Mike Redman death: BMX Legand dies from a stroke

Mike Redman
Mike Redman passed away suddenly


Mike Redman, a legend in the BMX Community has passed away suddenly. Let’s see how did Mike die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Mike Redman die?

Mike, a great legend who was the best announcer in the sports, passed away suddenly. Alexis Vergara announced this sad news in the following social media statement that reads,

Rest In peace to a legend Mike one of the greatest announcers and Bmx family of all time. Thank you for blessing all of us with your presence on the mic and as a person that helped not only myself but, thousands and thousands of others. We love you Bone and thank you for always pumping me up to win my races when you announced and around the pits. You will be missed bro Turbo kid. 

Who was Mike Redman?

Mike was a well-known member of the BMX Community. He owned many championship-winning factory teams, built independent frames for Redman Bikes, and ran Mike Redman’s Grand Prix BMX track.

Redman was a trainer as well, not because his track was the nearest or even the greatest, but rather because Mike knew what made a great BMX racer and knew how to impart that knowledge to each individual rider, from the most inexperienced to the most prestigious Olympic gold medalists. 

Mike was a owner-Operator at Redman bikes usa. He was from Murrieta, California. He was the voice behind every USAbmx, USA Cycling, and UCI race uses when the gate drop.

Mike Redman cause of death:

Mike died today as a result of complications from a stroke suffered earlier this week. Additionally, he was able to spend these last few days with his immediate family, his closest friends, and his devoted adult children, Austin and Tallon, who were by his side as he peacefully passed away. 

He will be missed by his friends and relatives. Tributes flooded social media after his sudden demise news broke out.

Condolences to Mike Redman:

Windy Gale posted,

Mike Redman, how my life has been so full because I know you. You soul and spirt will always be with me. I love you more than words can ever express. My kids Maverick, Ryder Tatum consider you their uncle Redman!!
It was an Honor to manage the Redman Devo Team !! special to me. Those times were some of the funniest times in my whole life.

Matt Jones posted,

The first time I met Mike Redman was after I snuck my then 5 year old son onto his Lake Elsinore track. He introduced himself we shook hands and he invited me to bring my son back when the track was open….good man! God speed Redbone!

Tammy Estep posted,

RIP Mike Redman! We miss you. I just can’t believe it! I am at a loss for words!!

Sandy Perry Smith commented,

Sorry for your loss.
Mike was one heck of a guy!
Our son raced in the 1990’s.
Mike was always there offering support.
He will be missed by many!

Eddie Sandoval commented,

Rest in peace, Mike Redman. Love you.


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