Charity Linique death: How did the rising Florida model die? cause of death and obituary


 Charity Linique death: How did the rising Florida model die? cause of death and obituary

Rising Florida model found dead Thursday: Charity Huntley, affectionately known as Charity Linique has passed away unexpectedly. She was a well-known singer, model, and dancer in Jacksonville.

Those who knew her were shocked and curious to learn how she passed away and the cause of her death. In light of this, we make an effort to learn and gather information on the circumstances surrounding Charity’s death. Keep reading to know what happened and the cause of Charity’s death.

What happened to Charity Huntley?

JASONVILLE, Florida — Thursday morning, Charity Huntley was discovered dead.  Her mother said there is still an investigation into how she died. 

Charity’s Mother’s Statement

Mother of Jacksonville’s rising singer who was discovered dead says her daughter “lit up every room” Jacksonville singer’s mother is empathizing with her suffering. Her mother said there is still an investigation into how she died.

By the age of 26, Charity Huntley, also known as Charity Linique, was the center of attention in any setting. She was raised in the church, and singing was her love. Modeling was just something she enjoyed doing, but she was amazing at whatever she did, according to her mother Mary Huntley.

Mary Huntley regrets the sudden passing of her shining star, Cherry Bear. She claims that there was no way to have anticipated the news. “Thursday, I felt sick and wondered why she was still not answering the phone after I had not spoken to her since Wednesday when I called and her phone went to voicemail. 

She isn’t answering her phone at 1:30 in the afternoon.  Later on Thursday, the detective called me and informed me that they had had my child since 9 o’clock that morning and that she had vanished, according to Mary Huntley.

As per Charity’s relatives, going a full day without hearing from her was unusual.  Police are looking into her daughter’s death, according to her mother “I want them to remember her as she truly was… 

She was C. Linique, and I want her legacy to continue as such. She was intelligent, brilliant, motivating, encouraging, a listener, a friend, humorous, and wacky.

Charity Linique cause of death

As per the online tributes and Charity’s mother’s statement, it was confirmed that Linique cause of death was not natural and her death is still being investigated. Apart from the confirmation of her death, the particular cause of Charity Linique’s death has not yet been made public, hence it is currently unknown what led to her passing.

This section will be updated as soon as we find out any additional information about the unfortunate incident that caused many people to sob. We extend our profound sympathies to Charity Linique’s family and friends.

Read some touching online memorials left by family members and friends:

Tia Coleman posted,

My Beyonce. Thank you for so many years of sisterhood. So many years of supporting each other & hyping each other up to be the baddest in the game at whatever it was we set our hearts out to do! I love you charity the icon, the BLUEPRINT  To know you were a true experience, the C.Linique experience.

Torezz Robertson posted,

Seeing that you’ve left us for a better place truly hurts my heart this was the first time I ever met you and we were locked in from that moment. my god how the years add up and the time passes right by it was an honor to have blessed your body with my clothing rest up Charity Linique your work here was done.

William Boston posted,

Just like everyone else, I was in shock today to see that you’re no longer with us…if you knew Charity Linique you knew she was bold, creative, with a great spirit, a talented singer, and with the drive to always be great. We did countless shoots and fashion shows and had a blast working with each other.

Obituary for Charity Huntley

May be an image of 1 person and smiling

(Credit: Facebook)

Saying goodbye is often difficult, and it can be hard to find the words to express how you feel about a loved one who has passed. We are sorry to announce the demise news of a Good soul and talented model here. Charity Linique was such a Sweet, very professional, and beautiful personality who will be fondly remembered by so many. 

She was surrounded by loved ones who will continue to honor her legacy by living their lives to the fullest. Funeral arrangements and services will be announced later by her family members and we will update the details soon. Please keep Charity’s loving parents, family, and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace charity.

Please leave a tribute or share your memories with Charity in the comment field below to honor her death. 


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  1. Gone way too soon but the time that was spent with you will definitely be cherished! May you rest in peace babygirl! You was a force to be reckoned and a lovely person to be around! Will be forever remembered and loved!

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Charity through modeling with my daughter, Brazyl. Charity was a very polite & respectful young lady, and her smile lit up the entire room. I am most thankful that when Brazyl was in her presence, she treated her like a little sister from the first time we all met. I am so sorry to know that someone took this beautiful soul from her family. Babygirl, your loving spirit will live on. Bless up.


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