How did Darryl Hunt die? Pogues Bassist cause of death


How did Darryl Hunt die?   Pogues Bassist cause of death

Darryl Hunt, the bassist for The Pogues, passed away at the age of 72, and the music industry has lost another brilliant talent. Let’s see How did Darryl Hunt died and Pogues Bassist’s cause of death in detail

How did Darryl Hunt die?

Fans of The Pogues have bad news. The band’s bassist, Darryl Hunt, who was well-known for his role in it, went yesterday at the age of 72.

The devastating information was announced by the punk band’s official Twitter account, which expressed their “sadness beyond words” following the musician’s passing on Monday afternoon in London, United Kingdom.

The band posted a photo of the bassist holding a guitar case along with the words to their song “Love You Till the End,” written by their cherished band member, along with a heartbreaking statement.

Darryl Hunt cause of death

The Pogues’ members have expressed their “beyond words” sadness over the passing of bassist Darryl Hunt. A brief statement from the band yesterday stated that the bassist, who was born in Hampshire, passed away on Monday at the age of 72.

In a message on social media, a representative for the group, which is led by singer Shane MacGowan, stated: “Our sorrow has no bounds. Our Darryl went away in London yesterday afternoon.”

The Darryl Hunt cause of death is still unknown because his family hasn’t made an official announcement about it. We will update this page once we get to know the official information from his family.

Darryl Hunt Musical journey

Before joining the Pogues as bassist in 1986, Hampshire, UK-native Hunt played in the pub rock bands Plummet Airlines and the Favourites.

The controversial Christmas song “Fairytale of New York” is on the band’s 1988 album If I Should Fall from Grace with God, which also features Hunt’s playing. The same year, Hunt and his Pogues bandmates also contributed to Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road, supporting the album’s songwriter on the song “Johnny Come Lately.”

Hunt stayed with the Pogues until their dissolution in 1996. He also temporarily played with Spider Stacy and Andrew Ranken in the Vendettas.

Following the band’s 2001 comeback, all three would reunite with the Pogues, staying with them until their 2014 split.

The opening tune of the soundtrack for Richard LaGravenese’s 2007 movie P.S. I Love You is Hunt’s “Love You Till The End,” which also has a significant role in the movie.

The 1999 hockey movie Mystery, Alaska, directed by Jay Roach, also featured a song by Hunt in the credits.

“The Pogues”

The Pogues, formerly known as “Pogue Mahone”—an anglicization of the Irish Gaelic phrase “póg mo thóin,” which means “kiss my arse”—were an English or Anglo-Irish Celtic punk band lead by Shane MacGowan and others.

They were formed in Kings Cross, London, in 1982.

Through the release of multiple successful albums and singles, the band rose to notoriety on a global scale in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Due to his drinking issues, MacGowan quit the band in 1991. However, the band carried on, first with Joe Strummer on vocals and later with Spider Stacy, before disbanding in 1996.

The Pogues reformed in late 2001 and performed often in the UK, Ireland, and the East Coast of the US until they disbanded once more in 2014.

During its second iteration, the band didn’t record any new songs.

Despite using traditional Irish instruments like the tin whistle, banjo, cittern, mandolin, and accordion, MacGowan and Stacy’s politically charged work was influenced by their punk backgrounds.

Tributes to Darryl Hunt

Bandmate Spider Stacy paid tribute to Hunt on Twitter, writing, “This is miserable. See you later, Daz. ‘It’s in the fridge’ #TrickyTrees”.

The band consisted of frontman Shane McGowan, Gem Feiner, James Fernley, Andrew Ranken, Terry Woods, Hunt and other musicians.

Shane MacGowanb tweeted,

I am very very sorry that Darryl has passed on, he was a really nice guy and a great friend and a great bass player. We will all miss him. May he have a happy state of eternal bliss and bless his family and friends love

The Pogues tweeted,
We are saddened beyond words. Our Darryl passed away yesterday afternoon in London. Darryl Gatwick Hunt 04/05/1950 – 08/08/2022 ‘I know you want to hear me catch my breath I love you till the end’

“I’m so saddened to hear this terrible news. Darryl was a phenomenal musician & an all around lovely chap. RIP,” a fan wrote.

“Oh no. Such sad news,” “Glad I got to see the Pogues twice around 2008. What a great musician Daryl was.”

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