British boy died at Turkey resort: What happened? Explained

British boy died at Turkey resort

A 14-year-old British kid has passed away while on vacation with his family in Turkey. The teen perished in the Liberty Lara Beach hotel’s pool. Let’s see a British boy died at Turkey resort.

What happened to the Turkey resort?

One tourist claimed that a bartender pulled the unconscious youngster from the pool and performed CPR on him before taking him to the hospital.

“This happened at around 1pm, and we heard the lifeguard had gone for his lunch,” the onlooker remarked.

“They made a valiant effort to revive the youngster by the poolside, but it was too late.

British boy died at Turkey resort

On Sunday afternoon, the 14-year-old encountered trouble while swimming with his aunt at the all-inclusive Liberty Lara beach hotel.

It’s more heartbreaking when you realise that they were there for such a joyful reason.

It’s thought that the youngster and his family were guests during a wedding at the 311-room Liberty Lara.

The Sun was informed by a hotel spokeswoman that “one of our young visitors tragically lost away yesterday while swimming with his aunt in our main pool.”

Our prayers and thoughts are with the family and loved ones that are now staying at our hotel at this time.

It is painful and upsetting for the family, close relatives, and loved ones when a young life is tragically lost. We would like to hold off on commenting on the incident until we learn the results of the autopsy out of respect for the family.

When does the lifeguard arrive?

The local police and the Liberty Lara administration have both inspected the CCTV cameras that are situated around the pool area, he continued. Within 30 seconds, the lifeguards arrived on the scene.

To ensure that the pools are not left unattended when a lifeguard takes a lunch break, “We have one more lifeguard over the numbers required.”

How many swimming pools are in Liberty Lara?

There are five swimming pools at the five-star Liberty Lara, one of which has a water slide. Additionally, it boasts four bars, an all-inclusive restaurant, and a deluxe spa.

What does the resort website state?

The resort’s website states that visitors can “spend as much time as they like just relaxing by the pool” at the beach or “immerse themselves in the lap of the seductive, deep blue waves.”

Travel agency Tui was used to arrange the family’s vacation.

We are aware of the unfortunate tragedy that occurred at the Liberty Lara in Turkey, and our condolences are with the family, a representative stated.


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