcohol and mental illness were the David Andersson cause of death. “David Andersson Forever,” wrote Soilwork.

It’s added: “Sadly alcohol and mental illness took you away from us. We will miss him dearly and will continue to carry the musical legacy that he was a part of. Our deepest condolences go out to his family.”

Tributes paid to Soilwork guitarist

Fans and his friends have been using social media to express their sympathy and sorrow ever since the tragic news was revealed.

A fan commented: “Heartbroken by this news.. in 2012 David grabbed my son by the hands and pulled him on stage when the crowd rushed the stage (we were front row) so he wouldn’t get trampled. We got the pleasure of visiting with him backstage every other trip they came back to AZ. RIP.”

Heavy metal tweeted,

R.I.P. DAVID ANDERSSON, guitarist of the Swedish death metal band SOILWORK, has died at the age of 47. #RipDavidAndersson

Mental chris tweeted,

Sometimes people you admire die and you go “Oh, damnit. That fucking sucks.” Then, sometimes people you admire die and you tear up. And you hurt. This happened to me once before with Dime. And today. #RIPDavidAndersson My thoughts are with your family and the@Soilwork camp.
Newsy tweeted,
Rock tweeted,
Shirley tweeted,
It makes me sad when I receive news of someone’s death… whether an artist or not… Even sadder when it comes to a young person… he was only 47 years old… with a whole life ahead of him… My feelings to family, friends and fans. #RipDavidAndersson

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