Bill Shields dies from cancer, Former WBZ-TV reporter cause of death and obituary


 Bill Shields dies from cancer, Former WBZ-TV reporter cause of death and obituary

A legend Reporter Bill Shields died: Longtime Reporter for Boston TV news Bill Shields passes away at age 70 following a cancer battle. He will always be remembered by everyone living in or around Quincy for sure. Let’s see what happened to him and his life Journey in detail.

What happened to Bill Shields?

Coworkers at WBZ-TV recall Bill Shields as a skilled journalist and friend. He is renowned for his interpersonal qualities as well. Bill moved into the exclusive space reserved for the best reporters. Without a trace of arrogance, talented, amusing, friendly, and helpful.

Bill Shields, a veteran reporter for WBZ-TV who spent decades gracing the screens of New Englanders, passed away early on Saturday morning at the age of 70 after a protracted battle with cancer, the TV station reported.

Bill Shields

Bill Shields cause of death and Obituary

Bill Shields, an Emmy Award-winning reporter for WBZ-TV, has covered storms while standing in front of cameras, as well as from the top of Mount Washington in the winter and the bottom of the ocean off Florida with treasure hunters.

The most enduring segments of his 41 years on WBZ, however, were those that aired in the last decade following his initial lung cancer diagnosis, when he inspired people to seek treatment and survive with the positivity and humor for which he was known.

After being treated for a second cancer diagnosis, he stated in an interview with Upstage Lung Cancer last fall that he “doesn’t call me a journalist.” Upstage Lung Cancer promotes awareness of and funds for lung cancer research. “I identify as a storyteller.”

Mr. Shields was 70 when he passed away on Friday while receiving hospice care in his Marshfield home. His most memorable anecdote was about how he used humor and good humor to help extend his life after receiving a diagnosis.

On March 11, at 10 a.m., a funeral ceremony will be placed at Pembroke’s North River Church.

Bill Sheids Career Journey

The Texas native spent 41 years reporting on the news for CBS Boston while battling cancer twice. As an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, he covered everything from military parents being reunited with their children to the harsh New England weather with imagination, feeling, and comedy.

Bill was a fantastic journalist and storyteller who also made us chuckle along the way, according to a statement from WBZ President and General Manager Justin Draper.  Bill reported for WBZ for more than 41 years before quitting in September 2021. He was regarded as a legend there. 

He transported viewers to locales all around New England through his reporting, including the beaches of Massachusetts during severe winter storms and the Northeast’s highest peak, Mt. Washington, in New Hampshire.

In a news clip upon his retirement in September 2021, Shields remarked that becoming a journalist had been “a dream come true.” 

“We traveled the globe reporting on tales.  It has been a long time.  I’ve only enjoyed myself. Shields continued, “I got to thank of all people, the photogs, the editors, and my wife of 30 years now.

I got to thank all people to whom I have lived in New England for 41 years and have had more fun than anyone is entitled.

“Suffered from Lung Cancer”

The adored journalist has beaten lung cancer in the past.  Shields revealed he was having treatment once more following a new diagnosis while being honored at a November 2021 event for Upstage Lung Cancer, a nonprofit that employs performing arts to promote awareness and money for research into the disease.

“This is a lengthier journey that is equally challenging psychologically and physically. But we’re getting through it, and we’re still smiling,” Shields remarked at the occasion, according to WBZ, emphasizing that his sense of humor had helped him through his battle with cancer.

“My physician informed me that having a warped sense of humor and laughing helped me fight cancer. Hence, the main focus of this evening is laughter, Shields stated.

Kind comments on Shields’ passing were made on social media by both WBZ employees and fans. Shields was referred to as “beyond special” in a tweet by the news organization’s sports director, Steve Burton, and as “the absolute best reporter” with a “top-notch personality” by anchor David Wade.

Bill Sheids’s Personal Life

An attorney named Katherine Rossmoore caught Mr. Shields’ attention one day while he was covering a court case she was involved in. Mr. Shields’ first marriage had ended in divorce.

He put down my name and enquired about my marital status with the court official, he recalled. They got married in 1993 and now have three sons: Tyler of San Diego, Justin of Somerville, and Raphael Richter of Truro, who is her first husband and resides in Truro.

Mr. Shields “was a fantastic role model,” she claimed. He was a fun-loving person, but he had a significant impact on the family at home.

Mr. Shields also leaves behind his wife, boys, and brother Bob in addition to his brother Tom of Kingsland, Texas, sister Beth Guastella of New York City, and two grandchildren.

Mr. Shields was quick to acknowledge his coworkers when he announced his retirement, telling the Boston Globe that he had “worked with so many terrific photographers over the years.” That involves everyone.

A tale cannot be told by me without photographers. I’ve worked with some outstanding people. He and his wife also became a team of two throughout the roughly ten years since his initial cancer diagnosis. Even after I informed her she didn’t need to go, she never left my side or missed an appointment. They are inserting needles into me.

According to Mr. Shields, Upstage Lung Cancer. She reacted by saying, “No, I want to be there.” She is my earthly angel.

Heartfelt Tributes for Bill Shields

Some of the emotional tributes posted on social media were shown below:

Sera Congi WCVB 

On my first day reporting in Boston, I was assigned to shadow and train with Bill Shields. He was a master at the job. And so much fun. The fun part calmed my first-day jitters. Billy loved the news. Loved storytelling. He connected with people instantly. It was a gift. I feel lucky to have watched him work, and see his gift in action.

His love for the news did not stop after retirement. Billy would sometimes text me about stories I covered. Even recently while in hospice, he was still watching, still caring, still engaged. He taught a lot of us rookies about reporting, but mostly I will remember Billy’s positive attitude in the face of cancer. The article below details his experience. Sending my condolences to Bill’s family… and the WBZ community.

Kate Merrill WBZ 

We lost a legend. Bill Shields was a friend to everyone. And from the moment I walked into WBZ 19 years ago – He was kind, funny, and always supportive. He called me “Out of State Kate” because as the new nightside reporter (with Robi, Hager, and Germano) I was the newbie getting sent all over the place… and ALWAYS out of state on a Friday night and he loved it. RIP Billy Bob. We all loved you more than you will ever know. I will miss your random voicemails that always had me laughing.

Anna Meiler 

This morning we learned the very sad news that our dear friend Bill Shields has passed away. I’ll never forget the first time I met Bill on my very first day at WBZ. He instantly made me laugh and immediately made me feel part of the team. He was a master storyteller both on air and off. Seriously, he had the best stories. You couldn’t help but smile and laugh when you were around him. I feel very lucky I got to work with him and learn from him. He was warm, kind, humble, and hilarious. Oh, how we will miss you.

Steve Carro

We lost one of the truly good guys today. our friend and news colleague Bill Shields, lost his hard-fought battle with cancer today. Bill was a true character, one of a kind guy. Bill had a great sense of humor. He was kind and compassionate. we covered many news stories together, and Bill was always a true professional with a deep respect for his job as a storyteller and the people that were part of those stories. Bill, you definitely will be missed. And when I think of you, I will have a smile on my face.

Russ Chasse

A sad day to hear that Bill Shields passed away from cancer. It was always a pleasure when I was working with Billy Bob, you knew what kind of day it would be. We would start shooting and then hear him say,” ok we got it”. It was time for lunch then a nap, a coffee break, editing the story, and going live. Never a dull moment. You will be missed Billy BobR.I.P


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