Debunked: Does Ini Edo have affair with Nicholas Jack Davies? Watch Video


Debunked: Does Ini Edo have affair with Nicholas Jack Davies? Watch Video

After online rumors about the Nollywood actress Ini Edo having an affair with Empress Njamah’s ex-boyfriend Nicholas Davies went viral, she became a popular topic of discussion. The actress called the report a fake when discussing it on Instagram Live yesterday, Tuesday, 25 2023.

During her live broadcast, Ini said that she had never met Nicholas and that he had contacted her about collaborating on a project, which she had declined. Let’s find out whether Ini Edo has an affair with Nicholas Jack Davies and what exactly Ini explains in the live Broadcast.

Does Ini Edo have an affair with Nicholas Jack Davies?

Njamah Actress Ini Edo from Nollywood has been involved in a scandal involving Jack Davies, who is alleged to have been a fraud and a previous lover of Empress Njamah.

The Liberian police have established that Davies is a well-known criminal who preyed on wealthy ladies, had love connections with them, and stole their money.

There are rumors that he also had personal videos of roughly nine additional famous women, in addition to his known victim in Nigeria, Empress Njamah. In light of these most recent events, Instagram blogger Gistlover has also charged Ini Edo with dating Davies.

The blogger supplied evidence to back up this assertion, including a video call between Davies and Ini Edo that was supposedly recorded and a photo of her passport that was purportedly discovered on his phone.

Several people have criticized the actress in response to this accusation, which has gotten lot of attention. Ini Edo responded by giving her account of the events.

Ini Edo Response to Accusations

Following the appearance of a video of her and Empress Njamah’s arrested ex-boyfriend, Ini Edo gives her account of what happened.

Ini Edo, a well-known Nollywood actress, has spoken out about her alleged relationship with blackmailer and ex-lover of Empress Njamah George Wade.

According to reports, after George Wade was taken into custody by Liberian police, the police were able to collect Ini Edo’s video and foreign passport. Wade and Ini Edo may be seen talking in the viral footage on social media.

Remember that the culprit, Josh Wade, was apprehended in Liberia after 20 women came forward to report that he had defrauded them and stolen valuables from them.

A video of him and Ini appeared soon after news of the suspect’s detention broke, who is suspected of leaking nude videos of Empress Njamah. Additionally, it was reported that Ini Edo’s passport data page had been discovered in his possession.

Watch the below videos to know Ini Edo’s explanation for her false accusations

Ini Edo’s Explanation of Allegations

Ini Edo has now provided her account of what happened between them. The actress stated that Nicholas had contacted her about a movie he claimed to be creating. She further revealed that he had said a colleague had given him her number.

She blocked him on the social media platform where they were having the conversation after he quickly stopped talking about the movie and began begging for a romantic relationship.

Ini said Nicholas wanted to organize a flight for a meeting with her and also explained how he got her passport data page. She further said that immediately after the nud£ release, it became public knowledge that Nicholas dated Empress.

Ini continued by telling individuals spreading untrue information about her to stop because there is no further connection between her and the suspect.

Ini Edo’s statement 

“Just turning on my phone and I am been bombarded with lots of accusations. I don’t know how to do this but I have to do it cause I feel like, lots of times people throw things at me and I let it slide and people feel like it’s okay to keep doing it.

I don’t know why people are dragging me into the web of lies. If I have to talk about this I have to be truthful. Someone texted me with a foreign number sometime last year, August/September/November, someone called me and said he wanted to work with me and when I asked how he got my number he said a colleague gave it to him.

I feel like people should leave me alone, I have my stuff going on, I am just trying to be me and leave a decent life and do what’s right for me, my family, and my career.

Everyone should just leave me alone, enough with all these lies. It is easy to pick on Ini’s name and just talk shit and I just keep quiet, enough is enough. You guys have done this to me for the longest and I have kept quiet for the longest.”

About Nicholas Jack Davies Detention

Nollywood actress Empress Njamah announced on Monday that her ex-fiance turned blackmailer, Nicholas Jack Davis, had been detained in his native Liberia.

The Nollywood actress claimed in December 2022 that her ex-boyfriend had abused her and was using naked videos she had shared with him as a form of blackmail.

In response to a video about being engaged, Ms. Njamah asserted that she met her ex-lover because she got lost and ended up in the incorrect place, where her good friend Ada Ameh had been.

Before her ex-lover saw her naked tapes, she claimed that the relationship was going smoothly and that she had no idea she had fallen for a hoax. A video of the Liberian police addressing the public about Davis’ detention appeared online on Monday night.

The Liberian police announced Davis’ arrest in the public address after receiving reports from multiple ladies who had fallen for his con games.

“Several complaints have been made or brought to our attention regarding Nicholas Jack Davis, 39, who is suspected of abusing over 20 female victims.

Nicholas Jack Davis is therefore involved in stealing their personal belongings, including phones, purses, gold, and other pricey materials, the representative stated.


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