Evelyn Flores, Ivan, and Julian killed: What happened to the 3 siblings? Thousand Oaks car crash Explained


Evelyn Flores, Ivan, and Julian killed: What happened to the 3 siblings? Thousand Oaks car crash Explained

Thousand Oaks car crash: Three people died in a car accident in San Antonio near Thousand Oaks Drive and Alamo Blanco Street: Evelyn Flores, Julian, and Ivan. According to family relatives, the unfortunate victims at Thousand Oaks in Nacogdoches were 10-year-old Julian, 22-year-old Evelyn Flores, and 17-year-old Ivan. The family is holding a fundraiser to pay for funeral costs. Let’s look at what happened to the siblings and the specifics of how the tragedy occurred.

What happened to the 3 siblings?

A tragedy is affecting a family in San Antonio. A family member reported that an automobile accident on the northeast side claimed the lives of three siblings. According to the police, a two-vehicle collision in San Antonio on Sunday night claimed the lives of three people. On January 8, just before 10:30 p.m., a deadly collision occurred near Thousand Oaks Drive and Alamo Blanco Street.

On Monday night, close friends and relatives gathered at the scene of the three fatal accidents. A big sister and her younger brothers were killed in a car crash while running an errand for their mother, Texas police told news outlets.

Evelyn Flores, 22, Ivan, 17, and Julian, 10, were reportedly slain tragically in Thousand Oaks, close to Nacogdoches, according to family. Only Evelyn had been positively recognized by Monday by the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office among those killed in the collision.

Thousand Oaks car crash: How did the tragedy happen?

Francis Flores, an aunt of the family, told that the three will never be forgotten. She claimed that on the night of the crash, the siblings were en route to the pharmacy to pick up some medication.

The aunt claimed that there are no words to adequately express the parents’ emotions. She characterized their passing as a shock to the family. All they ask in return are prayers for their sister and parents, who they are leaving behind. She said, “Oraran mucho for his papas and his sister.”

According to the police, a red car turned onto Alamo Blanco in an unsafe manner and failed to give way to a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The red automobile then overturned and crashed into a concrete base as a result of the Jeep slamming into its right side. The red car’s three siblings were all confirmed deceased at the spot. Ivan, 17, Julian, 10, and Evelyn Flores, 22, have all been positively identified.

The Jeep driver isn’t at fault, police said, adding that the Nissan failed to yield the right of way. The driver stayed at the scene, cooperated with investigators, and was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to San Antonio police.

The family is holding a fundraiser to pay for funeral costs. As a precaution, the Jeep’s two occupants were taken to the hospital. The Jeep’s driver pulled over and interacted with the detectives. The crash is being looked into by the authorities.

The family is raising money for funeral expenses

Three of our beloved family members, Evelyn, Ivan, and Julian, passed away on January 8th, 2023. They were involved in a horrific car accident in Thousand Oaks and Perrin Beitel, San Antonio TX. All three siblings have sadly passed away. As our family mourns this tragedy we ask for prayers and any donations for help with funeral arrangements. Thank you and keep the family in your prayers.

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How do people react to this tragedy?

Mary Z Prado said,

 sending love and prayers to the mother and family of these beautiful children. I know there are no words to comfort your broken heart right now but know that God is holding you in his arms during this difficult time. We will be keeping the family in our prayers.

Christina Diaz said,

Heartbreaking, there are no words for this mother. Three of her children-gone. God send comfort and healing to this mother, her children are up there with you God but heal this mother’s pain and heartbreak. Prayers momma, God has you!

Joann Lettere Macias said,

I hate seeing or reading stuff like this knowing I went thru the same thing 23 yrs ago. I buried my daughter and her two children… I know their pain. Condolences to all involved.

Rachel Soto said,

My deepest condolences to the family, my heart goes out to the mother,it is a very hard thing to deal with,my prayers go out to her and her family,, may the good Lord find your peace, it’s just heartbroken to see it on the news,, OMG God bless y’all always, RIP to the children,

Elva Garza said,

We are very heartbroken, she was a coworker, a very beautiful person she will be miss.very wonderful teacher, the kids will miss her, R.I.P, my friend God took you and your siblings in his wing, too soon . we are praying for your family for GOD TO GIVE THEM STRENGTH, prayers to all that were involved too.


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