Feltham Fire: What happened? Cause of the Fire? Explained

Feltham Fire: What happened? Cause of the Fire? Explained

Feltham Fire: Firefighters warn that the fire has spread to gardens behind people’s houses in Feltham as they observe a large column of smoke rising into the sky from a jet as it approaches Heathrow for landing. Let’s see what happened in Feltham and the cause behind the fire.


What happened in Feltham?

Firefighters are on the scene of a significant fire behind residences close to Heathrow Airport, and dense smoke plumes can be seen throughout London.

In Feltham, the flame has consumed the decking, hedgerows, bushes, and trees at the backs of several homes.

Many locals have reported hearing a huge explosion, with one stating: “My dad and I heard a big noise that sounded nearly like a bomb or explosion.”

The Brigade’s 999 Control Officers have already answered 44 calls to the incident, and ten fire engines and about 70 firemen are on the scene on Hereford Road.

The public has been warned to “avoid the area” by Metropolitan Police, who are helping.

Robert Harris, a historian, observed the fire from an aircraft landing at Heathrow.

He shared a video and stated: “Arriving to arrival at Heathrow shortly before 5:00 p.m. fields that have burned. The flames!”

According to reports, the fire started in a railroad depot located behind the homes on Hereford Road.

Residents who were concerned spotted the fire within a few meters from their garden fences have now been evacuated.


Cause of the Feltham fire

Residents in West London reported seeing a huge column of black smoke surround Feltham High Street, and several said it was difficult to breathe because of the falling ash.

Firefighters from Hillingdon, Kingston, Southall, Surbiton, Tooting, and other nearby fire stations are on the scene after the Brigade was alerted at 4:35 p.m.

At this time, it is unknown what started the fire or the cause behind the fire.

Emergency services have closed the local roads. According to traffic monitor JamBuster, the intersection of the A312 Uxbridge Road and the A312 Harlington Road East is closed.

Traffic is slow moving on diversion along Hanworth Road.

Due to the persistently dry weather, Feltham has had a number of fires in recent weeks.


Witness reports

Added Robert Harris: “Arriving to arrive at Heathrow shortly before 5:00 p.m. fields that have burnt. The fire!” According to fire authorities, decking, trees, and bushes at the backs of homes along the road are on fire.

As the fire spreads, a nearby homeowner who asked to remain unnamed claimed that ash has been “raining” down and that windows have been breaking.

She uttered: “When I looked out my window to check what was going on, I noticed plumes of black smoke and heard six to seven fire engines and police cars passing by.

“It was a little difficult to tell, but it appeared to go across terraced homes.

I didn’t want to come any closer because police had already blocked off the nearby roads as the throng grew.

Added her: “Witnessing it was horrifying. You may start hearing glass breaking, and ash has begun to fall from the sky.

“You never anticipate these kinds of events to take place so near to you.

“Now that I can see, there is just a very little amount of smoke; most of the fire appears to have been extinguished. Just hoping that everything is alright.”

A major fire has burned a residential building in Shepherds Bush, which is around 12 miles from Feltham.

Although the Shepherds Bush fire’s cause is still a question, a baby who suffered from smoke inhalation has been transported to the hospital as a precaution.



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