Big Pokey death: What happened to the Houston rapper? Cause of death explained

_Big Pokey death What happened to the Houston rapper Cause of death explained

A Houston Legend Milton Powell aka Big Pokey died: (Big Pokey/youtube)

The death of legendary rapper Big Pokey has hit the headlines as his name is quite popular in the music industry. A video of the moment when Pokey collapsed has gone viral on social media.

The rapper has also gathered a respectable amount of following among music fandom around the world. Milton Powell was one of my biggest influencers in the music industry.

Many fans and people who knew Big Pokey were left in absolute shock when they heard the news of his passing. The outpour of messages and condolences from his fans, friends, and family speaks volumes about the kind of person he was.

When his demise news went out it went viral on the social media platform and his sudden death left many people in shock and pain. Now many people are inquisitive to know about Big Pokey’s death. Here’s what we know about Big Pokey cause of death.

What happened to the Houston rapper Big Pokey?

Recently the news has come on the internet that Milton Powell better known by his stage name Big Pokey from Houston has passed away reportedly.

Big Pokey is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer. He is most notably known for being one of the cornerstone members of Screwed Up Click, an American hip-hop band based out of Houston, Texas.

And on Sunday, fellow legendary Houston rapper, Bun B shared a somber and surprising post on Instagram announcing Big Pokey’s death. 

“Low key, the humble mountain of a man who moved with honor and respect. He was easy to love and hard to hate,” Bun B said in the caption. “There will never be another and will be missed dearly. We love and honor you Sensei. Rest in heaven.” 

Watch the video below to learn what happened to him:

Big Pokey cause of death

Big Pokey, a founding member of Screwed Up Click, has established a thriving career in both the Houston music scene and the hip-hop sector.

Despite there being no official confirmation as of yet, people are guessing that the rapper passed away after his performance.

Before losing consciousness and collapsing to the ground flat on his back, the rapper can be seen in the footage speaking into the microphone in his hand and addressing the audience below.

He was struggling to breathe and could hardly move his arms or feet. Is he okay? could be heard coming from off-camera. A security guard was among those who sprang to his rescue. His condition is still unknown.

Unverified web rumors state that the rapper collapsed during his concert tonight in Beaumont, Texas and that paramedics tried to revive him with CPR but were unsuccessful. The rapper allegedly experienced a heart arrest during the performance and passed away. 

We don’t know if it’s accurate, but as soon as we have confirmation from reliable sources, we’ll update the Big Pokey’s precise cause of death.

Read the following statement from FOX 26 that the publicist for Big Pokey shared

The family of Big Pokey requested privacy in a statement that was also shared by Big Pokey’s publicist, who also informed FOX 26 that the cause of death is still unknown as they await the findings of the autopsy.

“It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of our beloved Milton ‘Big Pokey’ Powell. Big Pokey passed away on June 18, 2023. He was well-loved by his family, his friends, and his loyal fans. In the coming days, we will release information about his celebration of life and how the public can pay their respects. We ask that you respect his family and their privacy during this difficult time. Big Pokey will forever be ‘The Hardest Pit in the Litter.'” 

(Photo courtesy of Big Pokey’s Publicist, shared with permission) (Image credit:

Watch below: Big Pokey and K-Rino discuss health being the key to career longevity

In a recent conversation between renowned rappers Big Pokey and K-Rino, the topic of longevity in the music industry took center stage.

K-Rino, known for his thought-provoking lyrics, posed a question to Big Pokey, seeking insights into the secret behind his enduring success.

In response, Big Pokey emphasized the importance of maintaining mental well-being. He acknowledged the challenges that can arise over time and stressed the need to stay focused and composed.

“You’ve got to keep your health together,” he remarked, recognizing that external factors can sometimes threaten an artist’s longevity.

Expressing his admiration for Big Pokey’s response, K-Rino noted that he was the first person he had asked this question, highlighting the significance of maintaining good health.

He referred to it as the ultimate answer, emphasizing that without feeling physically capable, all other efforts would be in vain.

K-Rino acknowledged the role that one’s health plays in the overall recipe for longevity and praised Big Pokey’s insightful response, describing it as a beautiful answer.

Houston rapper Big Pokey: Biography

Milton Powell, also known by his stage moniker Big Pokey nicknamed The Lackey, was born on November 29, 1977, and is from Houston, Texas.

His mother and father, who nurtured him, encouraged him to follow any job path he was interested in. Pokey was drawn to athletics as a child and thought it was difficult to concentrate on his academics.

He went to Jack Yates High School despite having no interest in education. Pokey attended Blinn College in Brenham, Texas, after graduating, where he played football and was a member of teams that won the district and the national championships.

Powell’s Early Life & Career

Powell started treating his music career seriously after graduating from college because he decided to pursue a career as a professional rapper.

Pokey, one of the founding members of Screwed Up Click, is known for his chopped and screwed music. Beginning in the early 1990s, Big Pokey collaborated with Houston producers DJ Screw and DJ PRIMETIME to release music on several of DJ Screw’s mixtapes.

Also, similar to Pokapolis and Pokey’s Magic Tricks Box. Big Pokey was featured on DJ Screw’s mixtape “June 27th Freestyle” which became a milestone album in chopped and screwed hip hop.

Early in 1999, Hardest Pit in the Litter, his debut studio album, was released. Pokey made a comeback the following year with D-Game 2000, another album full of mid-tempo 808-driven beats with several of his Houston peers appearing as guests.

Moreover, he worked with the Wreckshop Wolfpack on Tha Collabo in 2001, and he subsequently released another solo album, Da Sky’s Da Limit, in 2002.

A portion of Pokey’s song “Who Dat Talkin Down” was included in the HBO series Entourage’s premiere episode in 2004. The song “Sittin’ Sidewayz” by Paul Wall, which peaked at number 93 on the US Billboard Hot 100, featured Pokey in 2005.

Big Pokey’s unstoppable musical career

In 2006, he was back in the studio making his upcoming album. The massive 34-track album Flow Masters Volume 1: The Blast Off was released on April 2nd, 2007.

Even though it was a solo album, Chalie Boy, Ryno, Magno, Paul Wall, Max Minelli, and Yungstar collaborated on many of the songs.

Big Pokey managed to squeeze in two additional albums for release in 2008 despite the time he spent promoting the album through touring, interviews, and performances. At this stage of his career, his persistence began to emerge as he refused to slow down.

On July 22nd, 2008, Koch Records released Evacuation Notice, another solo album. The 12-track album garnered a 65% RapReviews rating and reached No. 75 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

He released a 12-track solo album, Keep on Stackin 3-Screwed, to surprise his followers on December 2nd, 2008. His career’s busiest and most prosperous year was 2008, according to him.

Although Big Pokey’s career seemed unstoppable, he took a break in 2009. He returned to the studio eight years later, ready to crank out a tonne more hit records.

Pokey’s Solo album Sensei

The solo album Sensei, with 13 tracks, was published on May 28th, 2021. On August 27, 2021, he pleasantly surprised his followers with a spinoff album.

His most recent album, Sensei (Slowed & Chopped), feat. DJ Red, was a 13-track instant hit with his fans and left them wanting more.

Moreover, Pokey made an appearance in the 2001 movie “Soldiers United for Cash.” Additionally, he appeared in Dirty Third 2: Home Sweet Home. 

How do people react to Big Pokey’s unexpected passing?

On social media, word of Pokey’s alleged demise spread like wildfire, and many users tweeted their condolences for his loss. Now, a lot of people have paid respect to Pokey on social media platforms and offered their sincere sympathies to his supporters, family, and friends.

Queendom Come wrote, 

Big Pokey, a Houston Legend. This got me sick. You always expect to make it home to your family. Love on your people. 

One person said,

“Y’all weird & insensitive tryna attach rip next to that man name.. especially if his family hasn’t confirmed anything. Still praying for Big Pokey.”

Shaqua Newsome wrote,

 RIP to an H Town Legend big pokey.. sad sad sad. Definitely one of my favorite rappers ever from the city! He passed out live at his show in Beaumont, Texas .. prayers for his family.

K Nycole BarbieGang wrote,

Big Pokey H town is gone forever hold it down for you…the city took another Loss…Rest Easy King.

Essay Potna wrote,

Anybody got REAL info on Big Pokey? I saw he passed out on stage. And then all of a sudden people said “It was confirmed” that he passed but not saying who it was confirmed by. Also, I’m not writing or speaking death to the man til someone gives me something credible. And I don’t know the situation well enough to call or text him.

Drank Sinatra wrote,

Rip Big Pokey, Milton Powell. I grew up listening to your freestyles and was fortunate to work with you on a couple of occasions.  My condolences to his family, friends, and all those he affected. – Drank Sinatra.

Medico Topics also pays its deepest condolences to the whole fans, family, and close ones. Also, please leave a tribute or share your memories with Big Pokey in the comment field below to honor his death.


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