Borger, TX accident: Orlando Bustos and Sheridan Mercer died in a head on car crash


 Orlando Bustos and Sheridan Mercer died in a head on car crash

Orlando Bustos and Sheridan Mercer died in a head-on car crash (Source: KVII)

Early morning head-on crash near Borger leaves 2 people dead. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Orlando Bustos, 35, and Sheridan Mercer of Borger passed away in a head-on car crash.

We are saddened for the family of Sheridan Mercer and Orlando Bustos, who are currently grieving their deaths. We are aware that receiving this news might be difficult for a family.

Let’s pray for their family during this difficult time. Read ahead to know more about Borger, TX accident and what happened to Orlando Bustos and Sheridan Mercer.

Orlando Bustos and Sheridan Mercer died 

Texas’ HUTCHINSON County – Two people were killed in an early Monday morning collision on Highway 136 between Borger and Fritch, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Sheridan Mercer, 21, and Orlando Bustos, 35, perished following a head-on collision. More details on a deadly accident that occurred in Hutchinson County on Monday morning have been provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

Although the investigation is still underway, Texas DPS officers reported that the collision occurred on Monday between the hours of 3 and 3:20 a.m. on Highway 136 between Borger and Fritch.

Two persons died as a result of the head-on accident. The Hutchinson County Office of Emergency Management stated that Highway 136 from 1319 to 687 was closed due to a crash until 8 a.m. during the first reaction to the collision. More information will be shared once it becomes available, according to DPS officials.

Ongoing Investigation case

Sheridan Mercer, 21, of Borger, Texas, was traveling west on Texas State Highway 136 at 3:15 a.m. in a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. Orlando Bustos, 35, of Borger, was operating a 2013 Kia Optima as he headed east on the highway.

Unknown factors, according to authorities, caused Bustos’ vehicle to deviate into the westbound lane and collide with Mercer. Both drivers were not using seat belts.

According to a press release, Mercer was thrown from the car as a result of the incident. At the scene, Mercer and Bustos were both declared dead.

Therefore the accident is still being looked into by the officials. Follow us for more updates on this story.

Condolences were posted by loved ones for the victims

Charles Bonnie Welch Yeager said,

Our Father in Heaven, please comfort all the family and friends involved, in Jesus Christ’s precious Name, Amen.

Luis Alberto Prieto wrote,

Man, we lost a brother today. Most importantly a father. Rest easy carnal. It’s always the good ones gone too soon. Orlando Bustos is gone but never forgotten I tell you that.

Johnny N Jessica Posada wrote,

Man bro I am going to miss you homie and the talks we had with Orlando Bustos went way too soon but God’s plan is better than ours I will never forget you bro and we will meet again homie I will be praying for your family.

Melanie Bramblet said,

My Prayers, for both families who lost their loved ones. No one honestly knows what happened. Those who assume being on the phone, Yet that may not have been the issue to what happened. It could have been anything, for such a horrible situation to end up taking two lives. It’s just sad to hear families’ hearts are shattered.

Christal Eddins posted,

I hate that they. So many lives have been lost. I’m hoping with the widening of it, these accidents will decrease. My condolences to both families for their loss


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