What happened to Jason Mcnae? Whangārei, NZ father fatally stabbed to death, know everything about it

Jason Mcnae died. (Source: Facebook)

After getting into an altercation and being stabbed to death at a house in Whangarei yesterday, Jason McNae has been described as a “doting and loving dad.” This has led to the opening of a homicide inquiry. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


What happened to Jason Mcnae?

Jason McNae, a father of two, died after allegedly being stabbed in the neck at a block of flats in central Whangarei. He was eager to begin work on a farm.

A man with a stab wound, identified by family as Jason Mcnae, was discovered there when emergency services were summoned to the flats on Anzac Rd in Morningside yesterday at about 5.30 p.m.

The victim was critically ill when he was carried to the hospital, but he later passed away.

The culprit had left the area before police arrived, according to Detective Inspector Bridget Doell of the Northland CIB.

Officers tracked out the individual, however, this morning, and without any trouble, they arrested him.


Suspect Arrested:

Police aren’t looking for anyone else, according to Detective Inspector Bridget Doell, who said that the victim and the guy accused knew one another.

After the homicide inquiry was started, the arrest was made. At 5.30 p.m., a male was discovered with a critical stab wound at a property on Anzac Rd in Morningside. The accused criminal escaped before the officers arrived.

According to a statement by Whangārei hapū Nga Hapu o Whangarei Terenga Paraoa , McNae passed away while defending others.

It read,

“The man’s whānau have been advised, and they are understandably distraught at what has occurred.”

“Jason McNae was tragically killed last night in Morningside protecting others…Haere atu rā.”

On Tuesday, police and security personnel continued to surround a group of apartments on Anzac Road, close to the city’s core. From the road, two blue tents could be seen.

At about 10.45am, forensic investigators showed up, wearing nothing but blue dungarees. One resident was told she was not permitted to enter her unit while they were working.

As part of their homicide investigation, police have cordoned off a group of apartments on Anzac Rd, close to the city’s centre, in Whangrei. (Source: stuff.co.nz)

Although the block of 15 two-bedroom apartments was owned by Kinga Ora’s predecessor, Housing New Zealand, the organization declined to comment on the occurrence.

Doell anticipated that the incident would cause the neighborhood to feel uneasy, especially in light of the effects of “other recent events” in Northland.

Detective Inspector Bridget Doell of Northland CIB said:

“While at the centre of this investigation is a tragic incident, we are pleased to have been able to bring a quick resolution to the victim’s grieving whānau.”

“We hope this also brings reassurance to the community who will be concerned today.”


Family Statement:

Jason Mcnae is referred to as a “doting and loving dad to his 2 babies” on a Givealittle page. His family has set up a givealittle site to assist his hui mate, a tamariki, on his return to Te Kao. As of today at 6:30 p.m., the fund tangi fees had raised $1725.

It read,

“Jason is the beloved son of Kevin and Teresa McNae, brother of Berlinda, whangai of Mike Kaipo and Taringa Paewhenua and William and Joanna Kaipo and all their whanau.

Jason was also the most doting and loving dad to his 2 babies Ngahuia and Hamiora, they were his world.

As a whanau we have a long journey ahead over the next few days as we return Jason home to Te Kao, plans are still being finalised and we will let you know details in due course.

If you would like to support Jason and his whanau with this journey we would be extremely grateful.

Thank you all for the love and messages at this sad time.”

Martin Kaipo, McNae’s uncle, characterised his nephew as a large man who was also quite kind.

He stated that while being a child at heart, he struggled to care for his two small children despite being a loving father to them.

Kaipo said,

“We’re honoured and glad that he did the right thing and protected our wahine

He did a lot of work on farms and he was about to start work on a farm in Kaitāia.

He was excited to get another job and had been looking forward to it.

Despite being a young adventurer, McNae put a lot of effort into a range of professions, including agricultural and bush labour.

Martin Kaipo. (Source: stuff.co.nz)

According to Kaipo, he will be sent back to whanau land in the remote community of Te Kao at the very top of the nation.

He added:

“He may look the part but he never really had the bite.

He was a loving dad. He loved his children so it’s sad”

His close cousin Mikaera Kaipo described McNae as a kind, kind, and humorous man.

“[He] always had a big heart for his cousins and family – pure heart of gold.”


Previous Cases:

The passing of Mcnae comes after several recent catastrophes in the Northland.

Two young children were killed in Ruakk, Linda Woods, 71, was killed in a home invasion in Kaikohe, and Shayden Perkinson was allegedly stabbed to death at a petrol station in Raumanga.

According to reports, Shayden was also defending a woman he believed was being harassed by the males who turned against him.

Officers are interviewing residents of the units while they examine the area. Additionally, they are looking into Tarewa Road.



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