British woman died after falling: What happened in Benidorm hillside?

What happened in Benidorm hillside

In the Spanish resort of Benidorm, a BRITISH woman lost her life after her mobility scooter fell off a hill. Let’s see What happened in Benidorm hillside.

What happened in Benidorm hillside

Who is the British woman falling from Benidorm?

In front of terrified family members in Benidorm, a 58-year-old British woman dies after falling from an electric scooter and hitting a steep mountain. An electric scooter rider in Benidorm, Spain, fell off a cliff and died at the scene. She was a 58-year-old British woman.

When did the incident happen?

According to reports, the 58-year-old drove the “motorised chair” over the precipice in Benidorm, Spain’s Serra Gelada Natural Park.

On August 24, at around 4.15 p.m., fire crews were dispatched to the scene.

What did the Spanish media say?

According to Spanish media, the widow was present with her eight-year-old grandson.

El Periodico claims that her grandson also suffered injuries in the incident, but it is unclear how serious they were.

The child, who received medical attention for his injuries, may have been using the rental mobility scooter at the same moment.

According to Spanish media, the scooter was apparently driven off the road and up onto a steep mountain for an unknown cause.

The “barranco,” or path, where the tragic accident took place, is exceedingly steep and dotted with large stone rocks.

What happened to the women?

After a two-hour rescue attempt, the woman was treated by paramedics at the scene until she tragically passed away.

Police are looking into the precise reason of the collision and checking to see if the motorised scooter complied with all applicable safety regulations.

When the rescue team arrives?

According to, “the fire brigade was dispatched to the emergency with numerous vehicles, with the primary goal of rescuing the injured victims as swiftly as possible.”

“Upon arrival, the firefighters worked in conjunction with the Benidorm Local Police and SAMU Health Technicians to conduct resuscitation measures on a woman, however they were unsuccessful.”

According to reports, Spanish authorities are purportedly attempting to crack down on Brits using mobility scooters after they experienced a boom in popularity due to the TV series Benidorm.

When was the incident revealed?

It was revealed last month that British visitors might be fined more than £400 for misusing the scooters after it was discovered that some of them had lied about having infirmities to rent them.

A mobility scooter rental business in the resort city claims that almost 80% of its clients are British visitors.

“The Brits often lie to us as they do not meet the conditions to get a scooter,” a whistleblower at one company told Olive Press.

“Most of these are young Brits who want to utilise it to go clubbing to evade the cost of a taxi,” a different employee alleged.

Unless they have mobility issues, only people over the age of 55 are permitted to rent scooters.

While some tenants permitted unauthorised others to ride them, some younger renters made up stories about getting the scooter for an elderly parent.

What did the council speaker person say?

Locals in Benidorm have complained that some visitors exceed the resort’s speed limits while others use them in places where they are not permitted.

A council spokesperson added, “Police officers are also keeping an eye on the people who are using them, and a campaign has been initiated to inform establishments that lease these cars to make sure they are complying with municipal by-laws.”


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