How did John Engen die? Mayor of Missoula cause of death


How did John Engen die? Mayor of Missoula cause of death

Missoula Mayor John Engen passes away at the age of 57. Let’s see how he died and the Mayor of Missoula’s cause of death in detail

How did John Engen die?

According to the City of Missoula, Missoula Mayor John Engen passed the morning of Monday, Aug. 15 of pancreatic cancer,

Engen was 57 years old at the time of his passing.

Elected in 2005, Engen began his first term in January 2006 and served until his death.

He was Missoula’s fiftieth mayor–the prolonged serving.

Mayor of Missoula cause of death

John Engen, who grew from newspaper columnist to longest-serving mayor of Missoula, died of pancreatic cancer on Monday.

Thus Pancreatic Cancer was the Mayor of Missoula cause of death.

What is Pancreatic Cancer?

Exocrine malignancies, also known as pancreatic adenocarcinomas, are cancers of the exocrine pancreas that arise from the cells that line the duct system that transports enzymes to the small intestine.

Uncontrolled cell growth results in cancer. This may cause a tumor to develop.

These cancers are said to as metastatic if they have spread to the lymph nodes or other organs. The head of the pancreas is where about 70% of pancreatic malignancies develop.

The majority of pancreatic tumors begin in ducts, which also contain enzymes.

Pancreatic adenocarcinomas are the name given to them.

Other varieties of pancreatic cancer do not originate in the ducts. These account for only a small portion of pancreatic malignancies.

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer in its early stages are not particular to the illness.

Both patients and professionals may consider them to be different health problems.

After the tumor has gotten bigger, spread to other organs, or blocked the bile ducts, more specific symptoms frequently appear.

Symptoms consist of

  • Loss of weight.
  • decrease in appetite.
  • Jaundice (a condition that causes yellowing of the eyes and skin and darkening of urine).
  • Back or upper abdominal pain
  • Weakness.
  • clots of blood.
  • vomiting and nauseous.

Depending on where the tumor is located in the pancreas, these symptoms can change (head, body, or tail). In some people, newly developed diabetes may be an indication. The pancreas’ inability to produce insulin is what causes diabetes.

Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

Treatment may comprise surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or a mixture of these. When pancreatic cancer is advanced and these treatments aren’t likely to offer a benefit, your doctor will focus on symptom relief (palliative care) to keep you as comfy as possible for as long as possible.

Who is John Engen?

Since 2006, John Engen, a journalist, and politician from the United States has been the mayor of Missoula, Montana.

His early life

Early years and education In 1964, Engen was born in Missoula.

Before receiving a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Montana, he attended Missoula public schools.

His wife Tracy holds and runs a travel agency in Missoula.


Before becoming mayor, Engen ran a small business, worked as a journalist and newspaper editor, and was a member of the Missoula City Council.

Engen and the City of Missoula started a legal procedure in 2013 to utilize eminent domain to force the privately owned water utility of the city to be sold to the city.

The Fourth Judicial District Court determined in June 2015 that the City of Missoula has the jurisdiction to exercise eminent domain to acquire Mountain Water Co. after a 10-day trial.

The verdict was appealed to the Montana Supreme Court, which on August 2, 2016, rendered a ruling maintaining the district court order.

Engen supported Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.

After the city council authorized including morbid obesity operations in the city health insurance coverage in 2015, Engen came under fire.

Engen first declined to speak to the local media about his role in the move or how it would benefit him.

Later that year, Engen once more declined requests for interviews with the media but instead published a statement informing the public that he had undergone bariatric surgery on October 19 and was recovering at home.

He acknowledged that all but $3,200 of the expenditures for his surgery had been covered by insurance, but he shot down opponents by claiming that his procedure “would not contribute to anyone’s tax bill.”

Engen took a month off from work in October 2016 to enroll in an alcohol addiction treatment center.

Tributes to Mayor John Engen

Wilmot Collins tweeted,

I’m deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my good friend, Mayor John Engen—who was a role model for so many across our state, including myself. I learned a lot about leadership from Mayor Engen and I know that the city of Missoula will sorely miss the leader in him.

NBC Montana tweeted,

NBC Montana confirms Mayor Engen passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Danny Tenenbaum tweeted,

Heartbroken by the news of Mayor Engen’s passing. John’s life of service to this community will not be forgotten. May his memory be a blessing.


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