G1 Owner John Elliott Passes Away at 47

John Elliott
The owner of G1 reeds passed away


John Elliott, the founder of G1 Reeds, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 47. Let’s see how did the owner of G1 reeds die and his cause of death in detail.

How did John Elliott die?

John Elliott, the owner of G1 Reeds passed away suddenly. He was officially pronounced dead on Friday, April 21, 2023. Many people were extremely devastated by the news of his passing.

G1Reeds.com reported the passing of its owner Elliot on its social media page and the statement reads,

“We are very sad to announce that G1 owner John Elliott sadly passed away on the 20th April 23. G1 will be closed today and Monday as we come to terms with our loss and pay our respects.

We apologize for the delay in any orders, and we will get these out to you early next week. Please be assured that we have a structure in place to continue to grow and develop the G1 Brand.”

Who was John Elliott?

John Elliott was the proprietor of G1Reeds, a business service in Fife, Scotland, which was established in 2010 and grew into one of the leading chanters- and reed-making enterprises. He was from Ballingry, Fife, United Kingdom and he lived in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Within a few years, G1 rose to the top of an industry that was fiercely competitive and kept growing. Inveraray & District won the 2017 World Championship while using the company’s chanters in 2017, only seven years after its establishment.

Elliott studied piping under the legendary Dysart & Dundonald / Ballingry School teaching system established by the late Pipe Major Bob Shepherd. At Benarty Primary School, he received his initial instruction from Shepherd.

John had over 18 years of expertise in creating reeds, chanters, and other pipe band equipment to the highest standards.

He is known for his unforgiving ear and will take nothing less than the best. G1 Reeds began producing bagpipe reeds in 2010 but has since expanded to produce a variety of bagpipe goods.

Inveraray and District and many other elite bands are using our most recent invention, G1 platinum pipe chanters, at the top of grade one.  

Elliott joined the Grade 1 Dysart and acquired chanter reedmaking expertise while working for R.T. Shepherd & Son for 17 years before leaving to launch his own company. G1 Reeds now employs more than 10 people and has served as an example to other reedmakers startups.

John Elliott cause of death:

Elliott, the founder and proprietor of G1 Reeds passed away. He was only 47 at the age of his passing. The details of John Elliot’s demise, including his particular cause of death, have not yet been made public as of the time of this publication. The public will be informed as soon as this information is made available.

John was remembered as one of the good men who will always be ready to help you out. His friends and family members were saddened by his sudden demise.

Many people have offered their sincere condolences and prayers to John’s family at this difficult time.

Tributes to John Elliott:

禤汶凱 posted,

Rest in peace pal. Very sad to heard that news. We will be meeting other way
Farewell my pal John Elliott

Charlie Archibald posted,

Absolutely devastated to hear of the passing of one of one of the nicest and funniest guys I’ve met
Going to miss you big man, until we meet again John Elliott.

Chad Naude posted,

Devastated at the news that John Elliott has passed away, RIP Jock we’ll miss the laughs and the good times! Thanks for hanging out at Moose’s deck.

The piping and drumming world posted,

We were saddened and shocked to learn of the passing of John Elliott of Kirkcaldy, Scotland.


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