How did Bill Woodfull die? Cause of Death Revealed

How did Bill Woodfull die? Cause of Death Revealed

Bill Woodfull, who passed away on August 11, 1965, at the age of 67, while playing golf on a course close to Brisbane. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Bill Woodfull Cause of Death.

How did Bill Woodfull die?

Bill Woodfull, who passed away on August 11, 1965, at the age of 67, while playing golf on a club close to Brisbane, played as Australia’s opening batsman in 35 Test matches and served as their captain in 25 of them.

The terrified England players searched for exits or even potential weapons in case the mob charged them.

Harold Larwood, the bowler who was the target of the rage, turned to teammate Les Ames. You can take the leg stump for protection if they come, and I’ll take the midsection, he added.

Never before or since that day, January 16, 1933, eighty years ago today, had cricket — and possibly any other sport — witnessed a match that sparked such rage, that resonated so loudly and for so long as the Bodyline tour.

Bill Woodfull Cause of death

He passed away while playing golf in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, in 1965 while on vacation with his wife and daughter Jill. His family was sure that the brutal bodyline attack had shorted his life and severely affected his health.

Bodyline is still associated with dishonest or unsportsmanlike behaviour in Australia, and the series is considered to be the most contentious in Australian cricket history, according to David Studham of the Australian National Sports Museum.

Who is Bill Woodfull?

Wisden said that Woodfull batted with little artistic appeal or grace, saying that “at first sight, he gave the appearance of being awkward.”

Woodfull had a reputation for being a gentleman and upholding the rules of the game. In addition to forgoing bodyline retaliation, Woodfull refrained from employing frailties to get rid of hitters. On one instance, Jack Fingleton was ejected after inadvertently wandering outside the crease to look at it.

Bill Woodfull Early Life

Woodfull was the third of four sons born to Methodist preacher Reverend Thomas Staines Brittingham Woodfull (1863–1941) and Gertrude Lilian (Abey) Woodfull (1872–1941) in the Victorian town of Maldon in the centre of the country.

At the age of 19, he made his district cricket debut for Essendon, but he did not stand out. Before receiving his certification as a schoolteacher in 1919, he didn’t play any more cricket at that level.

He played his first Sheffield Shield match at the Adelaide Oval against South Australia in early 1922.

Bill Woodfull’s International Career

English bowlers employed a close leg-side cordon to grab balls deflected away from the upper body while bowling at speeds of up to 150 km/h towards the Australian batters, notably Woodfull. This strategy sparked a great deal of criticism and animosity among Australian players and spectators.

Richardson remembered Woodfull’s answer in confidence:

I will not be persuaded to use such strategies that defame the game in such a way. Tim could certainly accomplish it, but I’m not going to take part in anything that will just make the game worse.

After the trip, he immediately announced his retirement, and upon his return to Victoria, he received a shared testimonial with Ponsford. Total funds raised by the game were 2,084 pounds.

He scored 111 in his final innings in this game between Woodfull’s XI and Richardson’s XI, leading his team to 316 in response to 196. In the second innings, Woodfull got his lone first-class wicket, allowing his team to reach the goal of 280 with seven wickets remaining without him having to bat.


Bill Woodfull Retirement

Woodfull had a successful career as a mathematics teacher at Melbourne High School before spending six years as headmaster there. Outside of cricket, he also served for a number of years as headmaster at Box Hill High School.

When the Great Southern Stand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground was built in 1992, one of the entrances was dubbed the Bill Woodfull Gate, and the revitalised Maldon Oval in his hometown was renamed the Bill Woodfull Recreation Reserve.

Bill Woodfull Personal Life

After his return from the England tour in 1926, Woodfull married Gwen King, whom he had met while singing in the church choir at his father’s church in Albert Park. Three kids were born to them.

His two sons, Jack and Bill Jr., both became successful dentists and played cricket for the Melbourne University Cricket Club.

Tribute to Bill Woodfull

Historic Cricket said,

A aerial view of the Adelaide Oval on 14th January 1933 when a record 50,962 packed the ground. This Test marked the nadir of the Bodyline series, and on this day riot police had to be put on standby as the mood of the crowd turned nasty after Bill Woodfull was hit

Greig Norman said,

Ponsford 65.18 and his contemporary Bill Woodfull 64.99, have the 3rd and 4th best 1st class averages of players eith over 10,000 runs, behind omly Bradman at 95.14 and Vijay Merchant at 71.70.

North Stand Gang said,

#BirthAnniversary of a true Aussie hero, Bill Woodfull Led Aus admirably during Bodyline ’32 After retirement, he was Maths teacher and Headmaster at Melbourne High School where one of his students was future Test , Keith Miller Immortalized in a statue at the school RIP, Bill


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