Bahamas shark attack: What happened to Finley Downer? Explained

Bahamas shark attack: What happened to Finley Downer? Explained

It was similar to the scene from Jaws where an 8-year-old British kid, Finley Downer is bitten by sharks while on vacation and his family rushes to save him as he is screaming, “I don’t want to die.” Let’s see what happened and how did the shark attack happen.


What happened to the 8 year old boy?

While on vacation with his family in the Bahamas, a young British child, age 8, was attacked by sharks.

At least three nurse sharks grabbed Finley Downer, who was forced to be pulled to safety by his sister.

On each of his legs, where he had been bitten, pieces of flesh were left hanging.

Dad The 44-year-old Michael stated, “My son might have died. It resembled a scene from the movie Jaws.

Last week, sales director Michael flew his three children, Finley, Lily, and Emily, ages nine and twelve, to an amazing summer vacation.

They made reservations for a five-island vacation that featured Compass Cay’s guided swimming with iguanas, pigs, and nurse sharks.

They subsequently observed sharks swimming among a swarm of people in a lagoon on a neighbouring island.

Unaware that they were eating the scraps that were being tossed to them, the kids made the decision to join them.

Michael recalled: “I noticed hundreds of people circling Finley when I suddenly heard a scared cry.

There was a tonne of blood. His limb was missing in places.

“I don’t want to die, Dad, he continued repeating. I don’t want to go heaven, Dad.


Finley Downer treatment

After being pulled out of the water by his arms by his sister Lilly, Finley was dragged from the water.

He was driven on a golf buggy to the closest clinic.

Later, his father paid the £2,000 flight to Nassau where he underwent a three-hour surgery to treat his wounds.

The family has since returned to their home in Kettering, Northants, but Finley is still using a wheelchair and will be left scarred

Michael is upset that the tour operators claimed the sharks were not dangerous.

Exuma Escapes, the tour provider, said that the family entered a lagoon that was not part of the tour without a guide.

It was noted that, unless treated improperly, nursing sharks were calm bottom-feeders.



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  1. Pieces of flesh were left hanging – look at the photo. Complete BS. Would have had worse from a dog bite. Have you seen the teeth on a nurse shark – tiny.


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