How did Arne Espeel die? Belgium goalkeeper cause of death explained


 How did Arne Espeel die? Belgium goalkeeper cause of death explained

After saving a penalty in a game against the team Westrozebeke, Belgian Winkel Sports goalie Arne Espeel got nauseous and passed out suddenly. Let’s see what happened to the Belgium goalkeeper and Arne Espeel cause of death in this article.

Belgium goalkeeper passed away

Just seconds after blocking a penalty, a goalkeeper tragically passed away from a heart attack. The terrible occurrence happened on Saturday in Belgium while Arne Espeel, 25, was playing for Winkel Sport B versus Westrozebeke.

When the opponent was given a penalty kick early in the second half, the stopper’s team was up 2-1. The fact that he correctly dove to avoid the penalty allowed him to maintain his team’s advantage.

But immediately after celebrating, the footballer passed out in front of the stunned players and onlookers. Emergency personnel flocked to the scene, as doctors hurried onto the field to try to save the star. Espeel was, however, pronounced dead at the hospital.

It was decided to call off the seventh-tier match. Espeel’s parents and his brother Aaron, who was sitting on Winkel Sport’s substitutes bench, watched in horror as the terrible images played out.


Club’s statement

After the terrible news, the club released the following statement: “Arne played for us since he was a youngster, and everyone genuinely adored him.

“How anything like this could happen to someone so young is beyond comprehension. He had previously been a young man in perfect health. Patrick Rotsaert, the sporting director at Winkel, later continued, “This is a calamity and a shock for us all.

“Arne was a nice guy who was always willing to assist others. For his family and our entire club, in particular, it is a devastating blow.

Eendracht Hooglede, Winkel’s sister club, stated: “We were horrified to read about Arne Espeel’s death. We shall observe a moment of silence in honor of his tragic passing.

In addition, Winkel Sport B players will walk through the streets of the West Flanders village of Sint-Eloois-Winkel today to remember their deceased teammate.


Arne Espeel cause of death

Arne Espeel, a 25-year-old Belgian goalkeeper playing for Winkel Sport B, passed away shortly after saving a penalty because attempts to revive him after he collapsed on the field were futile.

Espeel was given every chance to live by emergency personnel, who even employed a defibrillator, but he died soon after getting to the hospital.

The match was played at the club’s home field in West Flanders Province, Belgium’s Sint-Eloois-Winkel. When the incident occurred, they were participating in a match in West Brabant’s second provincial league.

The away side was awarded a penalty at the start of the second half and Espeel pulled off a fine save but reportedly dropped to the ground immediately afterward. The cause of death has not yet been determined and an autopsy is scheduled to be carried out today (13 February).


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