Bing Crosby was heartbroken when he saw Grace Kelly nude with Marlon

Bing Crosby was heartbroken when he saw Grace Kelly nude with Marlon

Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly: Following her Oscar win, BING CROSBY was heartbroken to discover his sweetheart Grace Kelly in bed with another important Hollywood actor. To add insult to injury, the star had also won Best Actor that night, defeating Bing. Let’s what happened in detail.

Grace Kelly was the picture of beautiful perfection on TV, an ice queen who would go on to become real-life royalty off it. Kelly’s wonderful last film performance in High Society comes back on TV this afternoon, but she was far from her cool and collected public persona behind the scenes.

According to Gore Vidal, “Grace was nearly invariably the principal character in the story. She was well-known for it.” She was said to be having relationships with four different men in this film, although not with Bing Crosby this time. Their romance ended in a humiliating hotel room brawl when he discovered her in bed with the celebrity who had just beaten him to the Oscar.


Gary Cooper on Kelly

Kelly’s reputation made several of her co-stars’ spouses and girlfriends anxious and suspicious. Although her second film, High Noon, was just her second, Gary Cooper’s lover Patricia Neal was persuaded by him that his starring woman was having an affair with director Fred Zinneman. “Of course it was Gary who was having an affair with her!” she subsequently told her biographer.

It was most likely a combination of the two. Cooper himself, before his death, remarked bluntly: “Until you took her pants down, she looked like a cold dish with a guy. Then she’d blow up.”

Kelly was known for seeking much older men, which was related to her volatile relationship with her cold and overbearing father. Cooper, Clark Gable, and Bing Crosby were all 28 years her senior, while Sinatra was only 14 years her junior. She had an affair with her theatre instructor Alan Richardson when she was 18, but he ended it when she showed him an X-rated emerald-studded bracelet from Prince Aly Khan.

According to Richardson: “I knew a few other females who wore the same bracelet as myself. When Aly Khan went on a date with a female, he would present her a cigarette box containing an emerald. He gave her the bracelet after he [slept with] her.”


Kelly and Clark Gable

The pattern was established, and it became an open secret in Hollywood, despite the fact that the actress herself rarely addressed the rumours. Kelly notably referred to their romance when she said, “What else is there to do if you’re alone in a tent in Africa with Clark Gable?” in the film Mogambo.

Gable always claimed that “nothing occurred,” but co-star Donald Sinden said that he walked in on the two of them having sex in Gable’s tent. When the production relocated to London, Gable arranged up a secret hotel room for them to see each other.

James Stewart is one of the few celebrities that has never been linked to Kelly. Perhaps because his wife Gloria Stewart, who didn’t want to take any chances, travelled to and from the location every day and would sometimes remain to watch the filming.

Kelly also co-starred in the film The Country Girl with Crosby in the same year, and the two had another romance.

Crosby had passed her up for the part of his on-screen wife because she was “too gorgeous.” Aside from her beauty, Kelly’s performance earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, and she began a romance with her leading man, who used his buddy Alan Ladd’s house for their assignments.

“Doesn’t he know any other area where he may go at night?” Ladd reportedly complained when it grew too common.

Kelly was still dating actor William Holden (who had an infamously open marriage), Clark Gable, and had a brief dalliance with David Niven, which Crosby was unaware of.

When Niven recalled meeting Kelly’s husband, Prince Rainier of Monaco, who laddishly asked him who had been his best lover, he publicly confessed the affair on the Michael Parkinson show.

Niven answered, “Of sure, Grace,” before quickly adding, “Er, Gracie Fields.”

Crosby went to Kelly’s hotel room at 3 a.m. on March 30, 1955, maybe to divert himself from losing to Marlon Brando for On the Waterfront.

Darwin Porter, a Hollywood analyst, said: “Grace was ready for a showdown when Bing Crosby arrived. Instead, he discovered a naked Marlon in her bed.”

Crosby was back on set alongside Kelly in High Society from January to March 1956, when the two men allegedly came to blows.

Despite the fact that the couple sings the renowned ballad True Love to each other in the film, his co-star Sinatra is said to have slept the blonde beauty off-screen.

When queried about the reported romance, George Jacobs, Frank Sinatra’s personal valet from 1958 to 1968, said the two remained close and that Sinatra would subsequently visit Monaco “to support her charity work.” Let us know what do you think of Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly.


Grace Kelly Cause of death

Grace Kelly, whose film credits include The Country Girl and Rear Window, died at the age of 52 after her car crashed off a mountain road in Monte Carlo, injuring herself.


How did Grace Kelly die?

Grace was travelling with her youngest daughter, Stephanie, on September 13, 1982, when she apparently had a stroke and lost control of her car, which crashed down a mountainside. Stephanie, who was seventeen at the time, survived, but Princess Grace died the next day. Millions of fans all across the world were saddened by her death.



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