Apple River stabbing: What happened? Suspect, Motive Explained


Apple River stabbing: What happened? Suspect, Motive Explained

Man suspected of killing a teenager by stabbing him to death while four adults tubing down a Wisconsin river were also injured. Let’s see about the incident Apple River stabbing and the suspect’s motive for the attack in detail

Apple River stabbing: What happened?

After being stabbed on Saturday afternoon along the Apple River in Somerset, Wisconsin, authorities report that a 17-year-old has died and four other persons are in “severe to critical” condition.

A mass stabbing event involving tubers in the Wisconsin Apple River resulted in the death of a 17-year-old Minnesotan lad with four other people suffering serious injuries.

Everyone, including victims and suspects, “was tubes.” They “disembarked at the same time” in the Apple River, according to Scott Knudson, Sheriff of St. Croix County, during a press conference on July 30, 2022.

The victims were in a different group from the suspect, which consisted of six to eight persons. Al-Sharif claimed that roughly 15 to 20 people will be interviewed by the authorities.

The cause of the incident is unknown to the authorities. Five people with stab wounds were found, according to Knudson. There were four hospitalizations. The fatality was one. Three male and one female survivor make up the remaining four victims. Their hometown was unknown to the sheriff.

Somerset, Wisconsin, is the location of the Tubing District. It was “messy and dangerous,” according to Knudson. Anyone who saw this, I’m sure, won’t soon forget it. It’s tragic, and I feel awful for the families.

Who was the suspect?

Knudson said, one of the casualties, a 17-year-old Minnesotan lad, was taken to Lakeview Hospital, where he eventually passed away. Two of the other four patients were airlifted and two were admitted to the Regions Hospital. Also, he stated, The other four victims three men, and one woman are all in their early 20s,

Therefore, the officers are not sure what started the incident.

Moreover, Sheriff’s office representatives stated on Facebook on Saturday night that the victims’ injuries vary from “severe to critical condition.” “Chaotic and Scary. Anyone who saw this will never forget it, I’m sure “said Knudson. “It’s a tragedy, and my heart goes out to the families.”

Moreover, he reports that a 52-year-old Minnesotan man was detained after a witness gave authorities a picture of the suspect. No other suspects are wanted.

Knudson stated that it is thought that everyone was tubing down the river, but he made no additional comments regarding what happened. As they continue to look for the weapon, the police are rerouting tubing groups.

What was the suspect’s motive?

Police officers demanded society members evade the area as they continue their investigation and collect proof.

Sheriff Knudson said during Saturday’s news conference he hoped teams to be searching the area for hours, as they were still looking for the weapon used in the stabbing.

As of this time, police say there is no longer a threat to the community. The investigation is ongoing.
Once the police investigation has been completed further details will be updated on this website.

Authorities say the suspect is now in custody and it’s unclear if it was a random attack.

Apple River

The Apple River is a 77.5-mile tributary of the St. Croix River, according to Travel Wisconsin.
Outfitters in and around Somerset provide rentals and transportation for this famous tubular river.

On the first half of the journey, there are cozy floating beds. The second part includes a trail along Adventure’s less inclined side and a dangerous wilderness area.

What do police reports say about the incident?

After the stabbing, according to Al-Sharif, the suspect fled the scene. The stabbings happened close to the Sunrise Bridge close to “Old Sunrise Park,” the sheriff stated, adding that it took some time for authorities to get up “across the river.”

When the deputies came, they started administering life-saving procedures and evacuating victims with the assistance of other people and “tubers.” People had “a set of knife cuts,” he claimed.

All of the victims who have survived are in their early 20s.

Authorities are looking for the knife in the vicinity.  Sheriff stated the suspect was photographed.
Knudson, stated the last stabbing event to happen nearby may have been 15 years ago.

I’m not sure what to do with it, he admitted. Also he advised against making assumptions about when today’s turning point occurred.

The authorities had never before heard of the suspect. Although all of the victims had significant injuries,

Al-Sharif claimed that one of them was “walking wounded.” but all the victims were seriously injured.

Kirsten Mitchell TV tweeted,

BREAKING: One person is dead and four others in critical condition after a stabbing on the Apple River in Somerset, Wisconsin, a popular tubing area. Authorities say the suspect is now in custody and it’s unclear if it was a random attack. @WCCO

Nick Streiff tweeted,

 One person is dead and four others are in critical condition after they were stabbed while tubing on the Apple River in Somerset, Wisconsin. The suspect initially ran off but is now in custody. Sheriff says it is too early to say if the incident was random.

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