Who is Chloe Fitzpatrick? How did the TikToker create bacteria jewellery? Explained

Who is Chloe Fitzpatrick How did the TikToker create bacteria jewellery Explained

A Dundee design student’s use of bacteria to make jewelry has gone viral on TikTok. More than 20 million people have watched videos posted by Chloe Fitzpatrick on social media.

The 21-year-old student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design designs jewelry out of bacteria found in various parts of her body. She creates bacteria jewelry using scientific techniques. Let’s see Who is Chloe Fitzpatrick and How did TikToker create bacteria jewelry in detail.


Who is Chloe Fitzpatrick? 

Chloe Fitzpatrick is originally from Borrowstounness, Scotland. Chloe is a 21-year-old student studying at one of Scotland’s leading universities in the UK, the University of Dundee. Chloe posts her work on her TikTok page. Her recent video on cultivating bacteria jewelry went viral with 20 million views.

In order to cultivate her own distinctive pieces from bacteria discovered on the surface of body parts. She worked with the James Hutton Institute and the School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee to develop the pieces.

She also had collection that mirrored the textures seen in fish.

She created “fish rings” to highlight the “real beauty” of creature that isn’t typically regarded as the most attractive.

Chloe said,

I’ve got a lot of mixed reviews online – a lot of people were freaked out but I think it’s a normal reaction. Everyone’s bacteria is so different, and people seem interested in seeing how they grow.

It would be cool to do a workshop in the future and let people grow their own bacteria and turn it into jewellery pieces. The whole point of connecting this isolating technique with jewellery is to put the bacteria back on the body – reconnecting with it.

The project shows that bacteria is all around us – in our bodies and in plants. I want to help people acknowledge and appreciate it as a form of nature and a form of art. I’d quite like to expand the technique into wearable pieces, since at this point it is solely art. It has potential of becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic chemical dyes and pigments, this is something I’d like to explore in future projects. It’s really inspiring to me, and it has a lot of potential to make the industry more sustainable.


How did Chloe Fitzpatrick create Bacteria Jewellery?

Chloe takes samples from various body parts and plants, transferring them to Petri dishes that have a unique growth media inside.

To create bacteria jewelry, she collects swabs from her body parts and placed them on LBS nutritional agar, a nutrient-rich medium used to cultivate bacteria. Bacterial colonies started to form as a result of this. Fitzpatrick selected her favorite colored colonies from among those and transferred them to fresh agar plates so the hues could develop.

UV resin was placed onto the plates, blended, and set into a rubber mold before being sealed once the colored colonies had grown. After that, the bacteria needs about week to grow at room temperature. The colored colonies are then picked out and isolated in fresh dish by Chloe so they can grow.


Why did Chloe make bacteria jewelry?

Fitzpatrick stated that her objective is to familiarize people with a lesser-known aspect of nature.

She told Dundee University, “I think that the micro and the bacterial world has a lot of potential in the development of sustainable materials, with a diverse spectrum of colors, shapes, and forms that could inspire the next generation of artists and designers.”

Everyone’s bacteria would be a distinct color, such as white, orange, or pink. Since the technique is currently only used in art, I’d like to develop it to create wearable creations. “I’d want to examine this in future work as a potential environmentally friendly substitute for hazardous chemical dyes and pigments,” Fitzpatrick stated that her objective is to re-establish contact with a neglected aspect of nature.



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