How did Coqueace KoCo Powell die? Cause of death Revealed

How did Coqueace KoCo Powell die? Cause of death Revealed

Coqueace KoCo Powell, a Navy veteran and motivational speaker, passed away. Let’s see what happened, how did Coqueace KoCo Powell die and her cause of death in detail.


How did Coqueace KoCo Powell die?

On October 7, 2022, Rickey Smiley posted an announcement of her dying on his official Facebook page.

My friend Coqueace KoCo Powell passed away. She fought hard! She was my employee, friend, and sister! I absolutely loved her!! Please pray for her family!!!

Koco was considered a wonderful, amazing woman who was also a strong competitor. She was a great women of God and faith who made a positive impact on the world.

KoCo’s family has requested that their right to privacy be maintained so that they may have some peace and quiet during this difficult time. Additionally, we ask that you refrain from calling, texting, or visiting out of respect for the family.

The specifics of Coqueace KoCo Powell’s obituary service and funeral arrangements will be released by her family.


Coqueace KoCo Powell Cause of death

Coqueace, a resident of Dallas, Texas, died after a valiant battle with cancer.

Her breast cancer was found to be in Stage 3B on March 30, 2011. Since that time, she has undergone nine surgeries in all, including a double mastectomy, lymphadenectomy, hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and others. She underwent three more iron infusions in addition to her six rounds of chemotherapy.

This was confirmed by a Facebook post by her. She further continued by saying,

I now have to take tamoxifen (a small dosage of chemo) for 10 years. I have kidney failure, high blood pressure, and 2 lesions on my spine. Oh and a psychiatrist that says I have PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I have insomnia and mood swings. I’m on happy pills, sleeping pills, and xanax.

And ALL the residual illnesses and shenanigans that come from ALL surgeries and things I named above. Lol (it ain’t funny)

We’re not going to talk about the family, friends, and love relationships that walked away. Nor how breast cancer tore, hurt, and beat down the ones who stayed.

Behind the smile: YOU DON’T WANT to look like this and I DIDN’T wake up like this and You DON’T want to go through this!



Get a mammogram! Its worth the few minutes so you don’t have to deal with this unwanted temporary roommate name breast cancer for years.

October is Breast Cancer Month….but


Tributes on Social Media

Veranita Purifoy said,

I grew to love her through her fight with cancer. She was a beautiful person inside and out. Rest In Peace Beautiful Angel. My sincere condolences and prayers to you and her family.

Cinnamon Perkins said,

She really was my inspiration as I went through breast cancer and now fighting again because it has spread to my skull. She really was a strong fighter coming from an avid follower. May she rest in eternal Paradise and glory.

Marshall Williams said,

I have been there I know from experience but I choose to live and not die My Sincere Condolences To The Family Praying For Y’all.

Gina Grande siad,

God wrap yourself around this beautiful woman and guide her to the peace she deserves. My condolences to her loving family may you find strength to get thru the coming days and to you Rickey – my heartfelt condolences…. Thank you for sharing her journey with us.

Katherine Moore-Davis said,

KoCo was such an amazing person. Such an inspiration. She never looked like what she was going through. Such a beautiful ray of sunshine. Rest In Perfect Peace young friend. Condolences to KoCo’s family and friends.



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