How did Cliff Cerce die? Southern Gospel fan cause of death & Obituary

Cliff Cerce cause of death. (Facebook/ Cliff Cerce)

Cliff Cerce, a devotee of Southern Gospel and member of The Cerces, passed away.Cliff Cerce’s abrupt passing came as such a shock to his loved ones, who had prayed for his well-being. Keep reading to know about the Southern Gospel fan cause of death & Obituary in detail.


Who was Cliff Cerce?

Cliff Cerce was a devotee of Southern Gospel and a member of The Cerce. He served as the Cerce group’s manager, pianist, and baritone. All of the music for the group is also composed by him.

Cliff, a native of Paterson, New Jersey, served as a lead pastor, associate pastor, professor at a ministerial college, evangelist, host of a live talk show on a Christian radio station, and program director. He had previously toured with The Gabriels and The Forerunners, and during The Couriers’ early 1980s break, he played the piano for Duane Nicholson, the group’s tenor singer, for several years.

Cliff was also a studio musician, recording engineer, and producer. He worked with The Couriers on their TV ministry and has produced music for James Blackwood, Dan Betzer, and many others.

Additionally, he developed and engineered “Revivaltime” for 8 years, which was the official radio programme of a significant denomination and was carried on 600 US radio stations and in 85 other countries each week. In addition, Cliff serves as vice president of Temple, Oklahoma-based Heart of Truth Ministries.

The Cerce Group

The Cerces visit Faith and Wisdom Church in Branson, Missouri, which was previously led by Gary and Carol McSpadden, who were also responsible for the Cerces’ ministry and is now led by Dr. Mike and Karen Brown.

They are also members of the International Association of Music Ministries, Heart of Truth Ministries, the Southern Gospel Music Association, and the Country Gospel Music Association (also known as CGMA), where they previously held the position of director for the Association’s Branson Chapter for four years.

The Cerces have issued 10 CDs, and 2 DVDs, and are currently working on 4 more CDs. The CD version of the production received The Singing News’ highest rating, “AAA Excellent,” while their live performance DVD, “The Cerces…Live in St Louis,” was one of the Top Ten finalists for the prestigious 2009 Diamond accolades (one of Gospel music’s main accolades – selected by nationwide fan voting). The Cerces’ music and teaching radio show, “Music and The Word with The Cerces”, is currently broadcast every weekday at 9 a.m. on Branson Gospel Radio at in their home city of Branson as well as on 8 other radio stations across the nation and can be found on their podcasts as well.


How did Cliff Cerce die?

Cliff Cerce, a member of The Cerces and ardent fan of Southern Gospel, passed away.

His wife posted the terrible news on Facebook and asked people to pray for the family.

“This morning at 4:00 a.m., my husband Cliff Cerce passed away. He was in the Rehab Center where he was working hard to walk again. January 11, 2023 he twisted his knee, ripping out all of his cartilage. After 3 weeks being bed ridden,he went to the hospital and was either in the hospital or Rehab Center since February 2, 2023. He developed pneumonia and some fluid on his lungs in the last couple of days and I guess his body was not able to take the stress any longer. What I do know is God was ready for him and He called Cliff home.

Please keep me and all the family in your prayers. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through but he’s not suffering anymore. God is already using my dear friends to watch over me.

Thank you all for your prayers.”

He is survived by his lovely wife Anita, three fantastic children, their loving wives, and six amazing grandchildren.

Cliff Cerce cause of death

We’re sorry to have to inform you that Cliff Cerce has passed away. Cliff Cerce was regarded as having a friendly personality. Many people must be curious to know the Cliff Cerce cause of death in light of the recent news.

When Cliff twisted his knee on January 11, 2023, he completely lost all of his cartilage. He went to the hospital after three weeks of being in bed and was informed that he had damage to his kidney and liver as a result. He has been there or at a rehabilitation center since February 2, 2023.

In March 2023, he posted a Facebook update announcing that he had begun receiving dialysis. In the room next to his private room, the dialysis was carried out. He is wheeled into that room’s corner in his bed, where he is plugged in for four hours.

He was supposed to remain on dialysis for months, but when his liver and kidneys started functioning normally, they decided to stop for the next few days. He claimed that it has been closely watched.

Cliff in physical therapy. He needed help getting up and down, as well as some assistance for safety reasons while he was standing, but he stood for 20 minutes. He said on Facebook that he will be returning home soon. Unfortunately, after acquiring pneumonia and having some fluid in his lungs recently, His body could no longer bear the strain and he passed away. (Facebook/ Cliff Cerce)

After spending 68 days in bed and 44 days in the hospital, he was discharged from the hospital on March 18, 2023, and was then admitted to Springfield’s Spring Valley Rehab Centre. His right knee’s torn cartilage was temporarily replaced with gel shots, he claimed, until a full replacement can be made, and the medical difficulties have been rectified. That ought to enable him to put weight on his right leg once more, allowing for quick recovery and the start of walking.

Cliff posted a Facebook update regarding his health on May 14, 2023. He said that he had been having respiratory issues for the previous few days and that he intended to leave the rehabilitation facility in a few weeks while still on the road to a full recovery. He asked for everyone’s prayers since he was concerned about the unexpected breathing problems.

His body could no longer withstand the strain after developing pneumonia and having some fluid in his lungs in recent days. Unfortunately Cliff Cerce, a member of The Cerces and ardent fan of Southern Gospel, passed away.


Tributes to Cliff Cerce

Everyone, including friends and family, is currently exhausted from grieving for Cliff Cerce, thinking about him, praying for his afterlife, and posting condolences on social media.

Nikki Skags wrote: “Dearest Cliff Cerce I may be sad that you are gone but I know where you are at! In the Arms of Jesus! You get to see Raymond and my dad too along with others in Heaven!! Anita Smith Cerce I am here for you Sweetie! You are not alone!”

Lynda Lynn wrote: “The sudden loss of Cliff Cerce has been such a shock…we thought hev was on the mend after being so sick…We are so so sorry for Anita and the dear family…Cliff is a friend for so many years…about 20 yrs now…he was Rorys Bible teacher too..Rory loved Cliff so much….hug your loved ones tight….love you Cliff and Anita.”



One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.

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