Amy Vaughan West found dead: What happened to the missing Parkersburg WA woman?


Amy vaughn west found dead: What happened to the missing Parkersburg WA woman?

Surgical technologist Amy Vaughan West was reported missing and later found deceased in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Amy for the loss. Amy served many years on the board and was recently the Vice President of the WVSA. Keep reading this post to know what happened to her and how Amy Vaughn West was found dead after being reported missing.

What happened to Amy Vaughan West?

On Friday, April 7, 2023, Amy Vaughan West, a wonderful teacher, preceptor, mentor, and student advocate, passed away. She had a strong desire to see others prosper in their careers and personal lives.

The faculty at the Adult Technical Training program at the Washington County Career Center is remembering her family, friends, former students, coworkers, and everyone else she affected.

Missing from Friday

If anyone sees or talks to Amy Vaughn West please reach out to us. Her vehicle is a red/maroon Honda CRV. She has some very concerned coworkers, friends, and family who are looking for her. If you see my mom please let me know!! I filed a missing persons report but we haven’t heard from her since 10:00 am today.

Amy’s cause of death

Even though Amy’s cause of death is unknown, a friend of hers urges anyone suffering from depression or any other mental illness—no matter how minor—to seek help.

One of Amy’s friends posted about dealing with depression after learning of Amy’s passing.

As I sit here and think about the terrible news so many people had to endure today of the passing of Amy Vaughn West, I wonder why as each of us who knew her has run through our mind trying to understand how such a person that touched the lives of so many could have left us a way to soon in a manner known of us would have thought.

I encourage anyone struggling with depression or any mental illness to reach out to someone when you are struggling no matter how minor it may be… Take the time to listen to the person trying to talk or tell a story whether you are interested in what they are saying or not! This may be the only interaction they get outside of their home

life. They may be lonely or not have many friends to talk to. Just take the time to listen! We all fight battles on the inside and some do more than others those who are able to hide the hurt and pain of depression by smiling on the outside may be fighting demons we don’t understand on the inside! Depression is no joke… It is often ignored and those who work in the healthcare field are afraid to ask for help for the fear of being stigmatized… Check-in on friends and loved ones to make sure they are ok…

West Virginia State Assembly of the Association of Surgical Technologists Statement,

We are shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden death of our friend and colleague Amy Vaughn West. She was a mentor to her students and an advocate for her profession. She has served on the WVAST board of directors for many years. These positions include board member, secretary, and vice-President. You will forever remain alive in our hearts. May God Grant You Eternal Rest. We will miss you very much. To her friends and family…..Wishing you the courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to hold in your heart forever.

Who was Amy Vaughan West?

Amy Vaughn West was always willing to help out and help the field grow. Several individuals were interested in the topic of surgery technology because of her.

In the field of healthcare, Amy had a significant impact. The game was her favorite by a wide margin. The fact that more than 3000 people shared the article about Amy’s lost hours suggests that she was liked by everyone who ever met her.

She was the kind of woman who encouraged everyone to be their best selves while making them feel loved and supported. Over the years, she had a profound impact on many individuals, and they would have done anything for her.

Amy had a pure heart and would have donated anything to anyone, including her clothes and shoes. She changed the lives of so many people.

Amy was more than just a Surgical Tech instructor. She supported her profession and assisted her children in their education. Amy has a lengthy history of serving on the WVAST board of directors. Some of these positions include those of vice-President, secretary, and board member.

Read some Emotion Tributes by loved ones

Jullian Evans posted,

I am at a loss for words this morning after hearing the news that Amy Vaughn West was found and unfortunately has passed away. Amy had a heart of gold and would have given the shirt off her back and shoes off her feet for anyone. She made such a large impact on so many lives, including mine. Amy was more than just a Surgical Tech instructor, she was a friend and so much more.

She is the reason I’m the Surgical Tech I am today. Also, she pushed me as I’d never been pushed before because she believed in me. She believed in all of her students. Amy, you will be missed and loved by so many! Please pray for her family and friends, especially in the coming days as they lay her to rest.

Lenee Hartleben posted,

Sending thoughts to all who knew Amy Vaughn West: friends, family, coworkers, and the multitude of student lives she touched over the years. I am so thankful to have known her.

Anyone who knew this woman knew she was kind and helpful to everyone, she was noticeable in a room full of people—the go-getter, always trying to be helpful and would never be too busy to be a listening ear or a smiling face for anyone who needed it. The world needs more humans like Amy. Forever thankful for you and all you’ve done for so many.

Callie Anne Benedict posted,

I am so shocked by the news of the passing of Amy Vaughn West. In her memory, if you need help in the instant, please call or text 988 and someone from the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline will be there for you! Amy was a force to be reckoned with. I truly admired her, even from afar. I continued to admire her as I left the surgery world and focused on Stroke care.

Amy, it was an honor to have been taught by you and to watch you change the world around you. just remember, even when it seems like someone ”has it all,” you just don’t know their inner dealings. Be kind. Or be neutral. Just don’t be mean.


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