Crossroads cowboy church pastor accident: Chad fryar & son are in critical, 2 daughter’s died tragically

Near Gum Springs, a train-vehicle collision involving the pastor of Crossroads Cowboy Church left 2 people killed and 2 others injured. (Rachel Fryar, Bo Henry, Pastor Chad Fryar, Marley Jo and Dana Kate)

(Source : Facebook / Rachel Fryar)

Following a fatal accident between a train and a car on Thursday afternoon, the Christian communities of El Paso and Bismarck, Arkansas, have pleaded with everyone to pray for the entire family of the senior pastor at Crossroads Cowboy Church in Bismarck, in particular for Chad and Bo Henry as they recover from their wounds, Rachel as she finds the strength to care for both of them today and in the days to come, the emergency personnel and railway crew, the doctors and hospital staff, as well as their close-knit group of loved ones and friends. Keep reading to know about the Crossroads cowboy church pastor accident in detail.


Crossroads cowboy church pastor accident:

According to reports, the Arkansas State Police are looking into a train accident that claimed the lives of two young women and injured two others. In Arkadelphia’s Clark County, Pastor Chad Fryar and his family were engaged in an accident close to Gum Springs. The two daughters of the pastor were reportedly pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

According to Union Pacific staff, no injuries were sustained by the train crew as a result of the incident, which is still being investigated. The event did not involve Rachel Fryar, the pastor’s wife.

Bo Henry and Chad were both injured critically and sent to different hospitals. Unfortunately, Marley Jo and Dana Kate died as a result of their injuries since they were just too severe. Even though Chad and Bo Henry are two of the strongest cowboys, their physical wounds will heal much more quickly than their grief over MJ and DK’s passing. During the time of the accident, Rachel was at work.

Chad is in stable condition in the ICU, according to an hour ago’s report from the South Arkansas District Church of the Nazarene. Bo Henry underwent surgery on his arm Wednesday night. Despite having agony all night, his health remains steady. Bo Henry is with Rachel.


What happened?

The incident reportedly took place at the Union Pacific Railroad. According to authorities, a train and pickup vehicle collided in Gum Springs on Thursday afternoon, killing two people and wounding another two.

According to Union Pacific employees, it occurred near the Richwoods Road crossing in the Gum Springs neighborhood at 1:45 p.m. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office reports that two persons were killed and two more were hurt. A Union Pacific train struck and killed two people in Cabot on a Sunday night less than a week ago.


About Pastor Chad Fryar and Rachel

CrossRoads Cowboy Church-El Paso had Chad and Rachel as essential members. They view them as family because they have been with them from the very beginning. When they moved out in faith to launch the Bismark location, it was clear that they have a strong faith and understanding of God. CrossRoads Cowboy Church-El Paso is aware that this strong foundation will support them as they face this challenging period.


Prayer Request!!

Please continue to pray for Pastor Chad’s recovery, as well as for Rachel as she navigates this loss and ministers to her kid and husband, according to a request from CrossRoads Cowboy Church in El Paso, Arkansas.

There is currently no more information available. CrossRoads Cowboy Church is led by Chad and Rachel in Bismark.


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